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All You Need to Know about Microcredentials

What are Microcredentials


When it comes to training, microcredentials not only offer an affordable solution to recognize achievements of your users, but they also act as a superb tool to keep them engaged and motivated throughout their learning journey.  

In the last few years, the conventional learning world has observed a phenomenal change with the emergence of microcredentials. These specialized certifications are gaining widespread popularity due to their flexibility, accessibility, and ability to meet the ever-evolving demands of today’s training, including employee training, partner training, extended enterprise training, and customer training.  

Here, we will dig into the concept of microcredentials, their benefits, and how to earn and display them on the uQualio video eLearning platform.

What are Microcredentials?

Also known as digital badges or nanodegrees, a microcredential is a visual representation of an achievement or an acquired knowledge. In essence, microcredentials validate, verify, and attest that a specific skill and/or competency is achieved.  

Microcrendentials are different from conventional certificates or degrees in that they are more focused and usually offered in shorter (and more flexible) time frames, making them an ideal choice for professionals seeking targeted, up-to-date skills enhancement. 

Earning microcredentials allows you to: 

  • Demonstrate experience and achievements acquired through professional training, volunteer service, and work-related contributions or projects 
  • Present an outline of your hard and soft skills acquired to your peers as well as current and future employers  
  • Provide a path to continuing education while facilitating lifelong learning.

Benefits of Microcredentials

Here are some common benefits of microcredentials: 

  • Flexibility and Accessibility: Microcredentials provides learners with the flexibility to complete the course at their own pace, as per their preferred schedule. This format makes it easier for professionals to gain new knowledge or skills without the constraints of a physical classroom setting. Additionally, microcredential programs are generally available online, so learners can access quality education from any part of the world. For example, on the uQualio video training platform, one can share a course simply using a QR code, which learners can scan to access it.    
  • Focused Skill Development: Unlike comprehensive degree programs, microcredentials focus on a particular knowledge area or skill, which allows learners to gain expertise in a specific niche. This approach is particularly helpful for professionals who want to reskill or upskill to fulfill the changing demands of their respective industries. 
  • Speedy Completion: Microcredential programs are designed to be completed in a relatively short time, often days or weeks rather than years. Because of their fast turnaround time, they are an attractive choice for individuals looking to enhance their skills quickly. 
  • Recognition of Achievements: Upon completion of a microcredential program, learners are typically awarded with a digital badge or certificate. These badges act as tangible proof of a person’s skills and accomplishments, which they can show on their work portfolio or resumes. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Unlike traditional education, microcredentials are usually affordable. This makes them a cost-effective solution for professionals looking to advance their careers without any financial strain. 
  • Adaptability to Industry Changes: Staying ahead of the curve is important in the fast-changing corporate world. Microcredentials allow professionals to quickly adapt to such changes, which ensures that their skills stay relevant with technological advancements and changing job requirements.

Earning and Displaying Microcredentials on uQualio

uQualio is a video training platform that incorporates features of microlearning and gamification. While the bite-sizing tool lets you create microlearning modules out of your long webinars or tutorials, gamification elements allow you to add quizzes and badges to your courses. Once the users complete the course and answer final test questions, they get a badge or certificate to showcase their achievement.  

As a content creator, you can use uQualio to create video-based microlearning courses – with quizzes and badges – which can then be distributed in public (web link or QR code), private (SMS or email), or protected (login credentials) mode with your intended users.  

Your users can access the video courses as per their convenience or when they need it (just-in-time learning) – and even revisit them as many times as they want. After watching the assigned video course completely on uQualio, the user can answer the final test questions correctly to earn a badge or certificate as tangible proof of the newly gained knowledge or skills. The badges achieved can be shared on social media and even downloaded as a hard copy.

Final Words

Microcredentials represent a revolutionary shift in the world of learning, which provides a targeted, flexible, and efficient way for people to acquire and showcase relevant skills. With the surging demand for skill development and continuous learning, microcredentials are expected to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of eLearning and professional development.  

Whether you are a student, a fresh graduate, or a seasoned professional, microcredentials can help you open the door to new opportunities while allowing you to stay competitive in the dynamic employment market of today.

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.