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Create 850% More Effective Training In 6 Minutes, By Using The "Film Once, Train Forever" Method

No coding, credit card, & upfront payment required

Bonus* : Free guided onboarding when you sign up for a free trial today

60 Customers and Counting...

Peter Ashley - VP of Business Development at Applied Information

applied information

“It’s very simple, really… Qualio was the only real video-based platform that came on our radar when we were looking to replace those boring training manuals. It is one of a kind, and it is exactly what we needed!”

Before: Needed an affordable option for video-based education

After: Found a user-friendly tech solution that efficiently helps reach their target groups.

Time Frame: 30 days

Christiane Hunold - Strategic Innovation Manager at FujiFilm


“Our main reason for selecting Qualio was the ability to easily & affordably share information internationally and confidentially. So, security, flexibility, and being able to monitor progress was crucial.”

Before: Needed an affordable option for video-based education

After: Found a user-friendly tech solution that efficiently helps reach their target groups.

Time Frame: 30 days

Mikkel Steen - Innovation Manager at DAMRC


“I witnessed a 16-year-old boy, who didn’t know anything about machines, but tried a video instruction in uQualio about TAP testing of production machines, and he was really fast at learning it. I think uQualio takes a complex situation and makes it simple, and I really think that it is one of the key aspects of the platform. uQualio is simple for the user, but it’s actually also quite simple for content creators to use.”

Before: Needed an affordable option for video-based education

After: Found a user-friendly tech solution that efficiently helps reach their target groups.

Time Frame: 30 days

Marie Olafsdottir - Founder at Finklusiv


“The uQualio’s pay-as-you-go payment model allows us to start at low cost and scale our company rapidly. This educational video platform saves us considerable time in training small business owners, who require financial training to smooth their entry to banking.”

Before: Needed an affordable option for video-based education

After: Found a user-friendly tech solution that efficiently helps reach their target groups.

Time Frame: 30 days

Paul Dostal - Occupations Safety Coordinator at Pace Processing


“We create in-house ‘how to’ videos and courses for our machines’ setup, maintenance, and cleaning. QR codes access to these standard operating procedures on equipment – with both video and printable manuals for a quick 24/7 reference – is a huge benefit.”

Before: Needed an affordable option for video-based education

After: Found a user-friendly tech solution that efficiently helps reach their target groups.

Time Frame: 30 days

Cory Logston - Chief Communications Officer at CBREE


“uQualio is a fantastic way to get your product and your ideas out there. I mean it’s an excellent educational video platform, wonderfully simple to use, efficient, and very good for creating training courses.”

Before: Needed an affordable option for video-based education

After: Found a user-friendly tech solution that efficiently helps reach their target groups.

Time Frame: 30 days

Bonus* : Free guided onboarding when you sign up for a free trial today

This Is For You If...

This is for you if, you want to train employees, partners, and end-users easily, fast, and efficiently.

You don’t want to explain yourself a thousand times.

You don’t want to pay a fortune for software to create consolidated training.

You want something flexible that fits your needs so that you only pay for the exact features you want.

You also want to be able to onboard new customers and end-users without constantly having to add new staff to make sure customers are happy and understand how to use the product.

You fear GDPR laws and privacy with online platforms.

You wish there was a solution for it all.

  • This is for;
  • Customer success managers,
  • Managers,
  • VPs of Product,
  • COOs,
  • Owners,
  • CEOs,

It’s for people who believe in efficiency,

It’s for people who like it when things run smoothly,

It’s NOT for people who enjoy wasting time, energy, and resources doing things manually,

It’s NOT for people who don’t like systems that generate an outcome, better, faster, and easier than you could have yourself.

It’s for people who suspect there is a better way to train than manual training 1 to a few or through written paper training.

Core concept

Here Is The Truth

You can create affordable, high-quality training for your employees, partners, and end-users, and do so quickly if you use automated video and quizzes.

While experiencing 50% more engaged end-users, 850% more effective training and 75% greater information retention. 

However, there is a challenge because existing options are expensive, the norm is to do it manually or through boring, thick paper manuals, few understand the importance of conveying information through video + quizzes, and you also have to ensure GDPR and privacy laws.

We are the only people dedicated to solving this challenge for companies like yours with complex products that desire high-quality training in their organization.

