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FUJIFILM makes advanced Medical IMAGES and IT solutions. They need to train sales partners & agents internationally and confidentially while monitoring their progress. To do this uQualio fits their needs well because of the user flexibility, the price, and the support.

uQualio Video Training Platform for End-User Training
Christiane Hunold Fujifilm collaboration for uQualio LMS

“There are many services that uQualio provides which others simply do not. This educational video platform comes at a very good price, user flexibility, and the service ratio are far beyond what others can actually provide.”

Christiane Hunold

Christiane Hunold

(Strategic Innovations Manager at FUJIFILM Healthcare)


Interview with Christiane Hunold, Strategic Innovations Manager from FUJIFILM Medical Imaging and IT Solutions, Middle East & Africa.

How Fujifilm Medical save life with UQualio

What FUJIFILM Thinks about uQualio?

Q: Why did you choose uQualio for your needs?

There are many services that this platform provides which others simply do not. There were several criteria why I chose this platform. I need a system where I can take users on and off according to need and were I was not bound for many months. Having a user assigned to a license is a waste of money for my company. An expensive solution I couldn’t bring to the board which is why I choose uQualio and at the same time it offered the flexibility, security, and support – which is essential to us! But the main criteria, which is important to me, is the human aspect. I can always rely on the fact that your support team is always here for us.

uQualio comes at a very good price, user flexibility and the service ratio is far beyond what others can actually provide.

Q: So why choose uQualio over others, such as, let’s say WeTransfer?

Our main objective behind choosing this particular platform was of course the ability to share information confidentially. So security was key, and secondly why we needed to know the activities of the viewers which you cannot on WeTranfer – so that’s why we prioritized uQualio over others.

We have received some feedback from the end-users and the main takebacks are that it is easy to use.

Q: What was the benefit of choosing uQualio?

What I appreciate the most with your platform is actually the team behind it. In my regard, that’s what sets it apart from other providers.

Q: What would you tell people looking for a learning platform and would you recommend uQualio?

I would definitely recommend this platform to anyone. I will tell them that there is great accessibility, and I will put the emphasis on the great support that this platform offers.

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