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DigiRehab is a unique digital exercise tool for seniors. The tailored exercises programs help them become stronger and more self-reliant. To train both the municipalities’ social and health care assistants and senior citizens they use uQualio.

uQualio Video Training Platform for End-User Training
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“uQualio is perfect for 5-minute training, making it easier to organize, communicate, and administrate it. Unlike the usual HR “monster” tools for training employees, it is simple and result oriented. uQualio has helped us sustain a high-quality operation at a very low cost.”

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Martin Sattrup Christensen

(Chairman of DigiRehab A/S)


Interview with Buster Skyum, IT & Development Consultant.

Digi Rehab and uQualio end user training management system

What DigiRehab Thinks about uQualio?

Q: What led your company to eTraining, and more specifically uQualio?

Our customers are the municipalities home care departments where we help make training programs for seniors in an app. The social and health care assistants need to know why the seniors need to train at home, and how to use the app to support them. The reality is that they often lack IT skills. They also work under strict timelines. That’s why we needed an efficient way of teaching them those skills, and it had to happen fast, so they can focus their effort on care, on their important tasks.

Q: Why did you choose uQualio for your needs?

Well, our chairman of the board heard about the uQualio, and we decided to try it out. We have stuck with uQualio because of its ease-of-use and flexibility and their ability to add features that we need. Our subsidiary in Germany also uses the service. It was important for us to use the same service across borders, and that the provider is European, due to GDPR compliance. Very important was also, that the courses can be distribured to different customers on their own channels and perzonalised to match the customers need. So all is in our own branded space where no one has to leave the platform. That way we make sure everything is aligned, which is crucial in our profession.

Q: What is the benefit of choosing uQualio?

The process is very seamless, from delivering the courses to reaching the end users. It’s a strong platform for our customers to educate their employees in the health care profession. Training on the uQualio eLearning platform makes it unnessecary to visit all municipalities to trainin, and it makes it both easy to take courses and efficient as people can take the courses when it suits them and revisit them when it suits them. And when new employees are added they just take the course when it suits them and refresh the course when it suits them.

Q: What is your favorite thing about uQualio?

Well, we have a channel for each municipal district, where courses can be distributed easily which is helpful for our users. It helps put things into a simple system, that works even in a complicated industry where you need to know the laws or requirements for each district.

Q: Would you recommend uQualio?

The support and help you get from uQualio is first-rate, so I would recommend uQualio because of that, and the opportunities that come with the platform. The fact that the service plays well with other platforms is also something that makes our lives easier.

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“The uQualio platform is functional and flexible which means we can tailor it to our needs. And uQualio makes it possible to see just how much the client’s employees have understood the course, which is critical in sensitive areas such as GDPR.”
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“There are many services that uQualio provides which others simply do not. This educational video platform comes at a very good price, user flexibility, and the service ratio are far beyond what others can actually provide.”
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