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uQualio's Release Notes 2020

Here you find information about the newest developments and features on the uQualio software platform. 

uQualio’s Development Map shows what we are currently working on, and what is coming in the nearest future. Find it here.

30th December, 2020

Release note 5.0.852

  • Tasks: Add users to courses, now the notification email only contains a single link. Previously the notification contained a link for each group the users were invited to. This is easier to read.
  • /freetrial link now accepts both ‘discountcode’ and ‘discount’ when a new account is created via the link with a discount code.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

28th December, 2020

Release note 5.0.851

  • Invitations to a course now expire when the group expires and not after a specific time frame. An invitation is now valid as long as the group is valid. Previously it was only available for a fixed time after the invite was created.
  • Course Assistants can now remove users from a group. This ensures that a Course Assistant can both add and remove users from a group, where the Course Assistant is assigned the role.
  • As admin you now stay in Content Editor if you change account. The first content draft from the new account is loaded after the account is changed.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

24th December 2020

Release note 5.0.850

  • Course Tree and Channel Manager: When you click on the image for content drafts, content versions, channels and courses, then the item is opened. This is similar to using the link in the heading.
  • Admin – users: When you change the status of a user to ‘Pending Delete’, then the user is automatically logged out of all active sessions within the next five minutes. This is similar to ‘reset password’ and when the user’s status is set to ‘Deleted’.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

23nd December, 2020

Release notes 5.0.849

  • Channel Page: Courses are now shown with tags to help the user search for courses with similar content directly from the channel page.
  • Content Editor: Tags must be at least two characters long when you create tags for content.
  • White Label: You can now configure the favicon for your account. The favicon is shown on browser tabs and search results.
  •  Minor fixes and improvements

22nd December, 2020

Release notes 5.0.848

  • Course page, mobile navigation: On some devices the previous video was not closed when you moved to the next one.
  • White Label: As an admin you can always login to an inactive white label accounts. Previously a blank page was shown in some case. We now always show the login page for inactive white label accounts. Only admins can access the account.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

21st December, 2020

Release notes 5.0.844

  • YouTube made some smaller changes on their embedding. We have adapted our interface to match this better. Now you will be told if the video is available, but not authorized to embed on uQualio.
  • ‘Additional files’ element renamed to ‘Resources’ on Course Page and Channel Page. We will add links as available items in addition to uploaded files.
  • Content Preview: Button REFRESH PREVIEW is added to make it easier for you to see changes to your content without having to close and reopen the preview or press F5 to refresh the page.
  • Add users to a course is made faster. We made a check twice, which took 2-10 seconds depending on the number of added users. You waited 4-20 seconds instead of about half the time as now.
  • Course Tree performance is improved. The data is retrieved faster and will give a faster experience as long as not too many elements are displayed.
  • When you copy a link the system now display a note at the bottom on the screen
  • On the course page you can get a link to embed the page. The html code for an iframe embed tag is copied to the clipboard and can be used in other applications.
  • Admin was able to change roles and access for herself. This is now prevented. As admin you cannot remove your own roles or delete yourself.
  • API (White Label solutions)
  • Parameter validation is made more strict
  • GetToken now returns the duration of the token as part of the return value (currently 60 seconds, cannot be configured)
  • New Ping method implemented in Token to test connectivity and API key
  • Minor fixes and improvements

9th December, 2020

Release notes 5.0.837

  • Content Editor: Filters added for ‘Created By’ and ‘Modified By’ to help find content created or changed by specific users.
  • Content Editor, updates to topic layout. The topic is structured a little more logical and related information is placed next to each other.
  • Course Editor, changed layout for new items. You start by selecting the content version and then you can define the settings and preview the content. 
  • Multi paste into email and tags. You can now paste e.g. emails from Excel or a file in on go so you do not have to do it one by one. Tags are entered with a space to split the tags. 
  • User lists – added functionality for the admin user. Channel managers can reset password and account manager can reset password as well.
  • Search – new filters for ‘created by’ and ‘modified by’ 
  • Search result dialog updated. The tags are now shown to the left for easier navigation to related results
  • White Label:
  • All users are now shown in Channel Users without taking permissions or invite state into consideration.
  • Users may be deleted by changing status. You must confirm the status change. It is not possible to change your own status or the primary user’s status.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Visit the Product features page for the complete feature overview.

