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Give Your eLearning a Competitive Edge with Gamification

Gamification to enhance eLearning


Incorporating a competition can generate engagement, and inspire your employees to excel even further. Learn below how simple strategies like gamification, you can make learning fun, engaging, and memorable with proven campaign strategies.  

Making eLearning Engaging and Fun

A common prejudice concerning eLearning is that it is often a dry learning experience and sometimes even boring.

Equipping your employees with information is to empower them. But, this information can be presented in a variety of ways. Your employees are often busy, so how can you keep them on their toes during a employee training course?  

At uQualio Video4Learning, we have gone to great lengths to inject video-based and gamification tools into the platform, so that learning is engaging. But, our experience shows that by adding a competition you can keep the user sharply focused and on their toes. Their will to excel, and pass the course, is sharpened because

  1. They can visually see their process, and
  2. A competition inspires them to win, which in this case means to complete a goal with excellence. 

Use Competitive Elements of Gamification 

Compete but of course not at all costs – this is not to say that you should use competitive elements of gamification for the sake of using them. Like with all eLearning tools, you should use them according to the goal of the course.  

A useful tip is to consider creating an activation period prior to the competition. This way, you can create momentum & let people know what they can be expecting.  

Other useful tips to consider: 

  • Send video-based promotional material, either via mail or social media, that promotes the event on your video eLearning platform.
  • Give a preview of the competitive elements that will be part of the actual training 

Consider the competition as part of a larger campaign. A good campaign has a solid strategy behind it with a clear goal in sight, and how to achieve its success. In this case, you want more and more people to sign up, and during the training to keep their interest going.  

Here’s how you can define your success: 

  • What are the goals of the competition in regards to individuals and teams? 
  • What are they going to learn? 
  • What do you expect of them? 
  • How do you define the outcome of the competition? 

Define your desired outcome by outlining individual and team goals. It’s important to define these goals in the activation period to set expectations. Setting expectations is an important part of any campaign.  

Burst of Energy 

While the competitive races are on, it’s important to add a touchstone, or a milestone, in the middle of the competition to boost engagement – or keep the interest going. Think of the competition as a bridge in a song, or the second act in a movie. Add transitional elements to carry your participants towards the end.  

Ties can occur in any competition, so consider adding tie-breakers to help determine the winner. Timed quizzes can be an effective tool to get people quickly on their feet. The important thing is to keep the momentum going. 

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