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Our contribution to making video eLearning easy and affordable has won several prizes.

Yet another reason to use our award-winning video LMS platform for your next training project.

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August 16, 2023

uQualio has been recognized as a Service Provider Awardee in the Best Educational Service Providers in Australia Awards 2023. This magazine ‘The Educator’ has in this year’s awards recognized 28 organizations that offer educators

April 25, 2023

Holly Blackwood from EU Business News has informed us that the results of the annual Scandinavian Business Awards have been determined and that she has the pleasure to confirm that uQualio has been awarded: Best Video eLearning Platform 2023. The Scandinavian Business Awards

February 3, 2023

CorporateLiveWire has made the decisions on the companies and individuals that should be selected as winners in this year’s Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2022-23. uQualio has received good news. We are thrilled to announce

December 15, 2022

uQualio, the all-in-one video LMS software platform, has been scored and reviewed by Craig Weiss – who makes the platform To make the List of the top LMS systems in the world he

October 11, 2022

uQualio just got an e-mail with the title ‘Results Announced – Global Awards 2022/23‘ from Corporate LifeWire. The publisher Jake Powers writes: “You were considered in the category: eLearning Platform of the Year. Having