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uQualio supports girls in Tech and IT through DigiPippi

uQualio supports DigiPippi - who learn girls tech

DigiPippi’s purpose is to create interest in and disseminate knowledge about, technology, IT, and digital opportunities to girls aged 7 to 13 years. Dissemination is done using voluntary female role models. At physical events and online.

As uQualio is co-founded by a woman we know that it is true that there are only a few women in Tech and especially successful female tech founders. uQualio naturally, supports DigiPippis super purpose and has therefore given a small donation to their great work as sponsors to prizes to the next Girls Gamer event.

Know a girl between 10-15 that should participate in the Gamer event Saturday the 2nd October 2021 in Copenhagen?

Read more here: https://digipippi.dk/gamerfest-2021/ (in Danish)

Girls Gamer party 2021

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