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5 Tips to Make Online Courses that Sells 

5 Tips to Make Online Courses that Sells


Today anyone can make a great course and sell it online. The days of paying thousands and thousands for a university education that doesn’t promise you a work contract is changing. Here you will find 5 tips on how to do that and at the same time, your will learn why and how eLearning authoring creation software can make it easy.


1 Survey your audience

Before launching a course it pays off to know what your audience wants. Use the answers from these surveys on the sales channels and include them in the final course. Don’t guess what people want. Ask them.

2 Start with free material

The typical way to sell a course for more than $100 is to do a free course, webinar, or ebook first. If people find the free material valuable it is worth paying a higher price for afterwords.

3 Answer questions personally

The higher the cost of the course the more questions people will have. A lot of people will want to ask questions before they spend money on an online course. Let them – try to answer as openly and personally as possible. Interacting with potential users is an important part of the process.

4 Do collaborations

Two teachers for the price of one is a better value.

By doing a co-taught course you can add value, complement your knowledge and get second opinions. For users, this will help justify the price you ask.

5 Create a community

Learning taught by real people with interaction is in high demand. By attaching a community to a course you introduce group learning and a place for people to gain feedback. You also help people build relationships so the process of learning and acquiring the skill you’re teaching isn’t so lonely.

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