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uQualio Is a ‘Profit With Purpose’

Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal No. 4 is Quality Education, as education increases wealth & reduces poverty, leads to better health, prevents inequality & injustice, drives sustainable growth, and helps us protect the planet.

In November 2017, we started developing uQualio, a video course creation software system to democratize learning through the easy spread of knowledge, know-how, and new ideas. We believe that knowledge sharing and learning should be simple and accessible, so the mission was to make a highly effective, easy-to-use, and affordable online video training platform with self-service onboarding, to disrupt traditional heavy HR LMS learning systems. The gamified bite-size video microlearning methodology makes it easy and fun to educate people in companies, start-ups, schools, or NGOs worldwide.

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Our business model is


Our Business Model Is Straightforward

About the Company

At uQualio, we offer a highly effective self-service, SaaS web-browser video education platform designed to support all kinds of use cases and suit organizations of all sizes and types across the world. Our platform is easy to use with built-in video tutorials. Our cloud-based video learning platform utilizes proven technologies, such as QR codes, streaming, social media, and smartphones. Our platform is responsive and easily accessible from any device. Furthermore, to simplify the process of retaining bite-sized training information, we support effective learning methods like microlearning, lean learning, and performance support training.

Meet Our Founders

online training solution | Hatla Johnsen, CEO of uQualio
Hatla Johnsen, CEO uqualio
Hatla Færch Johnsen

uQualio®’s CEO & co-founder

Master’s of social science from Roskilde University in Business & Psychology. 20+ years’ experience with communication, business development, and strategy in IT, pharma, and consulting.

Hatla’s background as a 6th-generation DK Family Business from Tobacco & Plastics (exits 2008 & 2014) made it natural for her to co-found a disruptive eLearning platform as a ‘profit with purpose’ to ‘improve her karma’.

As CEO, she is responsible for strategy, communication, sales, and daily communication with potential and existing customers.

Hatla stands up for startups and female tech founders on any occasion, e.g., podcasts, articles, seminars, and DEI summits. She is also part of the Danish IT Association’s Policy Board for Female Tech Leaders.

Furthermore, she is the mother of two and a farmer with 275 hectares – she loves developing biodiversity, riding Icelandic ponies, and food in good company.

Christian Bjerre Nielsen

uQualio®’s Chief Product Officer & co-founder

He holds a Master of Science in Electronic Engineering and has 30+ years international experience in management, leadership and quality in the EdTech and FinTech software industries.

As CPO, Christian works with development and support of our video training platform. Furthermore, he assists in presales and onboarding.

Christian is chairman of the IT University of Denmark’s Employers’ Panel for Software Development and member of the Danish ICT Industry Association’s policy board for Digital Competencies.

Christian uses his spare time on his farm and enjoys cooking, hunting, and spending time with family and friends.

Christian Bjerre nielsen cpo uqualio
Christian Bjerre Nielsen, CPO of uQualio

Uncover uQualio’s Values

We base most decisions on our values to ensure the best decision making.


An educated world requires quality education (UN SDG 4#) to increase wealth, reduce poverty, improve health, prevent injustice & inequality, drive sustainable growth, and protect the planet. We are a company with a bigger purpose, and we never forget that!

Pippi (Longstocking)

Pippi is a character that is empowered. She is strong and playful, with a wild imagination, an appetite for adventure, the courage to be herself, and an “I’ll do what I want, how I want” attitude. Pippi signifies strength, generosity, playfulness, creativity, and courage. Having an unwavering belief in ones-self.


The world starts with people, especially if you want to learn. We experiment and listen to others to learn. It’s a collaborative effort!


Learning & teaching should naturally always be to the point and concise, but it must also be fun. Having fun is a powerful incentive. The most potent and lasting rewards are those that excite and unite everyone towards a common vision.

How to get started

with uQualio?

How to get started with uQualio?

Getting started with our all-in-one learning platform is super easy – even if you have no prior experience in the field of video creation. All you need is a video that can be uploaded, linked, captured on screen, and the rest will fall into place. The process is straightforward: add the video, quizzes, and additional files (if required). Preview the content and publish it for those who need to be trained, so they can get certified.

Activate your free trial and create your engaging course in just three easy steps:

  1.   Make or add a video.
  2.   Add text & questions.
  3.   Share

Quick Answers to Common Questions!

The uQualio name comes from “you got qualification” or “you qualify,” but it also reflects the words: Quality, Quantity, and Qualification.

According to Nordic Learning Principles, the best way to get educated citizens who support democracy is to make learning available for anyone and free/almost free.

Being based on Nordic Learning Principles, our video education platform starts at an incredibly low price point and offers a NO-OBLIGATION, 14-Day FREE trial, with self-service onboarding – so anyone can start sharing knowledge easily with our all-in-one course creation software.

Thanks to our “product-led growth” marketing strategy, which allows us to keep the price low. It eliminates the need for creating and maintaining a huge Sales Team that otherwise would have made uQualio more expensive. This, in turn, also enables our online training solution to meet almost any training needs.

