Customize the uQualio Platform

Make the system work for you.

Add & customize as much as you like: Branding, Functionality, Elements, Language, Skill, Category – you name it…

Remember to consider: do you want the platform to be public or private, work for employees only, partners, or a combination of different groups and products?

Our platform is easy to configure since most is done automatically when you create your account.

Branding with Logos & Colors

There’s no place like home. That’s why with uQualio you can style the platform your platform with a wide variety of customization options. 

Tailor the platform to align 100% with your brand – include styling with logo, colors, and content.

Just design it how you want it and upload predefined pictures to the platform and discover how easy it is to make everything your very own.

Directory Customization

The Directory gives the users a complete overview of all the channels and/or courses, they have access to.

You can decide whether the directory should public or private. If you decide upon a public directory, anyone with the link will be able to find your platform and the courses that you have made publicly available, so people can try the courses anonymously – you can of course allow them to register to keep their achieved badge after the course is finished.

With a public directory, you can still have private channels and private courses that only are available for specific user groups e.g., partners or employees.

If you know you are not going to need to make public courses and want to keep everything private, then you simply choose a private directory.

uqualio screenshot of course creation and language selection

Language Settings

The platform is cloud-based and built to be available from anywhere, anytime. This makes it easy to train people all over the world.

The platform is currently offered in 15 languages for the learners’ system use. 

You can of course configure, which of these you want to make available to use.

Categories & Levels

Categories can be defined based on what makes sense for your organization.

Organizations typically use categories as product or training types, and in this way predefine them.

When creating courses, it is possible to add several categories to a course.

screenshot of content editor for online video learning

Social or Private Courses?

You can of course keep the activity private, and still allow your users to share their badges as part of an employer branding platform.

Since the courses support gamification, there might be elements you do not want to have as part of the course standard.

For privacy reasons, some may want to remove the activity overview or the course statistics (benchmarking) showing what other users have accomplished.

Screenshot that shows how to make courses public or private, and how to share on socials
Screenshot showing how to share learning courses, scores and badges on social media

Social Sharing & Gamification

Sharing across channels and following each other’s activities is all part of the collective learning experience. That’s why a gamification experience is so important since it increases the motivation to learn.

Of course, some organizations are more conservative than others, also in that regard. That’s why we’ve made it easy to choose only those options that are relevant for your specific organization.

Privacy, Permissions & GDPR Customization

Privacy matters in this day of age. A lot. We acknowledge that. uQualio offers excellent privacy and permission options. And since full GDPR compliance is obligatory in the EU, we’ve made it effortless for you to comply with these rules leaving you with nothing but time to focus on your vision – your idea.

Our platform comes with a set of legal privacy terms, permission text, and notifications. This ensures a match between our platform, and how you can engage users with regards to GDPR.

User Terms & Commercial Terms

You can also easily add your own user terms. And if you’re selling sign-ups to your eLearning course, you can employ commercial text which ensures more control of your content.

You can decide to use them as they are, or modify them, or you can use your own.

Need more information?

We have collected the most common Request for Proposal (RFP) questions and answers about uQualios video eLearning Platform.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!