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uQualio Development Roadmap 

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We release our video eLearning authoring & creation LMS software platform 1 to 3 times a week to support your business. Each release contains new features, updated features, minor improvements, and bug fixes. The aim is to keep you working without having to think about the platform itself but focus on your business and how uQualio supports it. Follow the releases here.

The development roadmap is updated on an ongoing basis. If you have any questions, please join our monthly release webinars or contact us through support or the chat in the application. We run the ‘uQualio Feature Poll’, where you can voice what you like to see soon as a new or revised feature.

Features in internal test/beta test

  • More reports and sub-reports
  • Simplified admin user interface
  • Dashboards across the account, channels, and courses
  • Improved screen recording feature
  • Integrations to import videos, images, and files directly from Google Drive
  • Log in with your Google account

Active development

  • Dashboards across the account, channels, and courses
  • Reports across the account and channels
  • Integrations to import videos directly from Amazon Web Services S3 storage, Dropbox and Google Drive, AI platforms, …


  • Multi-tenant solution with the ability to distribute content between accounts
  • Enhanced role management to map better for distributed scenarios
  • More integrations to import videos and images

Planned features

  • User registration, map to group list on the registration
  • Two-factor authentication with email and/or SMS messages
  • Simplified login via unique links
  • Simplified user creation
  • Users can rate courses, course ratings, invited or registered users can rate courses, display ratings on course tiles and channel tiles, ability to sort according to a rating in user searches
  • Email template editors
  • Search – updated filters, order by relevance/popularity/rating
  • Video transcript directly attached to your video

Backlog for future feature development

  • Image Library includes options to lock usage to library images only
  • Download all videos from a content draft in one step, and download all content including resources, questions, and more in one step
  • Split large video files based on scene selections into smaller clips to improve delivery and user navigation
  • Autoplay of all topics (assuming no Advanced Settings define to require quiz, or watch to end)
  • More flexible design of Channel Page and Course Page, landing page for channels and courses as an optional feature
  • Access on request; both to platform through Signup and Course/Channel access
  • Zapier standard interface (Zoom, HubSpot, …)

uQualio Feature Poll

We ask you want you to prefer the development plan should make next in a feature poll on each release webinar. Then we have some guidelines for what the active users want to have first.

Current features include (in prioritized order):

  • Chat on the course page for participants to discuss and support
  • Share screen with participants and record the session
  • Users can subscribe to tags and see search results in the Directory
  • Easy translation of courses (texts, topics, questions)
  • Video editing options
  • Auto start a course when the user opens the course
  • Stop the video until the practice question is answered correctly
  • Channel URL is definable as ‘nice’ URLs

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.