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NeuraLoom logo shows that it integrates with uQualio for Video Learning

AI-powered digital employees

Create courses in any language with your digital employee from NeuraLoom. Generate avatars for your uQualio courses with state of art AI.

What is NeuraLoom?

NeuraLoom is a next frontier synthetic media platform. It is an AI-powered video tool that can create stunning and unique animations based on input images, texts, or based on their online content library. It is cutting-edge technology that is used to generate creative and visually appealing videos. It’s mainly used to create courses and generates videos in a few clicks. The avatars this tool provides talk, move, and are on the screen on your behalf.

What to use the integration for?

The integration can be used for a variety of purposes, including creating animation for advertising, creating intro videos for courses, and creating digital art. Neuraloom is also ideal for creating visuals for presentations, and for showcasing products in a unique and engaging way.

Get started

Getting started with Neuraloom is easy. Simply sign up for an account, and pick a background and visual effects. Then you create the text and pick your avatar. Neuraloom will then generate a video based on your inputs and the style you selected. You get a 3-minute video for just 18$.

How to use NeuraLoom with your uQualio courses?

NeuraLoom has integrated with uQualio and offers free access to their AI video generation solution for uQualio customers. Therefore, it has never been easier to generate micro-learning videos for any training or learning course.

The integration between the two platforms ensures that the videos afterward can be distributed whether for private, public, or eCommerce purposes on a brandable white-label platform in an easy way – while of course making it fun & rewarding to learn and easy to remember!

When using these tools it will always be ideal to go with the best practice which is micro-learning videos. No matter if you need a video platform for education, wish to make digital peer training, or need videos for your employee onboarding software.

If you need to shorten your videos, you can use uQualio’s bite-sizing tool – Why bite-size? See the article here.

Website: Neuraloom.ai

Read our blog post to know more about the integration partnership:

Disclaimer NeuraLoom – AI-animation videos

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