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Employee Training

Video Training Platforms for Businesses

From Video to Victory: Why Businesses Need Video Training Platforms

Introduction In the dynamic landscape of corporate training, traditional methods are giving way to innovative solutions that harness the power of technology. Video training platforms for businesses have emerged as the cornerstone of modern training programs for virtual audiences. These platforms revolutionize learning experiences by integrating multimedia elements, scalability, cost-effectiveness,

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Employee Training Software uQualio

7 Ways an Employee Training Platform Boosts Your Bottom Line

Investing in an employee training platform is not just about enhancing skills; it’s a strategic move that can significantly impact your company’s financial health. In today’s fast-paced business environment, leveraging the right tools for learning and development is crucial. Let’s explore how an online training software for employees can be

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Interview with uQualio: Follow-up on Training to Maintain New Skills

Follow-up on Training to Maintain New Skills

“You can look at the results of performance reviews to gain data in order to determine the kind of training needed to maintain new skills. Further, you can include training as part of long-term goals during the performance appraisal process.” Today, uQualio Video4Learning – one of the best online training

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Study highlights the need for better training for employees.

More Training and Better Training, Please! 

 The uQualio video eLearning software solution reflects on a new study which highlights the need for a better training for employees.  Learning & Development Research by City & Guilds New research, published by City & Guilds Group, a leading global skills organization, reveals that while employees around the world have

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