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Employee Onboarding Software

Best induction/onboarding of new employees – use uQualio as Employee Onboarding Software!

Onboarding of new employees is extremely important, not only because it can be time-consuming and costly, but also because the employee is your future. Your onboarding is the first impression about their new employer. Using uQualio as your employee onboarding software will reflect professionalism, and it is super-easy to get started with. 

Save time and resources on onboarding while you create the talent you need with uQualio Video4Learning.

No credit card needed. No code. No hassle. All devices

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Why Choose uQualio? 

Besides being the most affordable video learning platform on the market, uQualio is designed to make really easy to make your own training courses for new employees.

Employees have different needs and your company is unique, so you can customize uQualio as an employee onboarding software!

We have made it easy for you to create an ‘Onboarding Academy’ for different employee groups where the employees only see the courses they should take. 

uQualio allows your employees can re-visit your courses at any time, and with our bite-sizing tool you can turn any video into bite-sized courses.

With uQualio as employee onboarding software you can:

Remember that an employee onboarding software access can also be offered before the employees start, so you have a well-educated employee from day one.

Why Is an Employee Onboarding Software Important?

Great employee onboarding decreases employee turnover and ensures productivity.

A high degree of employee engagement reduce costs and illness every year, as engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their company.

When using uQualio your new employees can easily re-visit the course again if they need their new knowledge repeated.

When a company has great onboarding process 69% of employees are likely to stay for at least 3 years.

Here are a few ideas for relevant video topics:

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Onboard Employees with a Video Learning Platform

User-Friendly Platform

To empower you, we made uQualio’s platform super user-friendly to create courses, quiz employees and for every functionality we will guide you.  

We Speak Your Language

Located globally? Not a problem. Add captions to the videos and switch the user interface settings to the language they feel comfortable with. 

Engage Learning with Gamification

Engage new employees by making gamification a part of your training. Use quiz, badges, and certifications to make learning fun.

Available on All Devices

Make it easy to train anytime and anywhere. Log in from any device or browser and complete courses.

Customize to Your Brand

Customize the look and feel of your platform so it represents your brand, culture, and organizational identity.

Standardize Employee Onboarding

Keep your onboarding training consistent across your organization. Build the channel and content that you want available to your users. 

Target Different Users on the Same Platform

With uQualio you can create courses and share them in one or multiple channels targeted at different users from different departments, branches or new employees with different access rights.


Communicate in the platform. You can send bulk emails and text messages, communicate with users individually or share onboarding documents. 


Track and measure your employeesonboarding progress across the board with our customizable reporting tool. Get the information you need easily.

Lower Training Costs

Lower your training costs by being able to eliminate travel, venues, and instructor-led courses. Having your onboarding courses online allows employees to train anywhere and courses to be updated when needed. 

Save Time on Training

Help employees train online, on-demand, and at their own pace. Ensure maximum knowledge retention and understanding by implementing quizzes and tests, as a part of your own employee onboarding software. 

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Award Winning LMS!

Our contribution to making video Learning easy and affordable, has won several prizes.

Yet an other reason to use our award winning video Learning platform as your employee onboarding software.

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