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Christian Bjerre Nielsen, Cofounder of uQualio, gave a Guest Lecture on Product Life Cycle in an international context at Copenhagen Business School

Guest Lecture on Product Life Cycle


We are excited to announce that Christian Bjerre Nielsen, the visionary co-founder of uQualio video training platform, recently conducted a special guest lecture for MSc students at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) campus on March 6, 2024.  
Organized by Selma Kadic-Maglajlic, Associate Professor of Marketing at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), as part of the International Marketing course, the lecture focused on the theme of Product Life Cycle and how to manage products in an international context.  
The lecture was attended by a group of approximately 70 MSc students, mainly from Denmark, with a significant presence of students from other EU countries, such as Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy, and beyond. 

During his session, Christian delved into the intricate topic of product life cycle and its management from an international standpoint, with relevant case examples.

Main Topics Covered

Guest Lecture on Product Life
  • Levels of Product: Understanding the various dimensions and components of a product beyond its physical form, together with the possibilities to standardize the product elements, including core product benefits, product features, and support services. 
  • The Product Life Cycle and Its Strategic Marketing Implications: Exploring the stages of a product’s life cycle and the strategic decisions needed at each phase. 
  • Challenges: Addressing the challenges that arise when managing products in an international environment, such as product adoption barriers, market saturation, changing consumer preferences, global competition, organizational maturity, etc.  

Takeaways for the Students

Takeaways for the Students
  • In-Depth Analysis: Gained a comprehensive understanding of the product life cycle framework and its significance in the global market landscape. 
  • Real-World Examples: Explored case studies and real-world examples to illustrate key concepts and strategies. 
  • Interactive Workshop: Engaged in dynamic discussions and interactive exercises that would deepen the students’ understanding while enhancing learning outcomes, including playing the Telephone Game. 
  • Q&A: Leveraged Christian’s expertise and SaaS industry knowledge with answers to their questions from Christian.

Final Words

This lecture provided the students with the invaluable opportunity to gain insights from a seasoned professional and SaaS entrepreneur, and learn practical strategies for navigating the complexities of international product management. 

We extend our sincere gratitude to Selma Kadic-Maglajlic, for providing Christian with the opportunity to share his rich experience with the next generation of marketing professionals, and we look forward to conducting more of such engaging and enlightening sessions in the future.

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