29th of November 2020

Release notes 5.0.834

  • Channel Manager: We have simplified the navigation by removing ‘versions’. You see versions via ‘+CREATE COURSE’. A number of smaller UI improvements based on user feedback is also implemented.
  • Content Editor: Topics design and layout updated to clearer. You see the start and end of the scene selection when used in the topic.
  • Course Editor: When you create a new course, the interface is simplified. You pick the content version first and then you can update the course title etc.
  • Paste into multi-edit boxes: Until now you could only enter one email at the time or one tag at the time. Now you can paste a list of e.g. emails into the invite users’ box and other places.
  • White Label/Embedded: the signup button is now hidden in all places when you have configured that users cannot sign up by themselves.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

24th of November, 2020

Release notes 5.0.830

  • Content Editor, Reuse Topics: Excluded topics are no longer shown in the list of available topics.
  • Course page, achievement charts: Labels are made longer and easier to read. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

23th of November, 2020

Release notes 5.0.827

  • We have implemented a new Channel Manager to give must focused access to your channel. The direct navigation in the context of the current channel. Tune into the release webinar where the Channel Manager is the main feature.
  • new Content is now created as a template with two empty topics to guide the content manager in the creation process.
  • Content Editor – you can exclude a topic from publication, when a content version is created or updated. This makes it possible to create your full content structure and publish it as you have the videos ready.
  • Tags are changed in appearance so it is clear that the tag is an active search link. 
  • Roles ‘course manager’ and ‘content manager’ are now available already from subscription level ‘Business’. This matches our customers use better in supporting their business.
  • Course Manager, course tree: We have added the lock to show if the course is based on dynamic or locked content.
  • Course Manager, explanation texts are now displayed when the mouse is over one of the buttons.
  • White Label/Embedded: The logo was displayed in wrong aspect ratio for browsers
  • Minor fixes and improvements

16th of November, 2020

Release notes 5.0.819

  • Notifcations and feedback: Download button is removed as an option when you can upload a file and attach to a notification. The download option is not relevant when you attach a document. You can remove the uploaded document before you send the notification.
  • Admin users will always have the SIGN OUT menu item in the user menu. Previously it was not possible to sign out via the menu for embedded solutions.
  • The user login is changed to always use the login page. The login dialog over the application did not work well in user experience and navigation. 
  • Courses has a ‘CREATE COURSE’ button for channel managers and course managers. This makes it possible to create new courses without have a role as corporate manager or content manager.
  • Some security enhancements are added to our private cloud storage. There are still a few things to configure in order to secure content completely. Some service degration may be experienced during our final configuration and testing.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

17th of November, 2020

Release notes 5.0.820

  • Course Manager, course tree: We have added the lock icon to show if the course is based on dynamic or locked content.
  • Course Manager, explanation texts are now displayed when the mouse is over one of the buttons.
  • White Label/Embedded: Logo was displayed in wrong aspect ratio for browsers
  • Minor fixes and improvements

8th of November, 2020

Release notes 5.0.803

  • Course page shows video and practice much larger on desktops and tablets. When you start a video, then we have made the video area almost twice as large on desktops and tablets. This helps the user focus more on the video, the learning and practicing.
  • Course page has fewer ‘Send’ buttons for admins. There could be up to three send buttons for course manager on the course page. We have made one ‘Send…’ button to cover all three options as sub-menu.
  • In a number of cases the system did not show all available items on the user’s menu or in the directory right after login. We have improved the login process to reload the pages in order to have the correct menu items for the user matching role and access.
  • Initial load performance improved as the user’s notifications are not selected until the bell in the top menu is clicked.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

2nd November, 2020

Release notes 5.0.795

  • Invitations are now valid as long as a course is valid. Previously, then invitation expired after a period. This lead to extra work with sending invites again. Now course invitations are valid as long as the group is valid.
  • Task: ADD GROUPS (only available for White Label and Embedded solutions at the moment), manual entry of new groups is made easier with a multi select field instead of adding a row for each new group.
  • Performance improvements made in Course Tree and Content Manager.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

