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The unforgettable benefits of Spaced Learning 

Beat the forgetting curve - use spaced learning


Beating Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve is key!

One of the major obstacles in any learning environment is what we refer to as “the forgetting curve”. If some time has spanned between reading or learning the material, it’s only natural to forget all about it. So how do we ensure that this doesn’t happen? Well, there are no guarantees in life but a proven, and very successful learning method that’s gaining hold is Spaced Learning.

Basically, Spaced Learning relies on the power of repetition. If a certain amount of information is repeated again and again, in a wide variety of ways, it will be embedded into the mind.

The key here is to RE-visit … When we revisit information, our brain inspects it, encrypts it – making it into something the brain can identify. Then it consolidates it.

Consolidating …  is essentially the time in between where we store the acquired information … Every day, every second, we consume a lot of information (intentional as unintentional). Initially, the information will go directly to our short-term memory. Our brain filters these short-term memories and throws them into boxes containing similar information. Then  finally , finally, it is  there  fixed. We can retrieve and recall that memory… We gain better apprehension, we reinforce it, the information acquired gets stored in our long-term memory bank. And don’t forget, thus more complex the information is, thus more the need to have it reiterated.

Don’t you … forget about the marvels of Spaced Learning

Structuring a Spaced Learning program is of course a beast of its own. It sounds simple, but it requires resources and a strategy. Fortunately, the platform that uQualio offers streamlines the entire process, so you just have to focus on some basic tenets.

Look at it this way: it’s all about intervals. Run your course. Let some time pass, and then present it again. By reiterating and presenting the matter(s) at stake the gained knowledge will, slowly but surely, sink in and occupy the learners’ memory.

But hey … Repetition alone is not enough. Because watching the same video, over and over and over again, will bore the learner to death* … serving little, or no purpose at all.

This is why the information should be presented in new, stimulating ways …  every  time.

Spaced Learning is an exciting new tool, and uQualio’s platform is designed to take full advantage of not only repetitive learning but the many ways of learning topics online. It is the perfect platform for anyone looking to maximize the value of their teaching and learning efforts. Courses on uQualio are digitally accessible online 24/7 – on any device.

*or just to sleep 😉

Beat the forgetting curve - use spaced learning

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