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Bitesize Webinars & Long Videos into Microlearning Courses

Turn any long video or webinar into bite-sized microlearning courses. 

Modern brain research shows that in order to make effective learning, the learning must be divided into small chunks. According to researchers, it is most effective when it is delivered in chunks of a maximum of two to a maximum of five minutes in length. Researchers have often discussed the maximum amount of things we can remember at a time in our working memory, and the most recent studies set the limit at 3-4 pieces of information. 

Working memory is the memory used to temporarily store information while it is being processed before it is stored in short-term memory. This means that if you want to support the brain’s natural ability to remember, new knowledge must be divided into small chunks of max. 2-5 minutes that only contain 3 things to remember at a time. This is bite-sized microlearning. 

The uQualio platform makes this easy!

No credit card needed. No code. No hassle. All devices

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How to Turn Long Videos into Microlearning Courses?

Without any additional video editing software or video trimming tools, you can turn your videos into smaller, bite-sized micro-eLearning video clips directly with uQualio®.

You can add titles and descriptions to each small video scene to make it simpler for your learners to find exactly what they are looking for without having to go through the entire video.

Repurpose webinar content in just a few clicks!

Creating eLearning microlearning courses has never been easier!

You can also add questions to each video to ensure that your learners understood the key messages correctly and add badges to gauge each learner’s understanding level.

Your courses are digitally accessible online 24/7 on any device.

Why Bite-Size Videos to Create Microlearning Courses for Business or Education?

For business: Recording webinars and meetings make it possible for new & existing employees and sales partners to see or revisit a key message.

By turning the long webinar recording into microlearning courses it makes it easy to find what is needed, but also to save time by allowing people to only re-visit what they need. No one wants to search through long video recordings to find the small sequence that they were looking for.

No matter if the recording is of specific procedures to follow, product training, key management messages, or service procedures, the messages from the video can efficiently be added to an online training course and split up into small videos with the specific learning shown in sections, so relevant information is easily searchable and accessible when needed.

For education: In the educational environment for example, such as schools or universities, pre-recorded eLearning videos are supplementing normal classroom training, so students can see the curriculum whenever they need it, whilst still having classroom time for application and questions.

Research shows that this is the most efficient way to teach students. 

As a teacher or lecturer your learning sessions can be recorded directly on the platform by screen recording, and then be edited into bite-sized topics with only the relevant content, and on uQualio, be transformed into video-based eLearning to access immediately or whenever it is convenient for the learner.¨

uQualio is therefor the perfect eLearning platform for schools, universities, and learning institutions looking to maximize their teaching and learning efforts.

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Here Is How Team Rynkeby Uses uQualio for Microlearning Courses

Within the recent year, a shift has happened towards optimizing online learning. At Team Rynkeby we offer speeches from well-known authors to our sponsors. We record the live session and afterwards we turn them into eLearning videos to repeat the knowledge or gaining the knowledge afterwards if people could not attend.

The teacher/lectures learning sessions is recorded and edited into bite-sized microlearning topics with only the relevant content, and on uQualio, it is transformed into video based eLearning to access immediately or whenever it is convenient for the learner. This makes the information is easily searchable and accessible when needed. eLearning courses are a very timesaving way to ensure coherence in procedures.

With the uQualio® video eLearning platform you can also add tests and certificates to any online training course.

Microlearning courses are also very useful for medium and large-sized companies with numerous employees, who need to follow specific procedures.
uQualio® is also the perfect eLearning platform for schools, universities and learning institutions looking to maximize their teaching and learning efforts.

uQualio supports UNSDG #4 of quality education

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Award-Winning LMS!

Our contribution to making video eLearning easy and affordable, has won several prizes.

Yet an other reason to use our award winning video eLearning platform for your next training project.

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Make Bite-sized Micro elearning training with uQualio

User-Friendly Platform

Make learning easy and inviting for your employees, with an easy-to-navigate platform that is actually fun to use.

We Speak Your Language

Located globally? Not a problem. Add captions to the videos and switch the user interface settings to the language they feel comfortable with.

Engage Learning with Gamification

Engage employees by making gamification a part of your training. Use quiz, badges, and certifications to make learning fun.

Available on All Devices

Make it easy to train anytime and anywhere. Log in from any device or browser and complete courses.

White label Customization

Customize the look and feel of your platform so it represents your brand, culture, and organizational identity.

Standardize Training

You build the channel and the content that you want available to your users. Keep your training consistent across your organization, while making sure everyone is getting and understanding the same information.

Target different users in the same platform

With uQualio you can create courses and share them in one or multiple channels targeted at different users, whether they be customers, partners, or employees with different access rights.


Communicate in the platform. You can send bulk emails and text messages or communicate with users individually. 


Track and measure your employees’ progress across the board with our customizable reporting tool. Get the information you need easily.

Lower Training Costs

Lower your training costs by being able to eliminate travel, venues, and instructor-led courses. Bringing your training online allows employees to train at will and for courses to be updated when needed. 

Save Time on Training

Help employees train online, on-demand, and at their own pace. Ensure maximum knowledge retention and understanding by implementing quizzes and tests.

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