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Learning, Leading, and Leaving a Legacy: uQualio Founder Hatla Johnsen’s Story

uQualio Founder Hatla Johnsen's Story


Are you a startup founder or aspiring entrepreneur interested in innovative education?  Get inspired by Hatla Johnsen, CEO and co-founder of uQualio video4learning. In a recent interview with Abubakar Dilawar on the Founders Kahani podcast, she shared her story, lessons learned, and insights into building a mission-driven edtech company.

About Founders Kahani

Founders Kahani is a podcast dedicated to unraveling the tales of startup pioneers. Delving deep into the entrepreneurial landscape, each episode features insightful conversations with founders, shedding light on their entrepreneurial journeys, challenges, and success stories, together with invaluable insights. Through candid discussions, listeners gain firsthand knowledge of the startup ecosystem and dynamics, while finding inspiration in the diverse narratives shared by founders worldwide.

Key Highlights from Hatla’s Interview

  • The Journey Begins: Learn about Hatla’s early passion for innovative education and how it shaped her career path.
  • Leadership Lessons: “Focus on building a team that shares your values” – Hatla shares her approach to leadership and overcoming obstacles.
  • Passion Beyond Business: Get a glimpse into Hatla’s interests outside of work, including her dedication to environmental causes and community involvement.

Join the Movement: A Brighter Future through Education

We encourage you to explore this illuminating session with Hatla Johnsen. Gain valuable insights, find inspiration, and connect with a visionary leader who’s committed to redefining learning and training to make the world a better place with innovative education. 

Are you ready to make your training programs more engaging and effective?   

Hatla Johnsen shared her strategies for success. Watch the full interview and start reimagining how you approach learning and development.

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