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Microlearning: The Ideal Training Method for Remote Workers – Share Your Courses Using QR Codes 

Microlearning: The Ideal Training Method for Remote Workers - Share Your Courses Using QR Codes


Share Courses Using QR Codes

Modern-day companies face great challenges when it comes to onboarding and training reinforcement as more and more employees work remotely. Only a few years ago, remote work and a highly decentralized workforce were rare – especially when it came to white-collar work, but there has been a steady rise and especially the tech industry and start-ups are opting out of the classical open-office solution and are choosing to work remotely.

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On-the-go Access to Corporate Training Courses is Essential

This decentralized reality sets new demands for corporate training courses. Blue-collar workers need to access courses via their mobile phones as they often work in remote locations or are constantly on the move. White-collar workers face problems with hectic schedules. As such, carving out a large portion of the day to do corporate training may not always be possible. Though their challenges may differ, both blue- and white-collar workers will benefit from the same teaching method, namely Microlearning.

Microlearning: The Optimal Corporate Training Method for Remote Workers

Microlearning is an innovative way of learning. It taps into how the brain works by chunking your content into manageable training sessions and spacing them out over time to ensure the optimal learning outcome. The short sessions are easily digestible which will help keep engagement high. The teaching method is ideal for skill-based training as it promotes a hands-on approach to learning. Depending on your needs, you can create independent sessions or entirely online courses.

Video: The Ideal Media for Remote Work Training

For most remote workers video is often the preferred media as it works wonders at giving targeted instructions. Blue-collar workers might watch short videos on how to operate or repair a machine whereas white-collar workers might receive software training. Video training can be done on a mobile device making it easy to complete on the go, on-site, or between tasks. It is perfectly designed for remote work training and employees with busy schedules. Creating video training is quick, convenient, and cost-efficient as your video camera is always at hand in your mobile device. Just point, shoot, and record your instructional sessions or do a screen recording to show a software feature.

Create Your Own Video Training Courses from Scratch!

By creating your own video courses, you will be able to leave the days of obsolete content behind you. If you so desire, you can store your videos on an eLearning platform like uQualio which will provide a professional framework for your courses. The platform lets you edit your videos in seconds. You can add supportive questions that promote deeper learning, and it lets you offer certificates for completed training. It makes it possible for employees to offer feedback that is swiftly delivered to the course creator. Finally, you can share your courses using QR codes. This feature is a true gem when it comes to remote worker training on a day-to-day basis.

Share your Microlearning Courses using QR Codes

You can make your video training sessions easily accessible by using QR codes. uQualio makes it simple to share your courses with your remote workers via e-mail. As soon as the employee scans the QR code, (s)he will have access to your training courses. You can also print out your QR code and place it directly on a machine to link it to instructional videos or place the QR code on your products so your employees or customers can access your up-to-date user guides. QR codes are perfect for on-the-go courses, and they make video sharing easier and more convenient than ever before. All your employees need is an internet connection and a mobile phone to access their day-to-day training.

If you wish to check out uQualio’s QR code feature or need a place to create microlearning with videos, try out uQualio’s eLearning platform and find out how fast, and convenient you can bring eLearning into your workplace. Want to find out more? You can either start a free trial or book a demo with us!

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.