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eLearning for Remote Workplace  

eLearning for remote workplace


COVID-19 has permanently changed the way we work. These days, very few people wish to return to “business as usual”. A pandemic that’s stretched on for two long years has significantly boosted our online life and given birth to the remote workplace as a business mode.

Traditional Training Methods May No Longer Work

Before the pandemic one-on-one training was the norm – this is difficult when you are not in the office together. So today, driving engagement in the digital workplace requires a new set of tools. Couple this with the importance of a rewarding experience, and you’re left with quite the exciting task: create an engaging training environment in the remote workplace and manage the broad array of digital distractions, when creating a rich and profound eLearning experience.

Here are some examples that with our experience have proved useful.

Effective eLearning Approaches for Remote Workplace


“ Gamify” the learning experience. Today, the gaming experience can be found in many aspects of the online experience. Basically, learners want rewards. Gaming and rewards drive engagement which increases participation and retention.

Surveys have revealed that up to 89% of individuals feel more productive when involved in a gaming experience. Use badges as a symbol of accomplishment. The more badges, the higher the profile level.   


In our pandemic era, it is more important than ever to humanize the digital experience to bring life to the remote workplace. Videos with human faces makes your eLearning experience more human and drive engagement. So videos make your eLearning experience more human, but videos also drive engagement.

Webinars are another type of content to consider. Webinars allow you to do a deep dive on a topic while maintaining the human element. During a live webinar, it’s also possible to see your viewers and determine who’s engaged, who might be struggling, and who has questions. This gives webinars an agency traditional videos lack, making them an ideal format for complex topics. Afterwards, the webinar can be bite-sized, so users can reinforce their memory and help the brain remember with the spaced learning  methodology.


Training is not a one-way street. It’s about the exchange of ideas and inspiring everyone to excel. Actively engage your audience – debate is an excellent tool for this. Learners who feel their voice and opinions matter are much more likely to engage in activities.  The efficacy of an online course depends on the quality of the training materials. Top notch content, that encourages participation and drives engagement will allow you to overcome the in-person gap that many businesses now face.

There are numerous ways to tailor a video eLearning platform for the remote workplace in a post-pandemic environment. Reach out to us at uQualio – we’re always keen on sharing our expertise.

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