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Expert Tips: Top 5 Dos & Don’ts of Video eLearning

Dos & Don'ts of Video eLearning


When creating a video eLearning course or designing a training platform, there are many pitfalls if you’re either novice or a bit over-zealous. We get it, we’re all excited to share what matters the most to us. But, like with all content, we have to keep one thing sacred: what matters most is the audience. A self-absorbed teacher is not a good one, but a committed and humble mentor is one who can show you the way to the Digital Promised Land.

Here are some of the Dos & Don’ts that are the result of our hard-earned experience:

Number 1

DON’T: Rely on how interesting (or cool) your course name sounds.

DO: Focus on the outcome of the course.

Yes, a name that hooks an interest is valuable, but this is not click-bait in a tabloid. This is a video eLearning course that merits value. If your students need a cool name in order to attend, they’re not right for the course. It’s all about the outcome.

Number 2

DON’T: Create an avalanche of courses in the hopes of getting attendees.

DO: Create one video eLearning course that targets a specific, niche audience.

The internet is the blossoming garden of niche flowers…and garbage. Yes, just plain garbage. However, this means that people, who are buried in niche interests can find their true calling on the internet. Whereas, traditional media focuses on what’s mainstream, the internet focuses on what’s very specific. It’s a haven for those who wish to specialize in niche interests. By focusing your efforts on one thing that matters to you, you have a higher chance of people attending and listening to your message.

Number 3

DON’T: Assume you have to be an accomplished eLearning expert

DO: Create a course first, that’s the road to becoming an expert

A lot of people scare off when it comes to putting themselves out there. Rest assured, the world has gotten used to Zooms, Teams, Facetimes, and what have you. It’s normal for us to see each other on-screen, without any of us having formal training or make-up! Some of the best online training platforms, including uQualio Video4Learning are designed to make you create, and perform, in a course with ease and no feelings of performance anxiety. So, just put yourself out there, and the more courses you create, the more you engage with your students, the closer you are to calling yourself an expert.

Number 4

DON’T: Assume you need a large audience

DO: Rely on this: Engagement matters more – much more than a sizable audience.

Yes, to influence the masses do sound intoxicating, indeed, but in the digital age, the name of the game is: engagement. The more you engage, the more people you keep invested.

Number 5

DON’T: Stuff a video eLearning course with too much information.

DO: Keep the information tight, memorable, and in line with the course’s intent.

Quantity over quality is never good. Think of it this way: when you have to travel, you plan the contents of your luggage. That way it travels well. The same thing goes for an excellent course. Think of the course luggage, and just how well it will travel through the airwaves.

You’re now almost ready to launch your own video eLearning. And remember, you can already create a course with the uQualio video eLearning platform today – it is super-easy!

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