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uQualio Release Notes 2021

Here you find information about the newest developments and features on the uQualio software platform. Find uQualio’s Development Map here.

30th December, 2021

Release note 5.0.1258

  • Channel Managers and Course Manager can access Users menu for user administration on their channels.
  • Achievements are shown on course page. If you already passed a test for a specific course, then your highest badge is shown on the course page. You can click on the image to open the achievement page. This helps you see that you have already passed the test for a specific course.
  • Saved Search: Description field is made optional and not mandatory.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

27th December, 2021

Release note 5.0.1256

  • Channel Managers and Course Manager can access Users menu for user administration on their channels.
  • User Public page is now shown to the user as other users will see the page. In some cases an empty feed was shown for the elements marked as ‘private’.
  • Achievement download: Due to iOS specific download settings then we cannot download PDF version of the certificate on Apple devices. The download button is hidden on iPhone and iPad.
  • Channel Managers: You can now change channel status when end date is today or in the past. 
  • Course Manager, Tasks: The tasks ‘Add new users to groups’ and ‘Add new users to courses’ have been removed. They are available through the other ‘Add…’ tasks when you add existing or new users to groups and courses. 
  • Email notifications are now sent as a background job. You do not have to wait for the job to finish. It is now possible to send to more than 1.000 email recipients in one step. You do not have to split so sending a notification is to less than 1.000 recipients.
  • Saved Searches: Search name can now be up to 50 characters, up from 30.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

24th December, 2021

Release note 5.0.1254

  • Achievement page: When you pass a test and receive the achievement the system displays one or two buttons with your invited courses and/or your in progress courses. This helps you to continue on to your next course.
  • Achievement page: The mobile page has been simplified a little and the action buttons are now shown as three rows without a user navigation bar at the top. This means you can see the full certificate and the actions buttons for e.g. other course invites without having to scroll down on your device.
  • Subscription cancellation will create a ticket in HubSpot.
  • Content Update – dialog made simpler and updated content is now published with fewer clicks and dialogs.
  • An expired course can now be made active again. Search for expired groups and change the end date of the group to re-activate it.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

15th December, 2021

Release note 5.0.1247

  • User must watch video to the end. A new option for first time display of a video to a user is added. You may require that the user watches the video to the end the first time they watch a video. You configure this in Advanced Settings.
  • Users made ‘inactive’ will now have all active invites changed to ‘archived’ in order to remove the option to access content after being made inactive.
  • You can change the expiry of course. When you do that the system will now warn you that this also changes any invites with a long duration than the new course expiry.
  • Reports: Saved Searches now save the date range as part of the settings. When the Saved Search is restored the date range is change dynamically to match the settings compared to current date. This is useful to display e.g. the last 7 days of badges.
  • Content Editor: The option to create an empty topic is removed as it was never used by our users.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

8th December, 2021

Release note 5.0.1240

  • Search now shows number of matches both in search dialog and course manager.
  • Reports, Saved Searches saves the sorting with a selected column. The sorting is restored when the saved search is loaded.
  • Reports: the search selection drop down is always shown even when no saved searches exist for the selected report type.
  • Reports: when you change report type all settings are reset to default. Previously the earlier settings were kept, which gave some users unexpected results as they expected e.g. yearly data.
  • Report ‘user activity status’: the limitation is not made on user activity, but on user creation. Now all users are shown also in case they did not access any courses after being invited.
  • Reports are renamed. The prefix ‘account’ is removed from all reports.
  • Reports: Start Date and End Date are changed to a date range with a number of pre-defined ranges. You can change the start and end dates of the range to select any date range.
  • Saved Searches now also saves filter settings. This both for column filters and for filter values. This enables a precise reuseable Saved Search.
  • Channel type ‘No Channel’ is removed as it was not used and the feature is delivered by sending courses by link. 
  • Course default names now ignore a duplicate name when the other course is deleted.  
  • Minor fixes and improvements

29th November, 2021

Release note 5.0.1229

  • Reports, Saved Searches saves the sorting with a selected column. The sorting is restored when the saved search is loaded.
  • Expiry count down is not shown when the course has expired.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

25th November, 2021

Release note 5.0.1228

  • Reports: Report selection is extended with optional selection of Saved Search in case the report type has one or more saved searches.
  • Reports: Saved Searches now restore the state of any groupings according to the saved state (expanded or collapsed).
  • New admin users now get the default display name, i.e., the first part of the email address instead of ‘userXXXX’.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

