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Bitesize Your Webinar

Microlearning or MacroLearning for corporte training (1024 × 576 px)

Microlearning or Macrolearning for Corporate Training

Microlearning and Macrolearning. These are two different ways of delivering training to employees, and there’s a lot of debate about which one is more effective. What is Microlearning? Microlearning is a type of training that delivers information in short, bite-sized chunks. Each module is typically no more than 5-10 minutes

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Is Bite-Sized Learning & Microlearning the Same?

In today’s fast-paced world, learners are looking for ways to learn that are efficient and effective. Bite-sized learning and microlearning are two popular approaches that offer a number of benefits. But are bite-sized Learning and microlearning the same? What is Bite-Sized Learning? Bite-sized learning is a method of breaking down

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How to Structure a Video Learning Course

Interactive video-based eLearning for in-house and remote training is certainly the future of learning. If you are wondering how to create a video course, here is a quick guide! Follow this guide to understand how to structure a video learning course, particularly when you are using an online video learning

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Microlearning - it's simple

Discover the power of micro-learning

Microlearning is a powerful tool and a growing trend. Content creators present information in small doses (bite-sized learning), helping users to stay engaged and retain core learnings. Here we will cover the basics and highlight some examples to help you on your way to creating microlearning courses yourself.  What is

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Microlearning – the new gamechanger in town

MicroLearning – the new gamechanger in town  

Microlearning. What is it, how is it useful, and what are some good examples. Microlearning is the new trend in eLearning. Here we will cover the basics and showcase examples so you’re well on your way to creating microlearning courses yourself.  _________  It’s estimated that by 2025 millennials will make

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Bite size your learning and webinar

Microlearning in Business: Bite-Size Webinars! 

Maybe you have already heard of microlearning – or you have encountered the concept ‘less is more’. Regardless, microlearning is a teaching approach that promotes bite-sized learning sessions that last no longer than 15 minutes. The principle is that this is the appropriate amount of knowledge our brains can consume

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Learning - like the iceberg much is hidden

May I be Excused? My Brain is Full! 

In Gary Larson’s famous cartoon, a student asks his teacher if he can be excused because his brain is full. It’s funny as a cartoon, but it is not funny from a corporate training standpoint, and it is not funny that the eLearning creation authoring software can complicate things seriously.

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