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About Colossyan Creator

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Create videos with AI actors

Stop spending your time in studios.

Leave professional video editing to Colossyan Creator without any training or advanced skills. Simply type in your text and have a video ready in 70+ languages within minutes.

What is Colossyan?

Colossyan Creator is an AI video tool that allows users to create interactive video content in a fast and easy way. With its intuitive interface, users can add elements such as questions, quizzes, and interactive hotspots to their videos without any technical skills or coding knowledge.

What to use the integration for?

The integration is useful for educators, trainers, and businesses who want to engage their audience and improve the overall learning experience. Overall with Colossyan, users can create interactive videos that are more engaging and memorable than traditional video content.

Get started

Getting started with Colossyan is easy. Simply create an account and start uploading your video content. Following, you can add interactive elements such as quizzes and hotspots to your video. The interface is user-friendly and requires no technical skills, so anyone can use it.

How to use Colossyan Creator with your uQualio courses?

No matter if you need a video platform for education, wish to make digital peer training, or need videos for your employee onboarding software, the best practice is creating micro-learning videos. Simply create great content for your purpose, and upload it to uQualio. If the videos are longer than wished for, you can use uQualio’s bite-sizing tool – Why bite-size? See the article here.

Colossyan creator tool can be used together with uQualio. Users can easily add interactive video content to their uQualio courses and track their audience’s progress. To get started, simply connect your Colossyan and uQualio accounts, and you’ll be able to add interactive video content to your uQualio courses in no time.

Integrating Colossyan Creator and uQualio ensures that your videos can be distributed whether for private, public, or eCommerce purposes on a platform designed for your brand identity. in an easy way – while of course making it fun & rewarding to learn and easy to remember


Train staff with uQualio integration colossyan creator

See our blog post on the integration between Colossyan and uQualio.

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