21th November, 2021

Release note 5.0.1226

  • Reports grouping: buttons are moved to be shown to the left of the grouping fields. Makes them easier to see and use.
  • Reports, Saved Searches: grouping are saved and restored in Saved Searches. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

19th November, 2021

Release note 5.0.1221

  • Reports: You can now select which columns to display. The columns are also stored as part of your saved searches.
  • New report: User Activity Status. This is a summary report which shows the activity summary for each user. You can use it to find the people who have not signed up yet or who may have accessed a course, but not taken a test. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

18th November, 2021

Release note 5.0.1220

  • Course page shows count down if there is less than three days until the course expires. This tells the user that it about time to finish the course.
  • Users: It is possible to update many records in one step using the ‘Edit’ button. You select the users and then press ‘Edit’ to pick the value to update and enter the new value.
  • Users: when you add users, then they are shown in the grid and you do not have to refresh the page. 
  • Report groupings: It is now possible to expand and collapse all groups in one step with the new buttons above the report grid.
  • Report grid: The scroll bar at the bottom of the grid has been made much clearer. Now you clearly see the scroll bar when you want to navigate to the columns to the right.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

16th November, 2021

Release note 5.0.1219

  • Reports, groupings: Groping counts now take the filter into consider then showing the group count.
  • Train again – course page is shown with all topics marked as done with a check mark, where the user has 100% correct test questions. This way the user is guided to what topics to practice again before the next test attempt.
  • File update: When a row as errors, the value from the import file is shown in the message. This helps you understand what the issue is with the import file.
  • File upload: Error dialog is shown automatically if there are errors in the data.
  • REST API: new method, Get All active version for an account. This way you can query what courses are available for distribution to one or more channels.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

5th November, 2021

Release note 5.0.1215

  • API: New channel API method to get list of available, active courses on the channel (GET /api/v1/sites/{SiteId}/campaigns). Part of our efforts to enable course and group creation from third party applications.
  • Permissions were in some cases requsted for channels, where the user already accepted the permissions.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

3rd November, 2021

Release note 5.0.1213

  • Channel and corporate messages now have a unique link for the user. This ensures that the user can login and create the account in case the user was pending. 
  • Group names can be changed after creation.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

1st November, 2021

Release note 5.0.1210

  • Dashboards show the default dashboard, when you open the menu. We have removed the ‘Dashboard Type’ for selection as this is not needed.
  • Report groupings now count the full group and not just the rows matching the group on the current page.
  • User Forms have been removed from dialogs 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

28th October, 2021

Release note 5.0.1205

  • Channel video: the thumbnail can now be removed from the video and either be replaced or use the default image from the video.
  • Subscription page moved to main menu as new item ‘My Account’.
  • Channel Manager – button renamed to EDIT to open Channel Editor.
  • REST API: GetToken and GetPing, both call returns a new item ‘GeneratedAt’ to give you the timestamp directly
  • REST API: New method added to get all active groups on a channel, Call GET /api/v1/sites/{SiteId}/targets
  • Minor fixes and improvements

27th October, 2021

Release note 5.0.1203

  • Channel video: the thumbnail can now be removed from the video and either be replaced or use the default image from the video.
  • Channel Editor – the ADD COURSE buttons in sample course tiles are removed. More customers reported that they were no sure how the buttons worked.
  • User Fields are renamed to User Form – when you select what information users must fill out on registration or user information update requests.
  • Achievements Report: Content Version and ‘Started At’ added
  • User Invites Report: Course information added to the report
  • Resource Report: Course information added to the report
  • Users: In some cases the created/changed information was incorrect as phone number was not recorded as a change.
  • Distribution Task – initial internal release
  • Minor fixes and improvements

14th October, 2021

Release note 5.0.1199

  • Channel video: the thumbnail can now be removed from the video and either be replaced or use the default image from the video.
  • User Registration information: In some cases the user’s entries were not stored completely. The field ‘Role’ was not stored when part of the User Registration setting.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

7th October, 2021

Release note 5.0.1191

  • Reports: sub-reports now hide most user related columns as you have them on the main row.
  • Reports: date fields are now longer shown with trailing ‘;’.
  • The user’s display name is now set to something better than ‘Userxxxx’ when the user is created. The display name is set to supplied display name, first name/last name, email or phone number – and only ‘Userxxxx’ if all other options are empty/not delivered.
  • Channel Logo sometimes was returned to the previous value. This is now prevented.
  • Content Quick Create supports screen recording. The implementation works, but some UI improvements will follow.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