On the technical front, our cloud-based video learning platform is based on globally accepted and widely used technologies, which make it possible to create video-based training courses for anyone with a smartphone/computer/tablet and internet connectivity.

Pippi Longstocking is the fictional character in a series of children’s books by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. Pippi is creative, generous, strong, and playful, with a wild imagination, an appetite for adventure, the confidence to be herself, and an “I’ll do what I want, how I want” attitude.

uQualio, as we know it today, is the outcome of years of research and development, and continuous improvements – of course, with lots of input from our customers. That is why we believe that our video learning platform is the right, most effective, and easiest way to learn today.

Surely, learning through YouTube videos is super-easy, which is why everyone, including kids and adults, today uses this platform to learn and find solutions to a variety of problems. uQualio too follows the video approach, which, in a way, makes it a “White-Label YouTube” for business and education.

However, uQualio differes from video-streaming platforms as it has a range of additional features. First, it allows you to add quiz questions to courses, so you can track if people have seen your video or answered the questions. Second, it allows you to get feedback from existing users. Third, on the uQualio eLearning LMS, the customers own their data as we do not sell Big Data, nor do we use user information for advertising.

We had been told that making a self-service onboarding LMS platform was impossible, but with our “Pippi” approach, we took it as a challenge – and the result is that we now have developed a disruptive new way of making video-based training – which is user-friendly, powerful, and affordable.

Social learning platforms have a variety of features. Most of these features tap into the active learning benefits to make training more engaging and effective.

uQualio is an innovative social learning platform that allows you to upload or create bite-size video courses with functionality like practice and social interaction that ensure optimal comprehension and mastering of the material in the eLearning videos. The videos help learners easily digest the information and the added quizzes make information retention a breeze. Plus, the interactive quizzes can be turned into a team challenge that can make training even more exciting as collaboration comes into play.

Gamification is your way forward if you want to encourage active learning in any setting. Research has shown that incorporating competitive gamification into courses improves learning outcomes.

The gamification elements in uQualio allow you to empower learners with rewards and badges. This helps incentivize learning as the learners have multiple levels to complete, motivating them to retake the courses several times. Overall, by incorporating video material, gamification, and social sharing, uQualio optimizes learning speed and improves learning outcomes.

A positive feedback loop is a crucial component of social learning platforms that facilitates the continuous improvement of courses, helping everyone stay updated and be more effective. The uQualio video education platform allows users to share feedback through text, video, or screen recording.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are 17 global goals that were established to create a better world by 2030. Their key objectives are to end poverty, fight inequality, and address the urgency of climate change.

At uQualio, the UN Sustainable Development Goals # 4 ‘Quality Education’ guides our objectives and the purpose of our business: “Making the world a better place by helping people perform better and be happier.”

We believe that education can influence individual actions to make the world a better place. For this reason, uQualio provides an end-to-end online video learning platform, so you can share knowledge through bite-size video courses and change the world around you. We sell the platform to businesses, but at the same time, donate it to NGOs that are trying to make a difference for the greater good.

Furthermore, to make its all-in-one learning platform more efficient, uQualio can integrate with a variety of apps, including Synthesia, Elai, Colossyan, Unsplash, Stripe, and Google. It also offers a generic API to allow integration with almost any third-party apps.

uQualio is a cloud-based video learning platform which is based on democratic Nordic learning principles according to which, learning should be available for anyone, and free/almost free. At uQualio, we strive to make training (or learning) easy and affordable for everyone.

The uQualio’s bite-sized training platform offers users with agile, lean, and intuitive ways to quickly access the required knowledge, just when they need it. uQualio is a well-designed dynamic microlearning (DML) platform, which reflects the philosophy of a corporate LMS, but without being limited by the cumbersome and non-dynamic nature of such platforms.

Here are some key attributes of uQualio that makes it one of the smartest choices for learning and training today:

  • It follows a YouTube approach, but with supplementary learning functionality
  • Allows you to use videos to create and distribute training courses
  • Designed to motivate learners and make learning engaging through bite-sized videos and gamification
  • An affordable, easy-to-use eLearning LMS that allows you to interact with your key target groups.

uQualio is a cloud-based online video eLearning training platform with self-service capabilities, which provides you with the ability to create bite-size video courses for almost all types of training; all by yourself. Video guides have been built into the system everywhere, which means that you don’t need any technical expertise or help from a professional to do video training – you have the help you need to ensure just-in-time learning or lean learning.

Right from signing up and customizing the dashboard, to creating courses and sharing them; everything is super-easy on uQualio. Moreover, the “Video Guide”’ feature of our video education platform makes it effortless for us to help you every step of the way in a digital environment. This also helps keep the price significantly low, as we offer digitized peer training, allowing one explanation to be used countless times – which, in essence, is one of the real benefits of video training.

It is uQualio’s founding CEO Hatla Færch Johnsen, who has personally created all the “Video Guide” tutorials to give a humanized touch to online assistance – which also allows you to get to know the people behind the company.