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Good Employee Onboarding with eLearning

Employee onboarding women learning in front of a laptop


When new employees venture into their new workplace they not only venture into a brand-new life with new colleagues – they enter a whole different culture … a history.

Making this transition is the key concern for many employers, and eLearning has proved very useful for just that very purpose.

How to do good employee onboarding is not only about setting up a list of expectations but more about providing the employee with a roadmap to success & fulfillment. Especially in these times when it is often necessary to onboard employees remotely.

How to set up, and explain, this roadmap is vital when it comes to thriftiness. It’s about using the resources at hand wisely and with care.

Using new digitalization possibilities

In times of constant transition, the need to keep current and harness your business is vital. Even without the impact of the coronavirus, working remotely/hybrid working has been on the rise for more than a while.

The old-fashioned employee onboarding process is often like playing what is known as “Telephone” or “the Chinese whisper game”.In the game, a message is given to the first person in a line of people and then they are instructed to pass the message on by whispering it in the ear of the next person in line. The message goes from person to person until it reaches the end of the line, and that person announces the message to the group.

The worst example of this we heard of was from a very high-growth startup where a person onboarded the week before had to onboard this week’s new employee.

It’s time to take it to another e-level

Using an eLearning platform such as uQualio will ensure high engagement and the correct information directly from the subject-matter-expert to the new people. And they can even revisit it again if they need to repeat the newly gained knowledge.

To create a successful onboarding program, you must measure and maintain a high-level engagement. And video-based course platforms such as the one uQualio is known to offer will provide a strong foundation for a successful onboarding program. You can even start the onboarding before the start date, so the new employee is ready for the job on their first day.

A learning platform is only as strong as its learner

Therefore, it is key that the company vision and mission are explained and communicated efficiently through the course platform. The need to truly comprehend your company’s vision & mission and how their role will contribute to the company’s success is the glue that holds everything together. …and it all starts with effective onboarding.

Also remember to add videos about the wanted service level, codes of conduct, and actual skills and knowledge like how to work software programs or machines should be added to videos. And ask for feedback on the courses so you know how to improve your onboarding program.

A good online onboarding strategy not only saves you money, but it creates a strong culture of learning throughout the company. Right from the get-go.

And the best news? It will leave your new employees feeling empowered, valued, and committed. And they can get up to speed really quickly so they can help you!

Remember that we at uQualio are always eager to help you set up an onboarding platform if needed.

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Employee onboarding women learning in front of a laptop

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