27th of October, 2020

Release notes 5.0.789

  • Create multiple groups automatically. A new multi create feature is created for a course. You can create multiple groups in one go – either by entering the group names or uploading a user file with group names. When you upload from a file, then users are also assigned to the groups you create. This saves a good deal of work, when you import users from e.g. your CRM or HR system.
  • Content Editor: Reuse content – topics are now shown with the thumbnails to make visual selection easy.
  • Content Editor: There is a new button to copy a topic directly within the current content. This is very useful when you create a course based on a webinar with the scene selector.
  • Course tree has been updated in layout and consistency. The menus are simplified and texts etc. are made uniform.
  • Course tree – private groups: The number of users is shown on the button in (), e.g. “USERS (42)”
  • Course user list – we have added an invite option to send to both new and pending users in one go. You don’t have to remind people from reports when they are still pending.Lists – you can now delete existing user lists and course lists. 
  • Tablet cover images are removed from the system. The aspect ratio is the same as desktop cover so no need to have a separate format for this device.
  • Anonymous users are now registered again. Due to some cookie issues we have not recorded anonymous usage since August 2020. We have made a new way to generate an almost unique id for anonymous users. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

21st of October, 2020

Release notes 5.0.787

  • User spreadsheet: new optional column added ‘user group’. The column is part of a future development to create multiple groups in one step to make admin easier.
  • Changed a number of dialogs and forms to a newer user interface solution, should not affect the users or admins. 
  • Our payment integration with Stripe is updated to a new release of Stripe’s API. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

13th of October, 2020

Release notes 5.0.778

  • Publish dialog: You can now select ‘CLOSE’ and stay in the course tree. This helps you when you add more than one group as you do not have to navigate back to the course tree to create the next group.
  • Achievement Page: made it clearer that the description is hidden with the heading
  • Directory search: channel name and description are searched now. Any matches with the search term are shown in the search results. 
  • Course tree: the group item now displays where the group is published to the users (channel or direct link)
  • Badges now have a short title. This will later be used when the badge is shared on social media. The short title defaults to the first 30 characters of the title if not defined by the user.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

11th of October, 2020

Release notes 5.0.773

  • Lists are divided into two separate lists. This is more user friendly and makes list maintenance simpler.
  • User lists and course lists are added to tasks for adding users to courses, courses to users and new users to courses. Use this to create e.g. user group called ‘new employees 2020 Q3’ and assign one or more courses to the group in one go. Or use a course list called ‘onboarding courses’ which you can use every time a new employee is hired.
  • Publish Content version (locked content) has a feature to notify admin users about the new content version. This way you can tell other admins on your account that a new content version is published. The notifications are optional and can be deselected when you publish the new content version.
  • Reuse content is changed in the Content Editor so you can select more topics in one go instead of having them added one by one. As an example you can add all courses with ‘security’ in the topic title in one go when you reuse topics in another course.
  • New subscription type ‘Free Subscription’ is added. The subscription is a limited version without expiry. You can publish public and protected courses. It is not possible to invite to neither channels nor courses on this subscription level. More information about moving from and to a free subscription will be added in a later release.
  • White Label/Embedded: we have updated the button colors a number of places to follow your configuration.
  • Step guides: Some step guides were not in sync with the application. We have updated the relations and update the text where applicable. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

30th of September, 2020

Release notes 5.0.767

  • uQualio® has changed email sending procedure. We have started using our own IP address as sender. The previous IP address was shared with other users on our mail service. Due to this a spam engine, SpamHaus, black listed the IP address. This caused some delays and in some cases also that email never reached their intended recipient. We have also added reverse DNS to improve deliverability for your emails from uQualio®.
  • Test Runner – now you cannot submit a test until all required questions are answered. 
  • Task Steps for admins are now shown in full screen so you see the flow better and have less visual distractions. 
  • Notification Summary has longer texts extracts from both notification subject and notification message. Each bullet point is separated better to improve readability.
  • Channels – internal name must now be unique within each account. This is to ensure a consistent and non-overlapping identification of your channels.
  • Achievement page – course description is hidden. You can expand/collapse the text on the page.
  • Send messages – a number of minor changes have been made. You need to enter at least two characters before you can send a message. 
  • White Label: Directory navigation has been updated to handle cases where e.g. courses are hidden on a private directory. 
  • White Label: Admins can always access users’s profiles no matter how they have defined their visibility.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

