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Connects road intersection controllers, preemption systems, school beacons, road signage, and more into an easy-to-use web-based application.
But to train schools, firefighters & sales partners they use uQualio!

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Interview with Peter Ashley, VP of Business Development

Applied Information is a leading developer of connected, intelligent transportation system (ITS) solutions designed to improve safety, reliability, and mobility. For more information:

We sat down with Peter Ashley, VP of Business Development at Applied Information, and asked him the simple question: “Why did Applied Information need uQualio?”

CEO Peter Ashley: “We have fantastic manuals, believe it or not. But no one wants to read manuals. Even back then, people saw it as a chore. If you purchased a television, did you take time to read the manual? No. You’d toss it away, and start hooking it up the best you can. Fortunately now, we live in the age of video and the age of information. We can look up any topic, and get just a little bit wiser in a matter of minutes.”

What was the strategic purpose behind Applied Information’s buying the uQualio platform?

“We wanted to use the platform for two main purposes, actually… One was to train up that distribution on how to use and get support for our products, and the second purpose was how to sell our products, and showcase their features. Training is need for both and for that, uQualio fit the task perfectly!”

What benefits have you gotten from using uQualio?

“The main benefit is security and control. In other video platforms, I can’t be 100% sure that my data isn’t shared with a third-party. Or in YouTube, for instance, I can’t be sure that an ad from our competitor won’t show up at the beginning of our training video. Well, the fact that we can “convert” our user manuals into video-based courses were the main one. But also that we control the flow of information, so we could tailor it to our needs was a major benefit. That means we can convey knowledge and expertise in our eLearning.”

How did Applied Information make the courses?

“Well, it was both simple and the result of a joint effort. Of course, we needed to compile our content, what we wished to convey. That was the real effort. But once we’ve compiled everything we needed, the rest was simple. By uploading videos, targeted for training, we could easily edit them, and share our content throughout the platform. We needed short, bite-sized videos, and to use them we were looking for learning platforms that were fully video-based.”

What differed uQualio from the other competitors. Was there a reason you chose them specifically?

“It’s very simple, really… uQualio was the only real video-based platform that came on our radar. And we did look. It is one of a kind, and it is exactly what we needed!”

Applied Information has added uQualio to their Help button in the systems. You can see how the Help feature works. It’s also introduced to customers of Applied Information’s app in their ‘Introduction to Applied Information Video Help’.

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