5th October, 2021

Release note 5.0.1189

  • Invites are now changed to state archived or deleted when the group or channel changes state. This removes invites from reports and user sub-repots when the group is expired or archived.
  • Users invited to a private channel can now see protected courses on the private channel again. Due to an earlier change the protected courses where listed, but the user could not access the protected courses.
  • Channel invites now change status to ‘Deleted’ when the channel is deleted.
  • Channel Profile Video thumbnail can be removed now. 
  • When you copy content the state is always set to ‘Active’. Previously the copy had the state of the original content, e.g. ‘Archived’.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

3rd October, 2021

Release note 5.0.1186

  • Invites are now changed to state archived or deleted when the group or channel changes state. This removes invites from reports and user sub-repots when the group is expired or archived.
  • Channel profile video: you can now remove the thumbnail and use the video’s default thumbnail instead.
  • Reports Saved Searches is available with settings of selection criteria for the report.
  • New Account Creation flow, confirm page updated
  • Group achievement report is updated. Speed has improved.
  • Configuration, ‘My Library’ is moved to the main menu and rename ‘Library’.
  • Reports, Saved Searched is added as new feature. You can save the report settings in a private search setting. It may be made public for other users to re-use your setting. Later we add elements to store grid layout as part of the setup.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

15th September to 1st October, 2021

Release note 5.0.1183

  • New Account Creation flow.
  • Configuration pages are updated with simpler navigation as well as sorting
  • System E-mail can now be configured at all subscription levels.
  • It is now possible to decide if resources can be downloaded or only previewed. It is possible to allow override of the system settings for group and channel resources.
  • Intro Tour is renamed to Quick Guide
  • Invites: you can only send invites, when the account is active or in trial. 
  • Reports on invites and achievements updated to show all fields. In some case the fields were not shown in the report grid or the download.
  • Channel Editor: You can now remove the profile video thumbnail.
  • Configuration layout updated for Video Player and Resource Download 
  • Resource download control is added as new configuration option. You can decide if download of resources is allowed on the Channel Page and on the Course Page. You can configure on each page if the setting must be overridden for specific items or now. 
  • Resource cannot be accessed on sellable courses (eCommerce).
  • Default display name is changed to be first name and last name if available so we have fewer of format ‘UserXXXX’.
  • Reports show empty cells when dates are not defined (previously a default date in 1900 was shown).
  • Player can be configured for your courses. From subscription level Basic and higher, then there is now an option to select one of three player types: 1) Standard – current player, 2) Limited without option to run video at higher speed than 1x, and 3) Limited – no controls, only Start and Stop option. Your default player is defined in Configuration -> Settings -> Course Page. It is possible to override the default player in Advanced Settings, when you create a new group. 
  • Sales items are now included in tag search.
  • Admin user report now shows all user roles in Reports and as sub-report in Users. 
  • Configuration menus have been reordered to make more logical sequence on each Configuration tab.
  • Dashfrugal made available across /admin areas.
  • New short link to first active content draft available.
  • Link to a specific topic now works when you update the course. Previously, the link directly to a topic was not static and would stop working after the first update. Now the link is static and will work as long as the course is availble.
  • Directory Page is improved with filters for Category, Level, and Languages. You can choose how the Directory can be searched. No search, Category Band, or Filters for Category, Language, and Level. The content is filtered according to your selection to make it faster to find related content.
  • Add Resource only requires one click after adding the resources you want. Faster and easier to use when you reuse existing resources.
  • eCommerce solution updated based on early test findings.
  • Channel Editor: You can remove the video thumbnail for your profile video.
  • Tasks: In all tasks you can now invite the users as Course Assistants for the groups they are assigned to.
  • Directory pages have the new options for search and filtering added. You can pick a new option for search on Directory pages called ‘Filters’. When this is selected there are three filters displayed, which filter the content for your users according to their selections.
  • Configuration for Directory page an updated setting for filters. Now you can choose between ‘no filters’, ‘Category band’, and ‘Filters’. When Filters is selected then there are up to three filters displayed: Categories, Levels and Languages.
  • Further updates of the payment integration with Stripe, which will make it possible to sell access to courses, channels, and your account directly via credit card.
  • The user id column in Users and Reports has a pencil next to the id to make it clearer that you can also edit the user’s properties directly.
  • Minor fixes and improvements