Christian Hatla

Background Story

Hatla and Christian, Co-founders at uQualio

Hatla Færch Johnsen:

  • 20+ years of experience with communication, business development, and strategy in IT, pharma, and consulting
  • Master’s of social science from Roskilde University in Business & Psychology
  • Part of the Danish IT Association’s Policy Board for Female Tech Leaders


Christian Bjerre Nielsen:

  • 30+ years international experience in management, leadership and quality in the EdTech and FinTech software industries
  • Master of Science in Electronic Engineering
  • Chairman of the IT University of Denmark’s Employers’ Panel for Software Development

No coding, credit card, & upfront payment required

Bonus* : Free guided onboarding when you sign up for a free trial today

The exact steps

Here Is What You Should Do

In order to create 850% more effective training for you organisation while saving an avg. of $35.250/yr.

Step 1: Create Streamlined Training

Old Way

You don’t have any training written down, and you spend countless hours training verbally or manually.

New Way

You create streamlined training, either present verbally, in paper or in video format.

Old Result

If you don’t have streamlined training, guides, and SOPs in place, you risk having diluted information, missing information, poor-performing employees, misunderstanding, and a mess in the organization.

New Result

By doing this you no longer risk having diluted information, no one misses information, employees perform better, no misunderstandings happen and the organization becomes more streamlined.

Create Streamlined Training

Unique useful insight

“SOP helps provide an efficient and quality service and having an efficient SOP in place minimizes errors, clears the way forward by avoiding uncertainties, and serves as a vital tool to transfer knowledge and skill.”

Source –

Cause effect relationship

This is because of the fact that if people are not aligned, constant misunderstandings and misalignment happen, and having to fix that is a constant time waster.

Bonus* : Free guided onboarding when you sign up for a free trial today

Step 2: Use Video

Old Way

Verbally train many people at once or send out thick boring paper manuals nobody reads.

New Way

The new way is about consolidating the information into bit-sized videos. Small, quick and effective. Using 1 portal to host and share all the information.

Old Result

Nobody would listen properly, remember or even want to consume the information they are being presented. It wastes considerable amount of time, energy and resources. Wasted money.

New Result

Your organization and even customers or end-users can be trained all at once, all the time, forever. Video is almost double as effective as text, and people remember almost 100% more of what they see compared to what they read.


Unique useful insight

Video is 75% more effective than text in conveying information. (Source: Neuroscience News, 2021)
People remember 95% of what they see, as opposed to 10% of what they read. (Source: The eLearning Guild, 2020)
Studies also show that customers who receive video training use the product more.


Cause effect relationship

Humans are built and have evolved by mimicking and copying behavior visually. Humans innately prefer seeing someone do something and copying it that way. It’s like how you pick up on the traits, words, and habits of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Bonus* : Free guided onboarding when you sign up for a free trial today

Step 3: Use Quizzes To Increase Memory Retention

Old Way

You don’t quiz people or make sure they have understood the information except to say “Is this understood?”

New Way

Use quizzes between videos to test and make sure information is retained.

Old Result

You don’t know if people understood anything, and they likely did not, because they were not tested on the newly received information.

New Result

Information become much more retained. People become smarter and learn better, faster and quicker. And remember for longer.

Working on laptop

Unique useful insight

Memory retention significantly increases after quizzes.
“Performance on the final test showed that repeated quizzing led to significantly greater
 long-term retention relative to both repeated studying”
“Relative to the pretest baseline, repeated quizzing helped participants to retain almost twice as much of the knowledge acquired from the course compared to repeated studying or no further exposure.”


Cause effect relationship

If people are tested on information they just received, the information goes from the short-term memory, and into the long-term memory leading to them remembering essentially forever.

Bonus* : Free guided onboarding when you sign up for a free trial today


So as you can see all you need to do is:

  1. Create training, guides and SOPs
  2. Put them into video format
  3. Add quizzes after videos
  4. Consolidate into a secure and single portal taking advantage of the “Film once train forever” method.

And you can ensure training quality for your employees, partners, and end-users by having at least 850% more effective training, than what you are used to.

