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uQualio Introducing eCommerce – Sell Courses Online

uQualio Introducing eCommerce - Sell your Courses Online


Traditionally eLearning has relied on two things: access and, of course, learning. The power of a good, online platform relies on the fact that you can control, scale, access, AND that there are solid learning tools available.

uQualio has been praised by its customers, such as FREMCO, Applied Information, and more, for those things, and more: the access is secure, flexible, scalable, and easy to control.

The other praise is for its easy-to-use video-based tools which create a rich and engaging learning experience.

Make uQualio work for you

Now, you can make the platform work, and EARN, money for yourself.

uQualio is now introducing an all-new feature that enables you to sell access to a course or selected content. It’s all in the spirit of uQualio which means it’s easy to use, and easy to execute.

Other eLearning platforms make it difficult to earn money from your hard-earned experience but here you can both raise your profile as an expert and be rewarded for your hard work.

Course vendor

This is what the new uQualio eCommerce feature can do for you:

  • You can sell your curated content on uQualio effortlessly
  • You can reuse your existing content and make it a part of your premium content
  • You can divide your training program into several, lower-priced parts so that people can complete the course step-by-step
  • Existing users on your platform can be used to promote your course by sharing digital badges on SoMe, hereby creating a wider audience
  • The new feature integrates well with Stripe – the world’s most-used SaaS payment solution. It’s PCI compliant and handles payment details via a secure, verified channel.

Furthermore, the smaller and cheaper courses will also help build & nurture relations with existing customers. They will also, in the longer run, add new customers who would not normally exist in your common demographic.

We are certain that this new feature will be a welcome one. We know the work invested in creating and curating, a training program, or a course. With the uQualio eCommerce feature, it seems the hard work can be rewarded – making it viable for you to devote more time to creating more exciting content.

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uQualio Introducing eCommerce - Sell your Courses Online

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.