9th September, 2021

Release note 5.0.1161

  • When a trial account is changed to a regular subscription the channel changes from Private to Public. This simplifies the next steps in your work.
  • Configuration, Styling Page: The configuration code ‘Default Images’ is removed so you see Account Images and Channel Images directly on the page.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

8th September, 2021

Release note 5.0.1159

  • Tasks: the selected records from a list were not indicated clearly. The user experience is simplified by showing records and re-colored buttons.
  • Reports show a working spinner when data is loaded into the grid.
  • Reports are shown with filters for start and end data as well as the option to show deleted items. The data filters limit the data to be between the two dates. Default all data shown is active, i.e. users are not delete pending or deleted, courses are active or expired, etc. 
  • Configuration: new page for User Settings. Configuration settings related to users and user sign-up are now collected in the new page ‘User Settings’.
  • Admin users are moved from the Subscription page to Users in the main menu.
  • The new configuration page “My library” contains the list of all uploaded documents, images, links, …
  • Minor fixes and improvements

4th September, 2021

Release note 5.0.1156

  • Configuration: new page for User Settings. Here you find the user-related settings such as allowing sign up, user information forms, etc.
  • Details are removed from the main Configuration menu as the item is included in Settings as ‘Account Details’.
  • eCommerce: Internal full flow of purchase flow in beta testing.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

3rd September, 2021

Release notes 5.0.1153

  • Configuration pages are updated with the location of each settings area. They are grouped more as used in the application.
  • Configuration Menu has been updated with a new page for Integration. 
  • First beta version of eCommerce with the creation of a Stripe account linked to the uQualio account. 
  • Achievement PDF is improved in layout
  • Minor fixes and improvements

3rd September, 2021

Release notes 5.0.1154

  • You can now invite existing account users directly to a channel. As an admin, you need to invite users to a channel. This is now possible directly from Users. Select the users and then assign them to the required channel. It is possible to assign to active public or private channels.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

1st September, 2021

Release notes 5.0.1147

  • You can now copy an existing channel into a new one or you can create a new channel from scratch using your default settings. 
  • Lead Generation supports two texts – one for anonymous users and one for authenticated users. This makes it easier to target your text better.
  • Reports – made the layout for report selection, actions, and grouping clearer.
  • The Configuration page is made into a couple of pages to help you see where what configuration elements is found. There will be more improvements to guide your configurations in future releases.
  • The achievement page and downloaded certificate are updated for the rectangular layout. Some elements were overlapping and not 100% aligned on screen and downloaded PDF file.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

26th August, 2021

Release note 5.0.1145

  • All channels are now available directly in Channel Manager. This way you have access to your channel overview directly from the main menu.
  • You can now copy an existing channel to create a new channel. All elements from the channel design including resources and communication items are included in the copy.
  • Quick Create goes back to Quick Create upload after a successful upload of a video. This is more convenient when you record or upload directly from your mobile device to a new or existing course.
  • User actions are merged into a single action ‘Users…’ in Users menu.
  • Reports are updated with new fields and links.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

24th August, 2021

Release note 5.0.1142

  • Stand-alone feature is extended to hide the channel link when the group is defined as stand-alone.
  • Teaser functionality is renamed to Lead Generation. 
  • Lead Generation is changed to be possible for Private groups. This fits better with inbound activities as all users who accept to sign up are added as users to the private group.
  • Resources are now protected on Lead Generation groups. The user must sign up or sign in to access the attached resources.
  • Public and Protected groups are now limited to only one active group per course per channel. Having multiple public or protected groups did not fit with the ways our customers use these types.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

19th August, 2021

Release notes 5.0.1139

  • Record screen now records as soon as you share screen, application, or tap. When you unshare then the recording stops automatically.
  • On reports with User Id you can edit the user’s details by clicking on the user id.
  • On reports with Display Name, then user’s public proflie opens in a new tab when you click Display Name.
  • On the achievement page, then the user’s name is centered for mobile viewing of the achievement.
  • Front end upgraded to Angular 12
  • Minor fixes and improvements

