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Sales Representative Training

Give your Sales Representatives and Partners access to the right knowledge and confidential material 24/7 across the globe with uQualio sales representative training video platform

The uQualio Sales Representative Training Platform is a video learning tool, that will make it simple for you to provide the training that makes your partners, vendors, and agents, as well as your own sales teams great.

Set up video training that helps your partners understand the in’s and out’s of your product and empower them to do great work.

By automating your sales training you can save money, time, and resources, or spend more time understanding your customer’s needs and generating more revenue. 

Giving your team the right tools, techniques and knowledge can be difficult, but the uQualio video learning platform can make the difference to help you succeed.

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Why Sales Representative Training with uQualio?

uQualio is not only the most affordable video learning platform on the market, but uQualio is designed to make it easy to start making your own sales training program for employees, sales partners, vendors, or other sales representatives.

You can make your courses simple or use our advanced settings to share different sales courses or channels with different user groups. And if you need us, you can always get personal support via a video call. 

uQualio allows you to customize your channels 100% to your brand identity and if you wish, you can implement them into any existing platform of yours. 

Your users can re-visit your courses at any time, and with our bite-sizing tool, you can turn any video into bite-sized learning courses.

If using uQualio® as your sales representative training platform you can do exactly that!

And much more: 

Ensure the Best Sales Representative Training Results!

Giving your sales partners the right tools, techniques and knowledge can be difficult, but use uQualio to create video training courses to improve the knowledge and service of all your partners so they can assure customer satisfaction. Software from uQualio can make the difference to help you succeed and to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

uQualio’s video eLearning platform provides around the clock, barrier-free access, on-demand, just-in-time training (JIT) to ensure sales associates, partners, and vendors are better equipped to handle the needs of all customers. 

Use uQualio video eLearning platform to ensure that your partners understand how they should behave with customers generally, as well as safety compliance training, thus further improving the quality of all service delivered to the customer.

Furthermore, you can assign a campaign manager role to a shop owner/manager, so they can invite their sales reps and with this platform you then get to know who they are and can send them new training courses now and in the future.

You create the training content that is relevant for your organisation.

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How Is Fujifilm Using uQualio?

In 1936, Fujifilm launched its healthcare business with X-ray film. With the primary goal of improving patient outcomes, they continued to innovate and invest in digital radiography, endoscopy, ultrasound, new drug development, and much more.

“We need sales material information sharing internationally and keeping the content confidential and monitoring the activities of the end-users. I searched for a long time to find the right system to suit my criteria. And one that is simple to use, as I am new to LMS systems.

uQualio comes at a very good price, user flexibility and the service ratio is far beyond what others can actually provide.” Christiane Hunold, Strategic Innovations Manager from FUJIFILM Medical Imaging and IT Solutions

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A Successful Sales Representative Training Program with uQualio Video4Learning

It is essential that you provide your own sales representatives and your reseller’s salespeople with the right sales representative training material. 

Here are seven important topics for a successful sales representative training program based on video training in uQualio:

1. Basic Sales Skills

For new sales representatives as well as experienced it is important to train sales skills. 

  • Share your latest findings on generating sales prospects
  • Writing cold emails or making a cold call
  • Give sales demonstrations
  • Drawing proposals 
  • Closing deals
Teach these skills most effectively, use demonstrations, and share what is working and what is not. If needed talk to a sales coach or look at our blog posts on how to improve your sales. 

2. Your Sales Process

It is crucial that every new hire learns of your company’s sales process. With uQualio video learning, you can make sure everyone leaves training with a comprehensive understanding of your unique processes, including:

  • Which method of lead generation is working for you
  • How do you qualify leads
  • How do you define different stages of the sales funnel
  • How do you create a proposal
  • How to close a deal
  • Pereffed products to up-sell or how to cross-sell
  • How to deliver great customer experience and after-sales services
  • Delivering a great customer experience once the deal is signed

To teach most effectively you can share files or tools via uQualio. We also recommend that you test your sales partners now and then via quizzes and gamification. 

3. The Customer Experience

Empathy is one of the most important traits of any sales representative. For that reason, your sales representative training should include how topics that help them understand the customer experience, such as your customer journey, reflecting on after each sale, identifying buyer profiles, leaving a good impression, and after-sales services. 
It’s always a good idea to make role-playing a part of your sales training program. This is hard to do via video so make sure to make a sales representative training program and a sales manager training program, so that you can always teach managers how to train their sales representatives.

4. Your Product and Market

Your sales training program should definitely give detailed information on the different markets and products. 
Which product do you recommend to which customer segment? Is there any compliance needed in specific markets, or which experiences do other partners have with specific product lines or customer types? 
There are always great advantages in sharing sales data from different markets if your sales partners are not competitors. Thus, be as transparent as you are able to, to enhance partner sales. 

5. CRM Training

A CRM system can always cause a lot of headaches or lost customers if you don’t train your salespeople well enough. 
uQualio encourages you to make a screen recording of your CRM system to make onboarding new sales partners as easy as possible. 
If you are able to align your sales partners’ CRM systems you will have a great advantage in training all salespeople in how to manage CRM and in the end, create good relationships with your product’s end users and create more sales. 
If your sales partners use different CRM software you will always be able to ask the individual partner to make their own CRM training video, and then implement it into your training course.

6. Team-Building Exercises

Not everything should be done online. Personal contact enhances both sales and relations. Make sure to encourage your partners to make team-building exercises and meet in person. 
If you wish for all of your sales partners to meet, you can use the uQualio platform to send them training on topics to prepare for or use the gamification function to assign points. 

7. Assessment

Sales representative training should be incorporated as a regular assessment, including both evaluations of the sales personnel and of the material you send them. 

In order to always create better sales representative training material, and thereby sell more we encourage you to ask for feedback from your sales partners and your own sales representatives. 

Ready to try for yourself?

KAPI creates compliance certification courses with uQualio

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