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Neuraloom offers free AI avatar video generation

logo and ai avatar from neuraloom on uqualios integrations. platform.

NeuraLoom has integrated with the uQualio Video e-Learning Platform and offers free access to their AI video generation solution to uQualio customers.

This is great news for video shy course creators as creating educational videos is now easier than ever! You can use the avatar to be your presenter so you do not have to worry about a bad hair day.
It saves time, effort, and budget!

What is Neuraloom?

NeuraLoom is a next frontier synthetic media platform. Until now, creating and distributing content required a lot of effort, time, and money. NeuraLoom changed it. With NeuraLoom video content can be produced 10 times faster and cheaper. Neuraloom provides an AI-powered solution for enterprises and institutions to generate real-life synthetic avatars, advertising, and environments for video streaming services and chatbots with neural networks.

How does it work

It is simple – Upload your content, select a design, choose your learning language, and the Virtual Teacher will narrate your course.

Using avatars and virtual characters, there are endless possibilities for marketing your courses across social media and learning platforms like uQualio! Your videos will look professional and engaging, stimulating interest and increasing sales while reducing costs by order of magnitude. The technology behind these revolutionary advancements is in high demand, so to experience its impact on your business.


Imagine making your video training courses available in any language with just a few clicks of a button- taught by professionals of your choice in the field of the course. A finance lecture, for example, could be delivered by a real banker or investor, and a biology lecture given by a working biologist in a lab coat and goggles.

Professors, teachers, and coaches can quickly and easily create digital avatars of themselves to use throughout their production of course videos.

The AI technology allows the avatars to speak different languages, build rapport and interact with students, adapt to the cultural differences of the audience, and maintain class engagement. There is no need for elaborate production processes or expensive teams.

Production of one video in any language takes just 5 minutes and you may edit and update lessons as needed. Virtual instructors are building the future of customized education – creating an engaging and personal learning environment that fosters effective learning and respect for every individual student.

How does the integration work with uQualio

The integration between Neuraloom and uQualio ensures that the videos afterward can be distributed whether for private, public, or eCommerce purposes on a brandable white-label platform in an easy way – while of course making it fun & rewarding to learn and easy to remember!

See here how easy it is to make the integration: https://app.uqualio.com/target/1865b4053ea649a0a40a91b8d5337c54

logo and ai avatar from neuraloom on uqualios integrations. platform.

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