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Microlearning in Business: Bite-Size Webinars! 

Bite size your learning and webinar


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Maybe you have already heard of microlearning – or you have encountered the concept ‘less is more’. Regardless, microlearning is a teaching approach that promotes bite-sized learning sessions that last no longer than 15 minutes. The principle is that this is the appropriate amount of knowledge our brains can consume in one go. Microlearning argues for short, targeted day-to-day training sessions.

Is microlearning the solution to all corporate training challenges? Though it solves many common challenges, microlearning is best suited for skill-based training that focuses on answering one question or more often on solving one problem. As such, microlearning videos will cover most corporate needs, especially when combined with gamification and other learning enhancing techniques. But it may not be the ideal method when it comes to learning that requires high levels of reflection.

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What are the Benefits of Microlearning? I bet you have already been distracted while reading this blog post. Isn’t that true? If so, you have experienced the greatest war of our time. The war on getting your attention and keeping it. We lose focus or get sidetracked all the time. Our continual curiosity is a great capacity, but our diminishing attention span complicates any learning process. Our brains may even suffer cognitive overload if we try to cram too much knowledge into it in too little time. We are hard-wired for short bursts of training, and we perform best when we are activated during these sessions. Microlearning lets us learn in a tempo that fits our brain and combined with quizzes and gamification , retention is significantly improved. Structured training provides the greatest results as our brains’ plasticity develops skills through frequently repeated behavior.

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How to Create Microlearning Videos for Your Corporate Training Video is a great medium for microlearning. It is mobile-friendly, easy to bite-size, and it adds a human aspect to your eLearning. But how do you create successful microlearning videos? Well, check out our list of recommendations below:

Plan and prepare: Set clear learning objectives, consider how you can promote curiosity, and design your material to encourage problem-solving.

Bite-size your videos: Cut your video down into targeted sessions that are 15 minutes at most.

Edit: Leave out irrelevant parts of your video and only save the information that serves your learning objectives. Also, seek to keep out distractions. Animations and music can be great when used to support the learning objectives but be careful. These elements can also become noise that diverts your learners’ attention.

Use varied teaching methods : Let your learners’ record and upload videos of them practicing relevant on-the-job skills, make instructor-led sessions, and add supportive questions to your videos to promote learning.

Finally, remember to use humor, animation, and gamification elements strategically as these create emotional responses that catches the attention of your learners.

Bite-Size Your Webinars into Microlearning Videos with uQualio Let your creativity flow. uQualio provides a professional framework for your corporate training courses. Our platform offers a highly flexible and intuitive design. It gives you a varied palette of options: in media, quizzes, badges, and gamification elements . We believe everyone should be able to make seamless and innovative microlearning videos. We aim to make course creation simple. Just upload your webinar to uQualio and cut it into bite-sized videos using our scene selector. You can easily edit out anything you do not want in your finished product. You can make screen recordings, and your learners can create and upload videos using their mobile phones. We have made sharing easy. Simply invite your employees via e-mail or QR code. Do you need to re-use your courses? No problem, keep your courses active and set time limits on your course invites. When your learners’ invites run out, they will no longer have access to your material. We hope you will bring innovative corporate training to your workplace and join our movement to promote continuous learning for all.

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