28th of September, 2020

Release notes 5.0.766

  • New admin task: Add new users to courses. You can now assign new users directly to courses from the task. It is possible to add single or few users via email or phone number or upload by one or more spreadsheets. The task assigns the new users to one or more courses.
  • Adding a user multiple times to a group now changes all previous invites to state ‘removed’. This gives a more correct overview in a group’s user list.
  • A user’s invitation list is now sorted with the newest invitation as the first one.
  • Channel Editor: video thumbnail now changes to show the thumbnail matching the channel.
  • Navigate from Channel page to Channel Editor: in some cases the admin user did not see the correct channel when the Channel Editor was selected from the settings gear.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

15th of September, 2020

Release notes 5.0.749

  • Multi assign users to course, multi assign courses to user: As part of making a smooth process when you need to assign more users to more courses in one go we have added Tasks to Course Manager. Here you have two tasks: 1) Assign Users to Courses and 2) Assign Courses to Users. Both tasks make it simple to assign many to many in one go without having to find each course or group and assign a user one at the time.
  • Poll Question result is displayed immediately after the user has select the answer. Previously the user had to review the answers. Now the results are shown right after the selection.
  • Directory – Invited: this page is now shown with all invited courses on the page and not a band, where you have to scroll if you have more than 3-5 invited courses.
  • Reports: Question type is added a column in the existing question related reports. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

11th of September, 2020

Release notes 5.0.747

  • New question types added:
  • Poll question: here the user selects one of at least two options. In the practice the user sees the answer statistics from other users. The poll question can be used in both practice and test.
  • Text question: the user must enter a written answer to the question. The answer can be limited in both minimum and maximum length. The text question can only be used in test.
  • All questions types can now be marked as required for test. The user cannot submit a test without answering a question marked as mandatory. 
  • Quick Upload has been updated so you cannot start an upload without having entered a video to upload. 
  • Reuse Topics in Content Manager: Topics from the current content is shown by default to make it faster to add topics based on e.g. a long video for user with the scene selection.
  • Most images are now loaded lazy to improve performance. Only images that are visible to the user are loaded initially and other images are loaded in the background.
  • Notification emails are now always sent with a tile and not the logo. The mail template is adjusted to match the image aspect ratio.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

25th of August, 2020

Release notes 5.0.739

  • Scene Selector is added to the content manager. This simplifies how you can use a large video by selecting the most relevant scenes instead of just posting one long video.
  • Performance issue with large grids solved. In some cases an opened grid make performance drop when you used Chrome or Edge on Windows. We have found the issue and have made a solution which seems to solve it. Please report any performance problems to
  • White Label: Language selector is update so you configure the languages the user can choose between as client language.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

23rd of August, 2020

Release notes 5.0.737

  • Achievement Page: The course description box is made wider so you don’t have to scroll to read the description.
  • Content and Content Version have the content type shown in lists with the lock icon. It is faster to see what type the content is, dynamic or locked.
  • Question Editor has updated in design. There is more room for question and answer text. The question settings are moved to the top to make them easier to set. The new design is part of the work to add two new question types to uQualio®.
  • Grid buttons are made more uniform across all grids in uQualio®.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

21st of August, 2020

Release notes 5.0.736

  • Unsplash images are now directly available for use in your content most places where your can add images ( Unsplash is a service providing free images for any use you need. This is a good way to find images that match your content on uQualio®. You can now search for images matching the terms ‘Copenhagen summer’ to get images from Unsplash included.
  • The user’s search menu is now shown on the channel page. This makes it easier to go to your active courses and invites. 
  • Our grids are updated to be more consistent in layout and style. This is part of the ongoing improvement of how data is presented in uQualio®.
  • Cover images for content and channels where not always delivered in a size matching the user’s device. Instead of an image of e.g. 50 kBytes the full size images of e.g. 5 MBytes would be sent to the user’s device. This caused some waiting on slower connections.
  • Minor fixes and improvements