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A Course Builder that Is Designed with Creators & Learners in Mind

A flexible, customizable, and easy-to-use Course Builder, powered by our “what you see is what you get” Editor and Self-Service Video Guides.

No coding, credit card, & upfront payment required

uqualio course builder features

Simplicity at its core. Turn your videos into easily digestible Microlearning modules.

Add titles, descriptions, pictures, captions, supporting links and documents, and quizzes to your course.

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Badges & Certification

Languages & Searchability

Content Library

Select From Multiple Options to Add a Video to Your Course

Create your own online course or update existing content in a few steps:

  • Log in to the uQualio online course builder software on your smartphone
  • Click “Quick Create” in the Menu
  • Decide whether you want to create new content, add a new topic to existing content, or upload a video to your uQualio library.

Turn a PowerPoint or keynote presentation into a course.

  • Record the slides using the “Record Screen” feature while explaining what you want your audience to see
  • Audio and video automatically get uploaded to your uQualio library or course

Transform webinars, virtual meetings, training sessions, etc., into engaging eLearning content.

  • Login to the uQualio online video training platform
  • Click on “New Content” or on the course you want to add video to
  • Choose “Upload Videos”
  • Select a pre-recorded video to uQualio from your desktop or any other smart device.

Directly link a video to your course from the video-sharing platforms YouTube or Vimeo

  • Log in to your uQualio video4learning account
  • Click on “New Content” or on the course you want to add video to
  • Choose “Link Video”
  • Copy-paste the link from YouTube or Vimeo to embed your preferred video to your course


Your users can play your course video without having to see any commercials. To update a course, you don’t need to upload an all-new video. Simply go to the course you want to update and replace the existing video with a new one – and the corresponding link or QR code will remain the same.

Make the most of our AI integration partners. Directly integrate AI-powered text-to-avatar video generators, including Synthesia, Colossyan, and Elai with your uQualio account.

  • Save hours in creating engaging training videos, using a range of AI-powered tools.
  • Don’t want to show yourself in the video? Take advantage of AI avatars.

Add Additional Files to Strengthen Your Course

Want to supplement your video courses with additional content? Add relevant resources to either your overall course – or to the individual video topic.

  • Click on “Resources” on the Course Page or Under “Edit Content” on the topic
  • Attach files, documents, presentations, pictures, links, etc. to support your video course.
  • On a video topic, you can add up to 4 additional files and/or links (due to mobile layout restrictions)


The Resources may be any documents you think the users may need. Also, assignments that the users need to complete and return via ‘Feedback’, forms or tables to be filled out, or links to relevant websites.

Easily Turn Long Videos Into Bite-Sized Microlearning Modules

Did you know?

  • Microlearning is proven to boost retention rates by up to 60%
  • Microlearning courses have completion rates as high as 80%.

Make your video training more effective and engaging with uQualio’s course builder. Transform your webinars, tutorials, meetings, or training sessions into bite-size microlearning chunks that are focused and easy to digest.

  • Select a video from your course.
  • Click “Edit topic”
  • Use our “Scene Selector” (or bite-sizing) tool to play your long video as multiple easy digestible bite-size chunks.
uQualio course builder's microlearning feature

Add Quizzes to Your Video Course to Reinforce Learning

Want to ensure that your learners have understood what you want them (or they want) to learn? Add quiz questions to your video course in three simple steps.

  • Choose the video you want to add questions to
  • Click “Edit Content” and then “Questions”
  • Add your questions in three formats:
    • Single Choice: Two or more answer options with one correct answer
    • Poll Question: Two or more answer options with none being correct
    • Text Question: Predefined minimum and maximum answer length.


You can add multiple questions – and even choose to keep the same or different questions for the practice test (at the end of each video) and final test.

Add Badges & Certificates to Reward Your Users

Create gamified learning experiences for your users.

Reward your learners for completing modules and courses with badges and certificates, motivating and encouraging them to stay on track.

  • Choose between 3 different badge templates – a shield, a badge, or a certificate.
  • For any of your courses, assign badges and certificates as per the achievement level. Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze are standard names that can be renamed (if needed).
  • Edit badges (if needed): Add a new badge, rename/customize the certificate, brand with logo or picture, and assign the “percentage to pass” to each.
  • The badges achieved by learners can be shared on social media platforms or downloaded as printable PDF files.
  • You can find the Achievements List & Certification Tracking in the Achievement Report.

Badge Repository: uQualio Freemium and Paid accounts can store badges and user certificates for up to 12 months. As an add-on, you can get endless certification storage for as many badges and certificates as you want.

Language Options & Video Course Search

Define who your course is for, what key topics it covers, and which category it falls into. We recommend making your course easily searchable for your users on the uQualio online course builder platform.

Besides providing your course with a title, subtitle, and description, add details like skill/proficiency levels, categories, and tags in just a few clicks. Under “Configuration,” you can allow people to search any of these areas.

You can also select the languages for your uQualio account and courses – and add captions to the course under “Edit Video” in different language versions, if needed.

Language: Choose the language for your course to match your learners’ needs.

Skill Level: Assign skill levels for your courses: newbie, beginner, seasoned, professional, etc.

Categories: Classify your courses into categories and tag them so they are easy to find.

Tags: Add as many as you want. Tags work like hashtags (#), making it easy to find your course.

uqualio course builder features languages & searchability

Content Library

The uQualio Content Library contains all the videos, images, and files you upload to the system.

  • You can bulk upload videos and files (up to 20 at a time) to the library.
  • You can see a list of all videos and files you have uploaded, either directly in the Library or in the Courses. The listing also shows the file’s original name and origin.
  • You can edit the name and description of your Library files by marking the box to the left of them.
  • Remember that both “Title” and “Description” are used in the platform’s search system to locate courses.
Content Library uQualio

uQualio Course Creation Process

course builder uQualio
course builder uQualio

Creating an Elearning Course Couldn’t Be Easier!
Make Effective Courses in Minutes!


Choose the videos that match your topic and create your own online course. Upload, record, screencast, link from YouTube/Vimeo, or use an AI-generated video.


Play your long videos, webinars, etc., as easy-to-follow bite-sized modules.


Add titles, tags, captions, descriptions, and more to the course to guide your users.


Add gamification elements like quizzes, and tests to reinforce learning, and certification to reward learners.


Attach relevant files, images, documents, and links to back your course.

Award-Winning Video Learning Platform!

Our contribution to making video eLearning easy and affordable has won us several awards.

Yet another reason to use our award-winning video eLearning platform for your next training project.

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