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Video eLearning Software: Create Tailor-Made Online Training Courses and Programs Quickly 

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With professional video eLearning software, you can create next-generation online employee training. Video eLearning creation software opens doors to new ways of learning and innovative teaching methods. It solves many organizational training challenges. There is little doubt that creating online video training programs is highly relevant to many organizations and organizational departments.

uQualio best video elearning platform

Below are some of the essential ones:

  • Mid-sized companies or organizations who are looking for ways to create online employee or business partner eLearning programs such as marketing training, customer service training, operations management training, sales team & product training.
  • HR and Learning & Development departments are  responsible for creating onboarding and compliance training programs
  • Course vendors who are on the lookout for an eLearning platform to create, store and sell their courses.
  • Business consultants who have hours of video presentations and want to edit, repurpose, and sell their material.
  • Schools that want to offer online video eLearning courses

Determine Your Training Needs – Finding the Right Video eLearning Creation Software

Before you get lost in the eLearning software jungle, let me provide some guiding light that may help you determine your training requirements. This will help you select the video eLearning creation software that is the right fit for your organization. The sections below will cover some important choices that will lead you on the way to the perfect video eLearning creation software for your organization.

Should You Build Your Own Online Training Programs with Video eLearning Software or Buy a Premade Course Package?

Though it may be tempting to outsource your employee training this is an expensive option, and it also comes with multiple challenges. If you outsource your organization’s course creation, you may find it difficult to change. You may also feel like the training material doesn’t quite hit the mark on your organizational training needs or that the material quickly becomes obsolete.

From a teaching viewpoint, there is little doubt that the more distance you put between you and your employees the more it hurts the learning outcome. After all – you are the ultimate expert on your organization’s training requirements – and therefore, you should be able to continuously alter or add to your training content.

Don’t worry about the thought of creating your own course material. Today, eLearning software offers intuitive and user-friendly online software that makes it technically easy to build, edit, change, and update online courses. Regarding content, many providers also offer step-by-step guides to creating next-level online training material.

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What is an Authoring Tool and Why is it Important to Know Before Choosing Your Video eLearning Creation Software?

When deciding which eLearning software fits your organization, you should take a closer look at the options their authoring software provides. But what is an authoring tool, you may ask. Well, simply put it’s the software that assists you in creating eLearning courses and training programs. It simplifies complicated processes that might usually take hours, into a few clicks on a screen.

Your online training material can use many different media formats, and you should always consider which content options are important for your organization. Some video eLearning creation software offers both in-built authoring tools and in-built LMS (Learning Management System). The LMS is responsible for reminder e-mails, employee assessments, and tracking. The LMS is also able to offer different learning paths. If an employee fails a course, it may offer up supportive courses or supportive material.

9 Tips on How to Choose the Right Video eLearning Authoring Software for Your Organization

Well, it all depends on your organization’s training needs. Here are some important things to consider:

  • Decide your organization’s need for creative control: This is a choice between highly user-friendly eLearning software that uses templates and ecosystems that are more complex. Both categories offer high flexibility, but the template-based eLearning software offers pre-made structures that make course creation less time-consuming.
  • Who are your course creators and what is their technical skill level? If you want all employees to pitch in and share their knowledge, you might go for an eLearning creation software with high usability whereas you may select more complex options, if your L&D department is responsible for creating your organization’s eLearning material.
  • Design your online training programs with your organization’s employees in mind: What is their preferred learning style? Do they prefer immersive learning such as video or do they prefer to read or listen? Answering these questions and more will lead you on the way to the ideal authoring software for your organization.
  • Consider learning environment: Mobile learning is becoming increasingly common as employees are working remotely or working on the go. If this is the case for your organization, you should select a mobile-friendly authoring tool.
  • Consider your employees’ access to your courses: Select eLearning creation software that is compatible with your employees’ devices and that provides easy access.
  • What media options do you want to provide? Each authoring tool has different options available ranging from video and video editing, screen recording to audio, and add-ins to PowerPoints. Video is a great medium on the go or for short and targeted skill-based training sessions or software training whereas slideshows may be more ideal in a classroom setting.
  • Consider your need for interactive elements: Interactivity promotes learning and makes training fun. Therefore, you should consider eLearning creation software with an authoring tool that provides options for interactivity. Some eLearning creation software lets you add features such as knowledge checks, quizzes, certifications , and gamification elements . These features can highly enhance the learning outcome and will motivate, invigorate, and engage your employees. The interactive elements can also help make learning assessments and can double as training support.
  • Consider budget: Research the available options in your price range and dive deeper into the many authoring tools available in video eLearning creation software.
  • Free trials and online demonstrations: While researching be sure to try out different authoring software. Many eLearning companies let you get acquainted with their software for free. Try creating courses and find the right authoring tool for your organization.