And with the right software, you can get started in less than 6 minutes while saving around $35.250/yr

No coding, credit card, & upfront payment required

Bonus* : Free guided onboarding when you sign up for a free trial today

Hatla CEO - uQualio


Option 1: Do it manually/verbally


  • 0 training prepared
  • Spend time 1:1
  • Verbal and Manual

Alternative Results

  • Fixing mistakes
  • Repeating yourself
  • Waste time, energy & resource

Alternative Price

  • Very expensive
  • Fixing mistakes
  • Opportunity costs
Option 2: Use Paper


  • Create training
  • Create SOPs
  • Create guides
  • All in paper form

Alternative Results

  • Improve training
  • People don’t enjoy long,
  • boring paper manuals
  • Not as efficient as possible

Alternative Price

  • High initial cost
  • Cost of creating copies
  • Bad for environment
  • Cost of fixing mistakes
Option 3: Use Software


  • Software is faster
  • Keep everything online
  • Ability to use video

Alternative Results

  • Benefit from automation
  • Benefit from video
  • Improve consumption
  • Improve retention

Alternative Price

  • Extremely expensive
  • Hard to set up
  • Limited support
  • Competitor’s smallest package starts at $5000/yr.

Option 4: Use uQualio


  • Software is faster
  • Keep everything online
  • Ability to use video
  • Use quizzes
  • Give certificates
  • GDPR and privacy compliant

Alternative Results

  • Benefit from automation
  • Benefit from video
  • Most consumption
  • Most retention
  • Least mistakes
  • Least resource waste
  • Most efficient process

Alternative Price

  • Much more affordable
  • Easy to setup
  • 24/7 support
  • Free trial without credit card required.
  • Smallest package starts at $240/yr

Bonus* : Free guided onboarding when you sign up for a free trial today

Don’t take our Word for It

Hear Real uQualio Customer Stories


Before, when you wanted to conduct comprehensive training, you would have to coordinate in-person sessions, deal with scheduling conflicts, and repeat the same material for new people. But now, you can use this simple automated video training feature to disseminate information effectively without the logistical nightmares and inconsistent delivery.


Before, when you needed to ensure everyone understood the training material, you would be faced with tedious follow-ups and assessments. But now, with our interactive video modules, you can guarantee a standardized understanding without the risk of miscommunication or the need for retraining.


Before, if you wanted to track training progress and compliance, it involved manual record-keeping and potential data breaches. Now, our secure tracking dashboard not only simplifies the process but also ensures full GDPR compliance without compromising personal data.

message template settings

Before, when you aimed to personalize training for different roles or departments, you’d be stuck with creating multiple versions of training materials. But now, with our customizable video paths, you can tailor the training experience without extra hours of editing or content creation.

uQualio Platform Configurability Schema

Before, if you wanted to measure the effectiveness of your training, you had to rely on indirect feedback or sporadic quizzes. Now, our built-in analytics and feedback tools enable you to directly measure engagement and comprehension without the need for additional survey tools or guesswork.

uQualio tutorials

Before, ensuring that your training is always up-to-date was a constant struggle, requiring regular reviews and updates to your training materials. But now, with our dynamic content updating feature, you can instantly push updates across all modules without the risk of outdated information being presented.

uQualio eCommerce settings

Bonus* : Free guided onboarding when you sign up for a free trial today

How It Works

Step 1:

Add Video

product knowledge training

Start with adding bite-size video snippets that explains precisely what to learn.

Step 2:

Add Quiz & Files

product owner training

Add quiz questions to verify people’s newly gained knowledge, plus supporting files & links

Step 3:

Distribute Course

product manager training program

Share with anyone privately by SMS & email, or publicly with links or QR codes.

Our Offer To You

Now that you understand the powerful benefits and innovative features our platform offers, let’s walk through the incredible value you’ll receive when you decide to partner with us.

Traditionally, to achieve the same level of training efficacy, you might have had to invest in multiple systems: a Learning Management System (LMS), a separate video hosting solution, and perhaps even a third-party analytics service. Combined, these could easily cost your organization upwards of $50,000/yr.

Our competitor’s price also starts at $50,000/yr.

We’re changing the game.

For only a fraction of that cost, you get an all-in-one solution.
Here’s what you get:

  • Automated Video Training Platform. This will allow you to deploy training at scale. This is valued at $30,000.

  • Interactive Video Modules. This will allow you to engage learners and verify comprehension. This is valued at $10,000.

