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FUJIFILM brings cutting-edge solutions to a broad range of global industries by leveraging its depth of knowledge and fundamental technologies developed in its relentless pursuit of innovation.

Over the last 20 years, the company has more intensively focused on healthcare – covering now a wide variety of solutions, including Medical IT, Diagnostic Imaging as MRI and CT, X-Ray imaging, Endoscopy, a wide range of Ultrasound diagnostics, In-Vitro diagnostic systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions as well as multiple screening solutions such as mammography screening, Lung Screening, Colorectal Cancer Screening, Tuberculosis Screening and more.

uQualio Video Training Platform for End-User Training
Christiane Hunold Fujifilm collaboration for uQualio LMS

“There are many services that uQualio provides which others simply do not. This educational video platform comes at a very good price, user flexibility, and the service ratio are far beyond what others can actually provide.”

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Christiane Hunold

(Strategic Innovations Manager at FUJIFILM Healthcare)


Interview with Christiane Hunold, Strategic Innovations Manager at FUJIFILM Healthcare Middle East & Africa.

The Challenge

FUJIFILM Healthcare Middle East & Africa needs to privately train its sales partners and agents globally in confidential material while also being able to monitor their progress. They want a learning and management system, where they might take users on and off, according to their needs – and are not bound by any longer-term contracts. They did not want to waste money on having a user assigned to a license, nor did they want to have an expensive channel partner training solution.

The Solution

To FUJIFILM, the uQualio learning management platform provides many services that others simply don’t offer. It has offered the flexibility, security, and support that are extremely important for FUJIFILM in their sales partner academy.

For the company, uQualio comes at a very good price with excellent user flexibility. Plus, the service ratio is far behind what others can provide.

The Result

The uQualio video eLearning platform provides FUJIFILM with the ability to share information confidentially. With security at its core, uQualio also allows the company to monitor the activities of their viewers, which is not possible with WeTransfer or by adding videos to the websites.

The end-users of FUJIFILM have also found the online video training platform easy to use.

How Fujifilm Medical save life with UQualio

What Fujifilm Thinks About uQualio?

Christiane likes the “human” aspect of the uQualio video learning platform. She further adds that she can always rely on the fact that the uQualio’s Support Team is always there for her and her company.

One thing that she appreciates most about the video4learning solution is the team behind it. In her opinion, that’s what sets uQualio apart from other sales partner training solutions providers.

Christiane recommends the uQualio corporate training platform to anyone, because of its superb accessibility and the great support that uQualio offers.

Here is what Christiane says:

Q: Why did you choose uQualio for your needs?

“There are many services that this online corporate training platform provides which others simply do not. There were several criteria why I chose this platform. I need a system where I can take users on and off according to need and where I was not bound for many months. Having a user assigned to a license is a waste of money for my company. I couldn’t bring an expensive sales partner training solution to the board which is why I chose uQualio and at the same time it offered flexibility, security, and support – which is essential to us! But the main criterion, which is important to me, is the human aspect. I can always rely on the fact that your support team is always there for us.

uQualio comes at a very good price point with superior user flexibility – and the service ratio is far beyond what others can actually provide.”

Q: Why did you choose uQualio over others, such as WeTransfer?

“Our main objective behind choosing the sales partner training platform was of course the ability to share information confidentially. So, security was key, and secondly, we needed to know the activities of the viewers, which you cannot monitor on WeTransfer – so that’s why we prioritized uQualio over others.

We have received some feedback from the end-users and the main takebacks are that it is easy to use.”

Q: What was the benefit of choosing the uQualio channel partner training solution?

“What I appreciate the most with your platform is actually the team behind it. In my opinion, that’s what sets it apart from other providers.”

Q: What would you tell people looking for a video training platform and would you recommend uQualio?

“I would definitely recommend this platform to anyone. I will tell them that there is great accessibility, and I will put the emphasis on the great support that this video learning platform offers.”

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Customer Onboarding

“With uQualio, you get instant value! As soon as you share video training with your customers, you instantly start saving time. It has helped us save a lot of time and resources too and enabled us to scale the way we wanted. We no longer need to visit each of our customers and meet them in-person, which has significantly improved our order-to-cash flow.”
Rikke Høyer Cofounder & CCO of Dora Nordic ApS
Rikke Høyer Cofounder & CCO of Dora Nordic ApS

Rikke Høyer

Cofounder & CCO of Dora Nordic ApS

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Products Training for Retail Sales Rep

“A short response time is a critical metric for our dealers, and traditional on-site training could not help us achieve our goals. However, with the uQualio platform, we have managed to deliver training to our dealers and their sales reps – fast and with only a few resources.”
Henrik Tønnesen Marketing Director at Hamelin
Henrik Tønnesen Marketing Director at Hamelin

Henrik Tønnesen

Marketing Director at Hamelin

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Sales Partner Training

“uQualio has helped us lower our training cost by 30-45 % with a much higher impact. It provides an efficient, secure video eLearning platform for specialized companies that rely on expertise and need that expertise across regions and corporate cultures.”
Kenneth Filipsen 
Kenneth Filipsen 

Kenneth Filipsen

Technical Sales Manager at FREMCO

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