If you follow this list, you have a great starting point, and we hope you will soon find the right authoring tool. Below, we will highlight some of the benefits of video eLearning creation software which from an eLearning point-of-view is the training medium that excels in enhancing learning outcomes and retention. It is also among the most popular training methods when it comes to learner satisfaction as most employees prefer immersive video-based learning styles.

Benefits of Creating Training Programs with Video eLearning Software

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Even before the Covid pandemic eLearning was booming and now as working from home is gaining popularity, it’s skyrocketing. But Video eLearning software’s growing popularity is due to several factors. It is convenient as it only requires a device and an internet connection – it is also cheaper than face-to-face training and behind the scenes, video eLearning software has even more to offer:

  • With video eLearning software you can train and lift the skill set of your entire organization: Ground-up training offers many challenges. For one, the sheer amount of people needing structured day-to-day training to stay on top of product updates and compliance rules is daunting. This is where eLearning software shines. Your organizational training must ideally be accessible on any browser, easy to change and update, cost-efficient, and targeted to your organization’s needs – and who understands these need better than you?
  • Streamline your organizational training: With professional video eLearning software, you can create entire training programs such as digital onboarding, product training, customer service training, compliance training, or a sales training program. The options are only limited by your organization’s requirements and your imagination. Video eLearning software lets you offer courses or programs at different learning levels and ensures that you offer consistent training to your organization’s employees.
  • Provide structure to your online training material: Video eLearning software offers features such as tags and categories which makes it easy to locate relevant material. Simply search for a tag, a category, or a topic. If your search is specific, the exact part of the course video that trains your query will play.
  • Video eLearning software adds a human aspect to your online training material: As humans, we need to be encouraged to learn, and without a human element to the training, we lose motivation which decreases learning outcomes. To avoid this problem, you can upload skill-focused training videos showing people performing tasks, you can make online group sessions or instructor-led training sessions.
  • Video eLearning software makes it easy to bite-size training into manageable sessions: Microlearning is one of the most trending and innovative teaching methods as it enhances learning outcomes and highly improves retention and helps avoid cognitive overload. Video eLearning software is ideal for chunking training into manageable training sessions. You can easily edit a long video into multiple bite-sized sessions. You can even have your employees make videos showing themselves performing tasks or let them make screen recordings.
  • Template-based video eLearning software is so user-friendly that anyone with basic computer skills can create courses and training programs using it. All it requires is that you shoot a video with a smartphone camera and then upload the video to the eLearning platform. When the video eLearning software has processed the video, you can edit it using a scene selector. Click on your video and select a start and end time – for instance, if you want the video to start 10 seconds into the recording and you want it to end after 2 minutes simply write 0:10 in start time and 2:00 in the end time and then press save. This way the video eLearning software saves your selected scene and edits out anything else. You can edit any video you upload in seconds – It’s that simple! Video eLearning software also lets you make instructional screen recordings that can be used for software training. Both options let you make professional video courses quickly and effortlessly.
  • Employee training is expensive and becoming increasingly common. Therefore, there is a growing need for creating consistent training material at a cost-efficient price. If you want to offer up-to-date innovative and engaging online training programs – it’s essential that you can easily edit, add to, or remove training material. You may also want to offer different learning levels, learning paths, and supportive resources. You will need to assess your employees’ progress and performance, quickly and you must be able to offer online training as working remotely is on the rise. All these demands are hard to meet, but video eLearning software solves all these challenges. Compared to face-to-face training it’s highly affordable. And with a few clicks, video eLearning software lets you assess your employees, offer flexible learning options, and change your training material.
  • In the sections below we offer some industry-specific video eLearning tips. These will further elaborate on how video eLearning software can take your employee training or teaching material to new heights.

