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About Unsplash Royalty-Free Images

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Find millions of high-resolution images for your course

Unsplash is a platform where you can find millions of high-resolution images that you can use as a part of your training course.

Unsplash is an online website for free usable images taken by more than 265.000 photographers. The photographers share high-resolution images, making them publicly available for everyone for free even for commercial use. So on Unsplash, you will find millions of pictures ready for you to use in the training material so you can design your learning courses in the uQualio authoring/course creation template.

Is using Unsplash images free?

You can find thousands of images that you can use for free on Unsplash. There is also a paid version, Unsplash+, that grants you access to members-only content, enhances the legal protection of content creators, and gives unlimited royalty-free downloads for members.
Unsplash+ starts 4€/month.

Unsplash integration with uQualio

On uQualio you can get direct access to Unsplash images to use for your training material. Simply search for the topic you need images around (E.g. Sales training, customer support training, Operations Skills Training) and use the great photos you find to create your own online training courses.

Unsplash Images Applied to Your Business

Unsplash images apply to showcasing any work situation, customer relations, or fun employee event. Just go online, search for the situation, keyword, mood, or gadget you need to show, and then use the images you find for free. With Unsplash’s massive number of professional photographers, you can get far without hiring a photographer. Please see more on the link below, or see the tutorial to get learn more.

For more info go to Unsplash Website

See this Unsplash tutorial 101 and speed-educate yourself on how to use Unsplash images with uQualio.

Unsplash 101 – Ultimate Newbie Guide

Disclaimer Unsplash Royalty-Free Images