18th August, 2021

Release notes 5.0.1138

  • Reports main menu now contains a number of useful reports. The ‘beta’ tag is removed.
  • Configuration is made easier to find as it is moved to the main menu. You find Configuration at the end of the left main menu.
  • Partner page is renamed to Referral as this better describes the feature. Referral is for all uQualio customers. To become a partner more effort is needed.
  • ‘Show as Admin’ now works for Course Assistants as well.
  • Menu is updated in Subscriptions. ‘Add card’/’Credit Card’ is moved to the action menu with ‘Help’. 
  • Intro Tour is moved from the main header to the top of the admin menu to the left. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

17th August, 2021

Release note 5.0.1135

  • Display managed courses for admin user. In the Directory pages and on the Channel Page the admin user can select to show managed courses and channels in addition to courses and channels where the admin is invited. Click on the ‘ADMIN VIEW’ button to toggle the view on and off.
  • Content Editor: The ‘Start’ button has changed to dimmed grey instead of the primary color. User feedback shows that it takes too much attention, when you work on your content. 
  • Content Editor: When you have zero topics in your course, then ADD TOPIC is shown as primary color to catch your attention and guide you to the first step.
  • Achievement Page on mobile now fits the device width. In some case the image was shown beyond the size of the device.
  • When you change a user’s status to ‘In Active’ you are warned that the user is removed from all active invites and that all admin roles are removed as well. 
  • Accounts on subscription level ‘Starter’ can now change logo and colors in the Configuration to match their branding.
  • Tasks now use the new grid for Users, Courses, and Groups.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

13th August, 2021

Release note 5.0.1130

  • Report dates are now formatted more readable in the new reporting grids
  • Users report now shows data according to the channel selector
  • Minor fixes and improvements

13th August, 2021

Release note 5.0.1132

  • Main menu ‘Users’ is now using the new report grid. All features are made available for Corporate Managers. 

12th August, 2021

Release note 5.0.1129

  • Update content first shows errors and warnings with your content instead of showing update as the first dialog.
  • When you invite an inactive user, then the user is made active again. 
  • When a user made inactive, then summary notifications are turned off for the user.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

11th August, 2021

Release note 5.0.1125

  • A new user status is added: InActive. 
  • An InActive user does not count towards your user subscription limit. 
  • The InActive user can access the user profile and check registered badges etc. 
  • The user cannot access any content which is protected. If the user access public content, then the activities are stored as if the user was anonymous. 
  • Any achievements made as inactive are not logged to the user’s profile. 
  • When a user is made inactive then all admins roles are removed from the user. A user must be active in order to have an admin role.
  • When a user status is changed to InActive the user is logged out of all sessions. 
  • Help dialog is changed so the user can change language directly before showing the hints.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

5th August, 2021

Release Note 5.0.1121

  • Test Runner shows a spinning button when the user submits a test. Previously it was possible to press the button multiple times causing the system to work slower.
  • Course page and channel pages show title and subtitle better when access on a mobile device. The text is brown to stay within the cover image.
  • The language select is made transparent. Previously it was semi-transparent which made it look out of line with other styling elements.
  • Login page layout is updated. The user’s image is not shown and sign up is shown as the first element (if enabled in Configuration). 
  • User status is now available for bulk update in Users.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

2nd August, 2021

Release note 5.0.1117

  • In some cases the channel description was shown with html tags from the text when you hovered over a channel tile. They are now removed so only the text is shown without html tags.
  • Channel and account: New short links for use in your mails and communication. Channels are now available through /channel/{channel id} and Account is available through /corporate/{corporate_id}.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

1st August, 2021

Release Note 5.0.1115

  • User information can be updated in one go. You can select one or more users and then update a property in on go for all selected records. This is very useful, when you need to change multiple users. Previously you had to update one by one. 
  • Report display improvements
  • Sub reports all have filters available
  • Report column header descriptions available as hover over column title
  • Notification can be sent from all reports with users listed
  • Reset password, reset user and user information update requests are added. The options are shown when one or more rows are selected.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

29th July, 2021

Release note 5.0.1109

  • Creating badges with different formats is now available. In the Badge Editor you can select between three layouts: Circle (default), Rectangle and Shield. Each badge is a little different in focus and main text elements. You can set the border color as part of the badge creation.
  • Badge default settings are defined in Configuration.
  • New badges are created with default settings for format and border color from Configuration. 
  • Your videos can be downloaded from Content Manager. For uploaded videos you can download each of them to your local device. Download time depends on the speed of your internet connection.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

25th July, 2021

Release notes 5.0.1101

  • New API method: Update user status, you can now set the status for an existing user via the API. Users in status ‘Deleted’ or ‘Banned’ cannot be changed to a new status.

