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The uQualio team would like to invite potential, new, and current admin account managers to join us for our upcoming webinars. You find more information about the webinars we offer below…

Walk-Through Webinar​

How the platform works

To help you get started with uQualio we invite you to experience a product walk-through on how easy you get started with our platform.

The walk-through shows you how to create your first course, set up your channel, and how to interact and engage your learners using uQualio®.

It is a pre-corded webinar, so you can watch as many times as needed


Product News Walk-Through

Demonstration of the latest developments

uQualio is released iteratively with new features, improvements, and error corrections.

You can follow the releases notes on our website (see link at the end of the page)

Here you also find the development roadmap.

We release 1 to 3 times per week to support your business. 

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