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Celebrating Mary McKenna – One of Europe’s Most Empowering Innovation Experts & Business Angels

Celebrating Mary McKenna – One of Europe’s Most Empowering Innovation Experts & Business Angels


On International Women’s Day, the European Business Angels Network (EBAN)  spotlighted the achievements of incredible women in the European angel investing community. Among the recognized is Mary McKenna, one of uQualio’s Advisory Board members. 

Mary’s contributions to innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment have not only earned her a place on the Top 25 Women in Angel Investing list in Europe, but also serve as an inspiration to aspiring female entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Mary McKenna’s Contribution to Angel Investing & Tech Entrepreneurship

Mary McKenna’s journey is one marked by passion, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to fostering innovation. As a serial tech entrepreneur and innovation expert advisor, she has left a lasting mark on the European startup landscape. With a keen eye for identifying promising ventures and a wealth of experience in nurturing their growth, Mary has become a driving force behind numerous successful businesses. 

As an angel investor, she provides crucial funding and mentorship to early-stage startups, helping them navigate the challenges of scaling their businesses. Mary’s expertise and guidance have been instrumental in the success of numerous startups, earning her recognition as a trusted advisor and mentor within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Mary McKenna: A Guiding Light for uQualio Video4Learning

Mary’s role as a valued member of uQualio’s Advisory Board, a leading video eLearning platform, underscores her dedication to leveraging technology to revolutionize learning and development.  

Mary helps shape the direction of the video eLearning platform, leveraging her experience to enhance its impact and reach. Through her inspiration and expertise, uQualio has continued to innovate and empower organizations worldwide to deliver engaging and impactful training experiences.

Mary McKenna’s Success Sets the Stage for Equality

Mary’s recognition by EBAN is a testament to her significant contributions to the angel investing community. Not only does it highlight her individual achievements, but it also highlights the importance of diversity and inclusion within the investment ecosystem. As EBAN rightfully acknowledges, the Top 25 Women in Angel Investing list is just a starting point – a call to action for greater recognition and support of women in this field. 

However, despite the significant contributions made by women in the arena of angel investing, gender disparities persist within the investment landscape. Women continue to be underrepresented in venture capital and angel investment circles, facing barriers ranging from access to funding to unconscious bias.  

Recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women like Mary McKenna is a crucial step towards fostering a more inclusive and diverse investment ecosystem. 

As we celebrate International Women’s Day (actually established in Denmark) and honor the remarkable achievements of women in angel investing, let us also commit ourselves to driving greater gender diversity and inclusion within the investment community. By magnifying the voices and contributions of women investors, we can unlock new opportunities for innovation, growth, and prosperity. 

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About the Top 25 List and EBAN

The Top 25 Women in Angel Investing List by EBAN aims at bringing into the spotlight some of the top women in the European angel investing community. While these 25 women represent the top, the list is not fulfilling. EBAN wishes this to be a starting point through which we all can – as a community – celebrate women angels and expand this list from 25 to many more. 

EBAN, founded in 1999, has been at the forefront of championing angel investing in Europe. Comprising a network of pioneer angel networks and supported by the European Commission and EURADA, EBAN plays a crucial role in fueling Europe’s growth and innovation.  

With an estimated annual investment of 11.4 billion Euros, angel investors have become vital contributors to Europe’s economic prosperity, particularly in funding small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Final Words

Mary McKenna’s inclusion in the Top 25 Women in Angel Investing list is a well-deserved accolade that highlights her outstanding contributions to the European startup ecosystem and beyond. Her expertise, passion, and unwavering dedication serve as an inspiration to us and everyone who aspires to make a difference through entrepreneurship and investment. Let us celebrate Mary’s accomplishment and all the remarkable women who are shaping the future of angel investing and paving the way for a more equitable and inclusive world.

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