Introduction: How to Create Innovative Online Training with Video eLearning Software

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Now you are getting to the fun part. No matter if you are a course vendor, a mid-sized company or organization, an HR or L&D department, a business consultant, or a school we have some relevant tips on how to create successful video eLearning for you.

As always, before getting creative you need to plan and structure your course. So, let’s get the basics down:

  • Who are your target learners and what is their preferred learning style?
  • What is your topic?
  • What is the purpose of your course and what are your learning goals?
  • What teaching methods will you use (skill-based or more reflective learning)
  • How will you create access to your courses (directly in any browser or via an app)?
  • How will you assess progress and performance?
  • How will you provide feedback options?
  • How will you communicate with your learners?
  • How will you reward course completion?

Depending on your video eLearning ecosystem, you will either have selected a video eLearning software that is user-friendly and intuitive or a video eLearning software that is more complex.

After shooting and editing your video material you can add supportive resources, quizzes, and gamification elements. You will now have made a professional, comprehensive, and fun online video eLearning program.

HR or L&D Departments – Boost Your Employee Training: Tips on How to Create an Online Pre-Onboarding Program with Video eLearning Software

In an HR or Learning & Development department employee assessments and satisfaction are key. Video eLearning software makes creating training material simple. It lets you provide consistent and professional online video training that is highly cost-efficient. More importantly, it makes it easy to change, update or add to existing courses when compliance or organizational guidelines alters. Video eLearning software with an in-built LMS is ideal for an HR or L&D department as it takes care of course delivery, course communication, and tracking of the employees’ progress and performance. With an in-built LMS, it takes seconds to locate assessment reports for each employee.

Video eLearning software offers a new viable way to train and onboard employees and as remote work is on the rise online video learning may be the optimal training solution. Video eLearning software makes off-site training possible; it saves time, avoids miscommunication, and even lets you provide an online pre-onboarding program. An online pre-onboarding program will show your new employee that you are on top of your game and that you care about giving them a great start at your organization. It may also ensure fewer mistakes are made in the first weeks as the employee has had safety issues or compliance guidelines pointed out – or has even been trained to avoid safety hazards.

Right, onwards to our tips on how to create an online pre-onboarding program using video eLearning software:

Even before your new employee’s first day, you can send them an online video pre-onboarding training program. This is a terrific way to welcome your employee and make them feel secure in their new role. Below are some tips on what your pre-onboarding program could include, but don’t let yourself be limited by our suggestions. Add your touch to it.

Introduce your organization: Make sure your new employee feels welcome in your organization by creating a welcome video where you introduce them to their closest co-workers and to the organization’s culture.

  • Tell about social events, vacations, and fun facts that make your organization unique
  • Present your organization’s mission statement and your policies
  • Make an instructional video presentation of your organization’s hierarchy
  • Let key employees introduce their field of expertise to let your new employee know who to ask for help.
  • Encourage your new employee to establish connections with their co-workers.

Compliance training: Use video eLearning software to explain your organization’s compliance standards.

  • Make GDPR compliance standards unambiguous
  • Introduce relevant safety training that your organization requires such as first aid courses and certifications for operating machines.

Outline your employee’s new role and responsibilities: Avoid first-day jitters and mistakes – make sure your employee understands their role and your expectations.

