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A Customer-Centric, Easy-To-Navigate Video Training Platform

Self-Service Guides, Live Chat, and Email Support to make course creation and distribution a walk in the park!

No coding, credit card, & upfront payment required

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Stuck midway through your course creation journey?

Get instant assistance right when you need it!

Exclusive Onboarding Session for Free Trial Customers after they sign up.

Self-Service Video Guides

Initial Support Meeting

Live Chat

Email Support

Self-Service Video Guides

Take advantage of uQualio’s Self-help Video Guides and avoid chasing Customer Support every now and then to get the help you need.

  • Video Guides are built-in to the uQualio platform to make self-support easy.
  • The video guides are created by uQualio’s CEO Hatla Johnsen to give you personalized online support.
  • The video guides are also available on the uQualio’s tutorial channel.
  • The video guides basically help admins to set up, customize, and run their uQualio video4learning account, without the need to approach Customer Care for minor queries and concerns.
Self-Help Video Guides

Initial Startup Meeting

After starting your free trial, you get an invitation to book a meeting with uQualio to get assistance, sparring, and/or advice on how you can set up the platform to match your specific needs.

In the meeting, you can (for e.g.) ask:

  • How to optimize uQualio for your use case
  • How to customize the platform for your brand
  • About the subscription model, etc.
Initial Startup Meeting

Live Chat

The Live Chat feature comes as standard with all paid plans.

  • All users with administrative rights have access to live chat where uQualio experts are ready to answer all types of product-related questions.
  • The chat function is useful for implementation, but it is also ideal for ongoing assistance if the video tutorials do not answer the questions.
Customer resource

Email Support

The uQualio eLearning platform offers email support on all paid subscriptions.

  • Any uQualio online support requests must be submitted via
  • Requests must include a detailed description of the issue, with supporting images or recordings (optional).
  • uQualio will create a Support Case and Ticket with feedback directly to the sender.
  • Our Help Desk categorization and SLA depends on the support level in the subscription.
Email Support

Award-Winning Video Learning Platform!

Our contribution to making video eLearning easy and affordable has won us several awards.

Yet another reason to use our award-winning video eLearning platform for your next training project.

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