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Microlearning: Cater to Short Attention Span – Don’t bore people!

woman bored to death - Microlearning: Cater to Short Attention Span – Don’t bore people!


Life is not a game … at least, not always.

Gamification and microlearning – Here to stay? Or just another fad? Here’s our take!

Merging gamification and microlearning like a zipper for training purposes can work wonders.

When you combine these two learning strategies, you are actually addressing one of the core issues of this decade … even decades:


Wait… Where were we??

Oh… Right.

Throw the fact that remote work is becoming the new normal in the mix, we are left with no other choice than to rethink our approach to corporate training. There’s no way around it.

While gamification uses game elements like prizes, points, rules, competition, and challenges to make learning engaging and addictive, microlearning utilizes vivid visuals & short, engaging videos – content that minimizes information overload, and helps learners with short attention spans to gain knowledge much in a much more focused & faster way.

Gamified microlearning is, actually, a thrilling way of learning. It taps into how the brain works by cutting across the spheres of:

  • Corporate training
  • Onboarding & offboarding
  • Skills training
  • Product training

Short & committed video learning is engaging, motivating & rewarding. Even… Fun.

Microlearning & gamification software: Four Benefits: 

  • Microlearning on the go – on any device
  • Boosted engagement
  • Short duration, engaging training videos
  • Prizes, acknowledgement, faster & better

It is immersive and fulfilling and offers learners autonomy. … leading to better results.

uQualio delivers the platform so you can, effortlessly create SHORT personalized and adaptive video-based learning experiences – training that learners can take anywhere, on any device they prefer.

You can upload your videos, infographics, files, etc. to the uQualio platform.

Gamified microlearning’s unique ability to embolden incentive behavior can be a lifesaver for brands that seek “the next, next level”. In short, gamified microlearning is here to stay!

The lack of gamification and microlearning elements attributes to the lack of motivation in students like this super bored woman

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