Software training: Make instructional step-by-step screen recordings introducing your intranet, relevant communication programs, and such. Make sure that your new employee is given a concise introduction, and that they can log on to the relevant programs.

Finally, don’t be afraid to show your organization’s unique culture in your pre-onboarding program. Use humor, and display warmth and optimism. Give your employee the best pre-onboarding experience and you will notice how quickly they fit in and how securely they navigate in their new role. To complete the experience, you can add a short in-person onboarding program when the employee begins in your organization.

Marketing Departments – Tips on How to Boost Your Employee Training with Online Video eLearning Software

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Marketing departments are known for having a high turnover of employees and for juggling an abundant number of software programs. But mastering several different software programs is no small feat and software training can steal away precious time from other tasks. What if new employees could simply complete an online video eLearning program and achieve a certificate upon completion. This way you will ensure that all employees are confident users, and you would not need to offer expensive face-to-face training. You can also use video eLearning software to introduce business procedures and different employees’ skill sets and expertise.

Marketing TrainingHere are some examples of online video training that is relevant to a marketing department:

  • Make a breakdown of complicated software into task-specific instructional screen recordings. Add quizzes to make knowledge checks and ask employees to make screen recordings of themselves performing relevant tasks in the software program.
  • Use video eLearning software to onboard your employees to perform a specific task. Video is ideal for skill-based training.
  • Introduce Social Media Cookbooks and other department standards with video eLearning software. Let the employee create a template showing they have understood your preferred layout and style.
  • Make each marketing employee record an online video introducing themselves and explaining what tasks they perform. Let them tell the new employees what problems they can assist in solving.
  • Make online video training explaining your department’s collaboration with other departments or business partners.
  • Cut your overall marketing strategy into manageable video sessions. It will help avoid confusion as the employee may get different answers if they ask different employees.
  • Let new employees make a video introducing themselves and their skill set.
  • Create team spirit for remote workers with video eLearning software. Today, the reality is that the workforce is dispersed – sometimes all over the globe – in these instances, it is important to make video material that binds different sections of your organization together. You can make a video of what your department is currently working on, what challenges you are facing and what discoveries you have made. This will strengthen the bond between employees – even if they never share an office space.

Overall, the options for using video eLearning software in your marketing department is almost endless. It takes little time to shoot, upload and edit a video with video eLearning and some software even makes it simple to make professional screen recordings that are perfect for step-by-step instructional videos.

Product Training – Tips on How to Create Strategic Product Training that will Boost Your Sales with Online Video eLearning Software

Empower your sales team and business partners to become successful ambassadors of your products. Use video eLearning software to buy mindshare – send out instructional videos every time you update or change your product. (Find ideas for Training your Sales Reps). Some companies create online video material once or twice a year that seeks to promote the newest features, functions, or updates. This will help create awareness and will educate your sales team and business partners on your product. If you are successful, they will become your ambassadors and will help boost your sales.

You can also create promotional videos or user guides for your customers with video eLearning software. This will notify your customers about new, innovative product features and educate them in optimally using your product.

Product training is also highly relevant for customer service workers, support teams, and other employees. These can vary from highly technical courses to more user-friendly and skill-based courses.

Depending on your overall goal with your course, or training program the video eLearning software will offer a highly flexible palette of options. In no time, you will be able to make online video material for multiple target groups, in different languages, and at different learning levels if you so desire.

Customer Service – Tips on How to Boost your Customer Service Agents Training with Online Video eLearning Software

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We are not born customer service agents, unfortunately. Providing quality service is an art form where you must anticipate your customers’ unspoken needs. Often you must disarm explosive situations, and deal with stressed-out, confused, and dissatisfied customers. As anyone in customer service will tell you this requires diplomatic skills at the highest level, but more than that it requires an understanding of different personalities, and of what qualifies as good service to each type. Professional customer service also requires an in-depth understanding of the product the service is related to.

