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Adult Illiteracy Education

CBREE works with individuals, communities, and businesses to identify the various factors that adults describe as best supporting their learning experiences.  The purpose is to identify the aspects that adults describe as an obstacle to learning. CBREE works with individuals, communities, and organizations to identify the best instructional development and practices, and to do social science research in communities and organizations for the advancement of members in building healthy and vibrant communities. 

To get knowledge out to society CBREE has a uQualio platform they are experimenting with. 

Case: Community-based Research for Engagement & Education

Interview with Ramo Lordeni, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer

Dr Lordeni has a PhD in Adult Education with a focus on instructional design, adult learner needs and characteristics, adult learning theories, critical thinking, and workplace learning accompanied by years of research experience working with diverse populations.  He has held offices in various professional organizations and has been the lead researcher on several community-based projects to improve adult and community literacy, health, and vibrancy.

We asked him:

Q: Tell us a bit about CBREE and what you do? 

CBREE is an acronym for Community-based research for education and engagement. We advocate for adult education. 

Q: Why did you choose to use uQualio? 

We chose uQualio because it is the best platform on the market for video-based education course design and distribution.  

Q: How do you use the uQualio platform? 

 We use the platform to educate adults on topics to increase their social abilities – e.g., 

  • Teach parents about media literacy so that they guide their children in the responsible, ethical, and safe use of the Internet, 
  • Teach people what the rules of house renting is, and what to be aware of when signing a lease on a house 

Q: Has the uQualio platform helped with any of your pain points? If yes, how? 

uQualio has helped us reach our target group efficiently and effectively as all learnings can be viewed, and reviewed, on people’s devices when they are needed. You know, it’s all about education, once we know things – we can fix them. 

Q: Which features have you found to be the most valuable? 

I discovered new ways of doing things, your platform is amazingly user-friendly. Frankly, I did not realize the technology was out there. 

Q: If you were to recommend uQualio to your best friend, what would you say? 

It’s a fantastic way to get your product and your ideas out there. I mean it’s good for marketing, wonderfully simple to use, efficient, and very good for education. 

Applied Information has added uQualio to their Help button in the systems. You can see how the Help feature works. It’s also introduced to customers of Applied Information’s app in their ‘Introduction to Applied Information Video Help’.


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