Metaverse webinar event 16. march 2023
Have you ever heard of microlearning? It’s a new way of learning that is shorter, more fun, and easier to remember. And it’s the future of corporate training! So, if you’re interested in learning more about microlearning and how it can help you and your company in the future,
Beyond Technology podcast
uQualios CPO Christian Bjerre Nielsen with Fabian Boeck exploring how technology can be used to do good and support the UN Sustainable Development (SDG) goals especially within Quality Education
Podcast 380 - Education technology
In this interview by BOECK & XOXO our new CEO Hatla Færch Johnsen discuss what the world needs after COVID19, and why uQualio has developed a new kind of training platform that supports the SDG 4 target
uQualio supports DigiPippi - who learn girls tech
DigiPippi’s purpose is to create interest in and disseminate knowledge about, technology, IT, and digital opportunities to girls aged 7 to 13 years. Dissemination is done using voluntary female role models. At physical events and online. As uQualio is co-founded by a woman we know that it is true
bjarne brynk - Partner Strategies & Digitalization to overcoming COVID-19
Bjarne Brynk Jensen has worked globally with Danish and international companies, governments, and the private sector as a consultant in export-related matters for many years. In this interview, Bjarne gives his view on what challenges exporting companies face during the current situation and how they can benefit from this
What does one of the top learning professionals in the world and the CPO of a revolutionary eLearning company have in common? Christian Bjerre Nielsen, our CPO here at uQualio has been invited to participate in an episode of The Lurnist podcast this coming Tuesday, March 10th at 11
Companies are failing at implementing quality learning. “Many companies assume that employees will complain if too much time is spent on a topic or skill development area, but in reality, employees often complain that they didn’t have enough time in a training program to understand the concepts and internalize
“You can look at the results of performance reviews to gain data in order to determine the kind of training needed. Further, you can include training as part of long-term goals during the performance appraisal process.” Today, uQualio®, the makers of your favorite eLearning creation authoring software, had the
Podcast: The Future of Video-based E-Learning
At uQualio, where we make eLearning authoring creation softwareeLearning authoring creation software, we were simply delighted to have the opportunity to have a chat with Dave Online on his own podcast, The Upskill Podcast. Our CPO, Christian Bjerre Nielsen, and Dave had a super constructive and interesting conversation, where