In the customer service industry, it’s a great challenge to offer quick, consistent, affordable, and understandable training to the ever-flowing stream of employees. This challenge becomes even more tricky if the customer agents are working remotely. As every instructor knows, teaching something doesn’t mean your learners hear it, understand it, or can replicate it. Therefore, using video eLearning software is optimal for the customer service industry. Video eLearning is highly engaging, and easy to bite-size into manageable chunks of knowledge which will help enhance learning outcomes. Video eLearning software also makes it possible to offer various levels and learning paths to your customer service agents. Of course, you should include different knowledge checks, quizzes, tests, gamification elements, and skill-based tasks in your online video eLearning training material to make sure it’s fully effective. You can even let your customer service agents record roleplays of customer interactions that you can discuss in person or via online group or instructor-led sessions. They can also upload videos on how they have handled tricky cases.

Another great challenge in the customer service industry is the need for a rapid response. Product updates or bugs are common issues that customer service agents must deal with. It’s too late to catch up on day two – the customer service agent must know beforehand if possible or right when the issue occurs. Therefore, it’s necessary that you can create online video training material quickly and that your agents can access it on any browser. Video eLearning software lets you make instructional and understandable screen recordings in minutes. If your product is not software-related, it is just as quick to shoot a step-by-step video where you show and explain new features or issues. Video eLearning software makes teaching hundreds or even thousands of employees more manageable than ever. The software makes editing, updating, and adding to existing programs something anyone can do.

If your customer service agents receive innovative up-to-date training, they will provide better service, and they may get better at spotting additional sales situations. So how can video eLearning software help provide efficient and streamlined online video eLearning for customer service agents? Well, below are some suggestions:

  • Use video eLearning software to create courses on different personality types and how to service them
  • Make instructional step-by-step online videos showing how to handle various stages in a conversation with a customer.
  • Teach your agents how to improve customer satisfaction. With video eLearning software you can create training material that is a mix between skill-based training and role play.
  • Make online video exercises on how to relate to a customer. Video eLearning software is perfect for this task as it can display both facial mimic and tone of voice – and instruct the agents on how to show respect and interest.
  • Problem-solving and conflict management training videos are highly relevant and with video eLearning software you and your customer service agents can re-enact different scenarios.
  • Make a structured and comprehensive in-depth product training program. If you have selected a template-based video eLearning software, you can build a course skeleton in minutes and then add content to each section.
  • Shoot daily videos explaining new product features or updates
  • Use video eLearning software to provide your customer service agents training in common queries
  • Quickly create and upload videos with information about problematic issues related to the product and instructions on how to deal with these concerns. This way you will always be able to keep your customer service agents up to date. With video eLearning software this can be done in minutes, and it lets you send an e-mail or message to inform your agents that there is new information available.
  • Make industry-specific video material such as training in how to display the products in a way that aligns with your brand’s image or specific legal training concerning your products.
  • Finally, you can also use video eLearning software to offer support for your customers as video is a great medium for making tutorials. You can also use the online video material to promote new product features to customers.

Video eLearning software is a fantastic way to offer consistent, up-to-date, cost-efficient, professional online training programs. Video training is motivating and is known to enhance learning outcomes – and when it comes to training hundreds or thousands of employees’ video eLearning software is ideal.

Operations Management – Tips on How to Boost Your Employee Training with Online Video eLearning Software

As business operations management is fast-paced it needs well-oiled training programs. Video eLearning software is less time-consuming in both course creation and in the training of employees than other training solutions. It is also highly cost-effective, and adaptable. So, whether you are responsible for training employees to handle capacity planning, take care of quality control, supply chain management, production design, or other administrative functions video eLearning software will provide first-class training conditions for your employees. In fact, video eLearning software is ideally suited for skill-based learning. You can easily train your employees in manufacturing, warehouse work, package distribution, hospitality, and hotel – airport, and supermarket management. Simply determine a task your employees must perform, break it down into sections and record it using a smartphone camera. Video eLearning software even lets you add supportive materials. Using categories and tags your employees can quickly find the relevant video material in seconds. That means they can get help in the moment and while on the go. As the video eLearning software is highly flexible you can make complex training programs or simply upload one video. This can be relevant if an unforeseen problem occurs, and you rapidly need to inform your employees on how to act. Efficient video training can make your operation run smoothly and will make onboarding new employees faster than ever.