  • Advanced Tracking Dashboard. This will allow you to measure training effectiveness and ensure GDPR compliance. This is valued at $5,000.

  • Dynamic Content Updating Feature. This will allow you to keep your training materials current with zero downtime. This is valued at $5,000.

  • Instead of paying a total value of $50,000, we offer this to you for only $20/month for the smallest package.

Bonus* : Free guided onboarding when you sign up for a free trial today


We have built a 100% free onboarding video tutorial to help you through the process of creating your first video training, but we are offering limited 1:1 virtual trainings, where we join you live on a call to help you get a smooth onboarding experience, to the first 20 people who create a free trial.

Our Guarantee To you

By signing up for a free trial you will be able to:

  • You will be able to film videos quickly and easily.
  • You will be able to include quizzes quickly and easily to increase information retention.
  • You can even add manual guides or SOPs if you still have some on our platform.
  • You can give out certifications of proof for completing courses.
  • You can keep track of everyone in your training modules.
  • You can create these video training in as little as 6 minutes.
  • You can finally get rid of boring paper manuals nobody likes to read anyway.
  • You can forget about having to explain yourself thousands of times to people because the video and quiz do it for you.
  • You can even onboard new employees, partners, end-users, and customers without having to add new staff, more managers, or more success teams. The video + quiz will do the “success” part for you.
  • You will start to feel less headaches because everything is done for you.
  • If you have to update stuff, it can be done very easily and quickly.
  • You will be happy that you are essentially outsourcing training and the success team.
  • Imagine a customer wants to know about a feature, they can just search the video library and figure out how it works.
  • Imagine an employee who does not understand how to fully use a machine, he can scan a QR code that is attached to the machine, and it automatically loads the video training.
  • Imagine an end-user who has to assemble and use a coffee machine. In the package there now is a simple QR code (or login credentials to the platform) that shows visually how to set up the product and use all of its features, instead of a 156-page long, grey, boring manual in 62 different languages.
  • Imagine you have to outsource an area of your company, or you have to expand to a new country or new market, and you have to onboard new employees and partners. They would simply log in to the platform. Watch a few videos. Get quizzed. Have complete knowledge of the company, the product, and their new tasks.

uQualio is the solution to all of it.

You also receive 1:1 support as a bonus and you also receive free video-guided onboarding, to make sure the whole setup process is fast and efficient.

And if you are unsatisfied, we have a no-questions-asked 14-day money-back guarantee.

Quick Answers to Common Questions!

The answer to this question depends on the individual user’s needs. However, uQualio is the most affordable, easy-to-use online video learning platform that is dedicated to making high-quality education available to businesses worldwide. Our platform gives you the tools to create bite-size microlearning video training, utilizing gamification to increase user engagement. Share your content privately (secure & confidential), or publicly (open to anyone), 24/7 on any device.

Making bite-size videos is super simple using the uQualio’s online training courses platform. You can choose to upload, record-screen, link videos, and use existing videos from the library. Long videos can be played bite-sized with the scene selector. You can also add text, files, and quizzes to support the key learnings of every video. Add badges as a reward, preview the content, and choose your desired layout for your channel. You can distribute your course and make it available for the learners through public, protected, or private access modes.

Interactive sites or software programs that allow users to access educational content online. These virtual learning platforms use various modes to facilitate learning like training, lectures, readings, videos, quizzes, and interactive activities. Similar methods are used by uQualio, an online learning platform, which utilizes bite-sized microlearning and quizzes to help with knowledge retention.

Online training is a type of educational program conducted entirely over the Internet and usually through a learning management system (LMS). Participants interact with the course material through reading, video instruction, quizzes, and built-in communication systems. The purpose of online training methods is to enable organizations and individuals to acquire new skills and knowledge quickly and efficiently from any location with an internet connection, ensuring a high return on investment (ROI).

If you are video course creator begin by creating a free account. Create the framework for your course and produce teachable or instructional course material accordingly. Design the platform to fit your needs and set up your course channel. Publish your course to the public. Promote your course online and get it monitored by experienced professionals to improve its content.
Yes, you can sell your eLearning course online on top online learning platforms like uQualio. uQualio does not handle any financial transactions, so you need a Stripe account, a secure payment system, to handle payments for your course. Alternatively, you can choose to make the course available for free if you prefer.