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Use Video eLearning Software for Gamification in Corporate Training 

September 14, 2021

Delight Your Corporate Learners with Exciting Gamification using Video eLearning Software and Achieve Terrific Learning Outcomes. Check out our tips on how to create successful gamification!

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What is trending?

Gamification focuses on creating immersive corporate training. It promotes ‘sticky’ learning which leads to better retention. Research has shown that integrating gaming methods into eLearning if done right can lead to amazing results. So, this week, let us delve into the depths of gamification and have fun while doing so.

Add Gamification to Your Workplace’s eLearning!

So, why should you use gamification in your workplace? Well, one of the most effective ways of learning is to make learning a game. When people play, they are less concerned about making mistakes, they are highly motivated, and they are more curious. Most people have a natural desire to compete, and gamification taps into this instinct. By adding gamification to your digital onboarding process, your professional skills enhancement courses, your talent, and compliance training you will invigorate your employees and create a motivating learning environment.

Why does Gamification Work?

People love to win, and the competition aspect of gamification activates this impulse by letting the employees level up and check out their current scores on leaderboards. But gamification is more than competing against oneself, colleagues, or the game itself, it has a problem-solving approach to challenges that drives the employees forward and it offers storytelling aspects that ties it all together making gamification a memorable and immersive experience. All in all, well-constructed gamification will get the adrenaline going and keep employees highly engaged.

With Great Planning Comes Great Gamification

Even the best intentions can fall short if you start off on the wrong foot. As with all online corporate training, it is essential to set clear learning goals and to offer rewards for completing training. When it comes to corporate learners, these may be real-life rewards such as promotions or benefits. Ideally, your eLearning and gamification should focus on skill-based training that emulates real on-the-job scenarios. In addition, make learning convenient. Your corporate learners need to be able to access their courses on any browser. Finally, be creative and delight your learners!

Create a Human Connection with Video eLearning!

Optimal learning is a two-way street – and as human beings, we need to be cheered on when we face challenging tasks. We need a human aspect and with videos, you can add life to your eLearning courses. Video training has a proven track record for being among the most effective types of eLearning. Micro-learning webinars that consist of bite-sized video sessions match perfectly with gamification when it comes to creating optimal learning opportunities.

How to add Gamification to Your Workplace’s Corporate Training

If you want to join the gamification movement then read our tips on how to create successful gamification below and get ready to experience soaring employee satisfaction and outstanding training results.

  • Identify and Set Clear Learning Goals: Remember to bite-size your learning sessions to make them manageable and set timeframes for the completion of different sessions.
  • Determine how You will Measure Your Employees’ Progress: Keep in mind that your focus should be on reinforcing learning and offering training that is suited for your employees. Do not fall into the trap of constantly evaluating your employees.
  • Identify Your Players: Design your gamification with your employees in mind. How do they learn and what skills do they need to learn?
  • Make Time to Play: Give them resources and set a time slot for them to play. They should not worry about other tasks when gaming as this will affect the learning outcome negatively.
  • Use Avatars: The avatars represent the employees in the game and make it possible to train the employees at different levels or to do different functions.
  • Create a Problem-Solving Learning Environment where employees seek to solve different on-the-job relatable skill-based tasks.
  • Create Learning Journeys: Use storytelling elements to bind the different gamification elements together and create captivating stories that add substance to the game.
  • Create a Gaming Community: Make human connections possible in your gamification layout. Let your employees check in, chat or share pictures. This is especially important for long-running games.
  • For fully Immersive Life-Like Simulations use VR Headsets : This training method is well-known in the training of first responders but can be useful in many industries.
  • Always Review Your Gamification and Online Corporate Training Material and optimize it to ensure the best possible learning outcome.

Gamification, especially in combination with video eLearning, offers immersive, motivating, and highly efficient online corporate training that promotes learning in new, fun, and imaginative ways. There is no doubt that we have only seen the start of gamification in eLearning and that this innovative training method will keep evolving in the years to come. We hope this article has spiked your curiosity and that you feel ready to start creating your own video eLearning with gamification elements.

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