Person doing construction work

Off-Site or on-the-go Training for Service Engineers

– Tips on How to Create Supportive Instructional Step-by-Step Videos

With video eLearning software you can provide helpful step-by-step or Q&A videos for service engineers. They can access your online training videos when needed – even when they are on the go. Your organization may have to serve many customers with unique needs, and this is challenging for any employee. If they only encounter an issue once or twice a year, they may need support to perform their job. Online video training can step in and help at the moment.

One way to structure your videos is to tell the employee to perform a task before moving on. For instance:

Video instructions can be accessed easily on any smartphone with an internet connection, and it is much easier to follow instructions when you have both visual and auditory support. Also, video can be watched on small screens whereas it may be problematic for some to read and flip through text-heavy PowerPoint slides.

Schools – Tips on How Video eLearning Software Can Enhance Learning Outcomes and Help Make Innovative and Motivating Teaching Materials

Pandemic aside, eLearning has had a place in modern teaching for years and video eLearning software offers the next generation of online learning. Short, targeted, and concise videos are the way forward. Of course, the video sessions need to be assisted by learning enhancements and knowledge checks, but I’m sure most teachers can see how the video goes perfectly together with innovative and skill-based teaching methods. Students are also highly accustomed to videos, and it may be much easier to get students to record videos than to write long reports. Combined with online video platforms such as YouTube you can make motivating courses – and video eLearning software also offers all ‘the old’ teaching tools and methods. You or your students can upload files and write in shared documents, you can invite your students to instructor-led teaching sessions or encourage them to meet for group sessions online or in real life. Selecting video eLearning software that is based on templates will make it technically easy to create exciting online course material. And yes, you can always edit it, add to it, or remove video sessions or supportive resources. It is so simple that your students can become part-time creators which lets them add their individualized touch to the video eLearning courses. So don’t hold back, talk to your colleagues about video eLearning software and discuss how it can add to your teaching program.

Course Vendors – Video eLearning Software will Help Boost Your Sale

Video eLearning software can provide course vendors with a complete eLearning ecosystem. As a course provider, you may be looking for video eLearning software that offers you a place to create and safely store your courses, but you may also be on the lookout for a provider that offers the possibility of electronically selling your eLearning courses and programs online. This is the next generation of video eLearning software, but the all-in-one solution is sought after, and no doubt that this will soon be a feature that is more widely available. For now, video eLearning can offer a professional framework for your course creation and make it possible to provide either temporary or life-long access to your material.

Business Consultants – Repurpose and Sell Your Presentations

As a business consultant, you may have an abundance of video material from your presentations that you want to repurpose and market. Video eLearning software can offer you a straightforward way to create professional courses and programs from your material. With video editing, you can bite-size a long presentation into targeted video sessions. The video sessions can be sold separately, as part of a course or program. The most innovative video eLearning software even provides an eCommerce option. This means you can create, store, and sell your courses on the same platform. It doesn’t get easier than this!

We hope you have found our blog post useful and that you now have a better understanding of how video eLearning software can benefit your organization. At uQualio we want to offer the optimal video eLearning software to our customers. We continuously make improvements and add features. Soon we will be able to offer eCommerce. Our video eLearning platform is template-based, highly flexible, and user-friendly. If you want to check it out for free, we offer a 14-day free trial. You can also contact us to book an online demonstration of our platform.

We hope video eLearning software will enrich your organization and will help you reach your training goals.

– uQualio is the award-winning easy-to-use all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video learning