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Business Management Training Software

Tired of explaining the same things again and again? 

Keep getting mistakes?

We understand the complexities surrounding business management so having a platform that can keep up with your business training needs is imperative.

With the uQualio video eLearning software platform you can easily train customers, partners, and employees.

Using micro-learning methods, you can improve the learning experience exponentially. 

No credit card needed. No code. No hassle. All devices

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Why use uQualio for Business Management Training?

uQualio’s all-in-one software platform is designed with you in mind. 

Creating a customized learning environment has never been simpler. 

Consolidate all your training in one platform.

With uQualio you can get immediate insights and information.

Understand how many users have completed your training programs, their engagement rates, how well they understood your training materials, and measure performance against your business goals. 

Create Valuable & Measurable Training Content 

Create tailor made content to suit your organizational training needs in minutes, with our fully customizable in-built template.

You can easily upload or create new videos on the platform. Play longer videos in bites inside uQualio to tailor your course content at any time.

Create your own custom dashboards to track user progress. With our custom dashboards, you are easily able to track users’ training progression and understand their knowledge journey.

Users can send feedback and ask questions to course creators all within the platform.

Send reminders, emails, and text messages from within the platform.

Create quizzes after each video or course to maximize knowledge retention.

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Testimonial Fremco

Fremco’s organization deals with certain vital parts of the infrastructure. Kenneth the after sales manager is sort of a hybrid: He oversees projects, he solve technical problems, and is a concept entrepreneur. The problem is: that he can’t be everywhere at once.

With uQualio, he has a tool to reach their consumer base and employees. In other words: He can now be everywhere at once. 

During the past many years, Fremco’s turnover has risen by 25% annually. In 2020 during Covid19 we achieved a higher increase. They would not have been able to do that without the use of uQualio.

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Transform Business Training with the uQualio Video eLearning Platform

User-Friendly Platform

Make learning easy and inviting for your employees, with an easy-to-navigate platform that is actually fun to use.

We Speak Your Language

Located globally? Not a problem. Add captions to the videos and switch the user interface settings to the language they feel comfortable with.

Engage Learning with Gamification

Engage employees by making gamification a part of your training. Use quiz, badges, and certifications to make learning fun.

Available on All Devices

Make it easy to train anytime and anywhere. Log in from any device or browser and complete courses.

White label Customization

Customize the look and feel of your platform so it represents your brand, culture, and organizational identity.

Standardize Training

You build the channel and the content that you want available to your users. Keep your training consistent across your organization, while making sure everyone is getting and understanding the same information.

Target different users in the same platform

With uQualio you can create courses and share them in one or multiple channels targeted at different users, whether they be customers, partners, or employees with different access rights.


Communicate in the platform. You can send bulk emails and text messages or communicate with users individually. 


Track and measure your employees’ progress across the board with our customizable reporting tool. Get the information you need easily.

Lower Training Costs

Lower your training costs by being able to eliminate travel, venues, and instructor-led courses. Bringing your training online allows employees to train at will and for courses to be updated when needed. 

Save Time on Training

Help employees train online, on-demand, and at their own pace. Ensure maximum knowledge retention and understanding by implementing quizzes and tests.

Video improves education

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Award Winning LMS!

Our contribution to making video eLearning easy and affordable, has won several prizes.

Yet an other reason to use our award winning video eLearning platform for your next training project.

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