Use cases

The UQualio all-in-one white-label video eLearning platform is versatile.

It is the content of the video that determines your training – and therefore it can be used for many purposes. 

Make a course by adding videos and supporting documents. Add quiz questions about the key learnings to reinforce the memory and distribute it publicly, privately or protected on one or more branded channels. When you update a course, it updates across all channels.

Use it across borders, internally and externally – you decided where, how, and when.

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Bite-size webinars

Bitesize Webinars & Long Video Turn any long video or webinar into bite-sized microlearning.  Modern brain research shows that in order to make effective learning, the learning must be divided into small chunks, according to researchers it is most effective when it is delivered in chunks of a maximum of two to a maximum…
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Business Management Training Software

Tired of explaining the same things again and again?  Keep getting mistakes? We understand the complexities surrounding business management so having a platform that can keep up with your business training needs is imperative. With the uQualio video eLearning software platform you can easily train customers, partners, and employees. Using micro-learning methods, you can…
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Compliance Certification Courses

Need to document compliance? – Make Compliance Certification Course with uQualio The variation of courses that fall under “compliance certification courses” is huge. Your location, industry, and activities all dictate what you need to be compliant in, and in turn, the training you need to deliver. Some examples are: Anti-Harassment Training Company policy compliance Diversity…
Customer Service & Support Training

Customer Service Employee Training

Create your own Customer Service Employee Training Program and increase customer satisfaction! When using  uQualio as customer service employee training platform you can easily train your customer service & support teams anywhere in the world.  From customer service procedures to product software training, create your own customized courses to streamline processes within your organization….
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Digital Peer Training

Enable people to work – not train others… In a traditional work environment, a method like peer-to-peer training is commonly practiced.  However, when digital training replaces peer to peer training, the workflow may improve as employees are able to perform their core tasks rather than training peers. TRY FOR FREE! Trusted by What is…
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Employee Onboarding Software

Best onboarding of new employees – use uQualio as Employee Onboarding Software! Onboarding of new employees is extremely important not only because it can be time consuming and costly but because the employee is your future. Your onboarding is the first impression about their new employer.  Using uQualio as your employee onboarding software will show…