23rd July, 2021

Release note 5.0.1094

  • Notifications by SMS – the check box is automatically set if you enter a phone number in the recipient field. 
  • When Help is activated then hints are shown and a check mark is shown on the Help button. Click the button again to hide all hints.
  • Help dialog has a cancel button
  • Content Editor help hints now work all other places in the application
  • Minor fixes and improvements

23rd July, 2021

Release note 5.0.1099

  • SMS top up text shows number of SMS packages purchased
  • Refresh token handled changed to redirect to /login if token has expired
  • Minor fixes and improvements

22nd July, 2021

Release note 5.0.1087

  • Step guides are updated to show onscreen hints for the admin user
  • Courses on the channel page now show title and description, when the user moves the mouse over a course tile
  • Created by/changed by added to Publishing Settings and Content Version details.
  • User report has two new sub-reports: Admin roles and Resource usage.
  • Reports are downloaded with a title relating to the report.
  • Report viewer updated with buttons, select all items, hover over descriptions and more.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

6th July, 2021

Release note 5.0.1061

  • Reports – When data is loaded a spinner is shown. Hidden columns are not shown after export to Excel. When the report is changed then the previous data is cleared immidiately and not when the new report data is loaded.
  • Sms accounting matches new pricing model
  • New reports: Resource Usage and User Activities
  • Group totals shows count when group is collapsed.
  • Admin buttons are wrapped in case the user has a small screen.
  • Free Subscription can now access all Configuration elements. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

30th June, 2021

Release note 5.0.1055

  • Corporate menu wraps buttons in case you have a slim screen.
  • Updates to Subscription Dialog and subscriptions.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

29th of June, 2021

Release Notes 5.0.1054

  • Onboarding dialog has a ‘skip’ button
  • When you migrate content the new streaming platform, then the content is marked as ‘updated’. Then you can publish or update with the migrated videos.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

27th June 2021

Release notes 5.0.1053

  • Report pages show thumbnail image and title to make the page related to the course you are analyzing.
  • First Name and Last Name fields have been extended to 35 characters from 30. This was on user request on import via spreadsheets.
  • Quiz help has sometimes shown the first 0.5 second of a video before moving to the clip with the help. We have improved how we set the start time and should have eliminated the issue for most video platforms we support.
  • Updates to subscription dialog to match the new prices
  • Configuration: New area called ‘Features’ with ‘Add Groups’ as first element.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

17th June 2021

Release notes 5.0.1046

  • Role Course Manager is limited so the role cannot create new courses, but only use courses made for them.
  • New reports added: Admin users, Achievements
  • Report grids updated with new features.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

14th June, 2021

Release note 5.0.1042

  • Reports – improved formatting of date columns, more links to open courses and other items
  • Minor improvements and fixes

9th June 2021

Release note 5.0.1038

  • Configuration menu button is moved to top menu bar so it is always available in one click for the admin.
  • Directory configuration defaults changed for new accounts. The directory is shown as ‘All Courses’.
  • Configuration for Login, default is now set to show for anonymous users
  • Channel Editor, Resources: You can remove more than one resource in one step instead of removing them one by one.
  • * Minor fixes and improvements

8th June, 2021

Release note 5.0.1037

  • Content Editor, Resources: You can remove more than one resources in one step instead of having to remove each item one by one. This makes update of e.g. resources on content and channels much easier as all can be removed in one operation.
  • All subscriptions are now in USD only. All currency fields and settings are only available in USD. Existing subscriptions in EUR will continue in EUR.
  • API: User responses now includes user type as part of the response message
  • Configuration: Login is shown to anonymous user as default 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

6th June, 2021

Release note 5.0.1034

  • Course tree has been improved to simplify navigation for Content Version and Group objects. More of the head is opens the item or offers the option to edit content or view properties.
  • User can be created as normal users via the API. Previously we only created embedded users that are excluded from communication directly from uQualio. Now you can create the normal users from the API and invite them to course with an individual expiry. This enables selling courses to individuals.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

