Reporting & Communication

Our platform offers an overview Dashboard and a variety of Reports for administrators. Drill down reports on each course level, and log user activity and accomplishments. The reports can be translated into Excel sheets and downloaded for internal use. You can also use several filtering options. All reports are dynamic and up to date.

You can communicate with your users by SMS or send e-mails to either individual users or groups within the platform to keep your users engaged and up to date.


Allows you to drill down in the overall data of your users activities

Under ‘Dashboards’ you find summary and overview information about your content, channels, and users in predefined dashboards (detailed information is found under ‘Reports’).

Each dashboard covers a view of your courses, users, and their activities. The information is illustrated with diagrams, tables, and lists.

On most graphs, you can show/filter the data and/or drill into the details.

Easily identify the strengths of your online training course design or identify areas for improvement.

Overall Reports

Under the tab ‘Reports’ you can select different reports to get detailed information about your courses, channels, and users (for summary and overview go to ‘Dashboards’).

Click on ‘Report Type’ to select a report type and then set dates to limit your search.

When you have more than one channel, you can limit the data to one or more selected channels in the Channel selector at the top.

Detailed Course Reports

On a specific course, you find very detailed reports e.g.

The “All User Activity“ report provides a complete picture of your users’ progress, performance, and completion rates. Incl. a summary of quizzes and tests taken. This allows you to monitor individual performance so that you can intervene when necessary or nudge users to ensure their participation by email or text.

User Feedback report – is where you find the overview of all the feedback and attached files you have been sent.

The Test and Quiz practice questions and answer reports offer detailed insights for each topic, the practice questions, and the final test question incl. how long it takes for learners to complete each training module.

Course Evaluation is also possible – add poll questions and open questions to a course, you can get feedback from your users.

Easily identify the strengths of your online training course design or identify areas for improvement.

Data Visibility & Privacy

The platform enables you to make data visible to relevant admins with full GDPR compliance. This is managed via different admin roles.

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