3rd June 2021

Release note 5.0.1029

  • Admin menu updated. ‘Settings’ is moved from the left menu to the top right as a gear. This makes the left menu work for course related operations only. Settings are re-arranged so most menus are now only one click away from Settings.
  • User is now updated when you upload invite files for non-standard solutions.
  • Channel Editor shows end date when the channel is in state ‘pending inactive’.
  • Course Page: text background is no longer too long compared to the text in each line. The cover image is not overlapped anymore when the text is short.
  • Resources have a description field you can update when you edit the resource. The description is available when you reuse images. 
  • Reports – new grid has been updated with better grouping and filtering
  • API: User language can now be set on creation or updated at a later point in time.
  • API: user information is now updated when you supply it as part of an account, channel, or group invite.
  • API: All methods that return group information have new information added. The return values include Complexity Level, Categories, and Tags.
  • API: All methods that return group information also return a link to the channel for direct access if needed.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

28th May, 2021

Release note 5.0.1021

  • New grids have filters, more options for row number, and Excel export 
  • Course Manager: Content Draft and Content Versions have Show Usage with link directly to the groups. 
  • Main menu now follows the width of the application and not the screen size. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

27th May, 2021

Release note 5.0.1018

  • Free trials are now created as solution type white label. The admin has access to all configuration etc. for the new account for 14 days. No Stripe account is created for free trial users.
  • Publishing Settings, Advanced Settings dialog: The user sees a dialog which tells that you need two topics and one question to access Advanced Settings.
  • User reports: Deleted users are now shown if the filter is set.
  • Reports added as new main menu item (beta version). Initially the report is the Users report in a new layout. 
  • Step guides/intro guides are started with a message that the user can switch language to get the guide in another language than English.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

24th May, 2021

Release note 5.0.1012

  • Image selection is done with a single click on the row with the required image. This saves a click and is easier to use.
  • All invite types can now be expired. The user will not have access to the course, channel, or system if there is no active invite for her. This makes it easier to control access on user basis instead, of course, channel, or account.
  • Invites are now expired automatically as part of the Task ‘Expire Objects’.
  • New channels have sorting by name, ascending, as default.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

19th May, 2021

Release note 5.0.1011

  • Users Report: sub-report ‘Invites’ now have the status field to show user progress
  • Screen Recording: In case you have an existing recording and press ‘Record’ again the system warns you that the current recording is discarded.
  • Configuration: Account Default Images can be maintained in Configuration => Styling.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

19th May, 2021

Release note 5.0.1009

  • Dashboards as new main menu item for Corporate Managers. With this release, we have a beta version of Dashboards in the system. The available dashboards give you an experience of the dashboard look and feel. In the coming releases, we will add more elements as well as update based on your feedback.
  • Users main report is extended with two sub-reports. The sub-reports show the active invitations for the users and their achievements. 
  • The Settings page has an updated layout. This moves all actions together at the top like Course Manager and Channel Manager. This is part of a larger admin update that we work on.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

14th May, 2021

Release note 5.0.1008

  • Screen recording directly to a topic in your content is now supported in Content Editor. You can create a topic directly from a screen recording. A great simplification when you do software presentations or explain things in e.g. a spreadsheet for your peers.
  • Badge Editor: When you edit the badge you now see a preview of the final badge. 
  • You have direct access to Content Versions from Course Manager and Channel Manager, i.e. from Versions and Courses in the tree.
  • Default expiry is not filled anymore for your groups. The expiry of a group is not set so all groups are open ended by default.
  • We have renamed ‘Practice’ to ‘Quiz’ based on customer feedback and user analysis. All elements in the application are updated to reflect the renaming.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

12th May, 2021

Release note 5.0.1006

  • Course Manager: Counts for each tab are being kept as soon as they are calculated.
  • Content Editor – Screen recording updated to prepare for release into Production
  • Channel search is now restricted to channels and groups
  • Search does not return unavailable channels anymore. 
  • Main page for white label solution can be set to e.g. Channels or Courses (new configuration settings)
  • Minor fixes and improvements

7th May, 2021

Release note 5.0.1001

  • Channel page: group name is moved to be below the Course Title in the tile.
  • In some case Chrome displayed color pickers and other messages in the top left corner.
  • Stand alone page (headless) is improved based on customer feedback.
  • User information can be updated on login. The feature has been improved based on customer feedback.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

2nd May, 2021

Release note 5.0.992

  • Courses can be created as ‘Stand Alone’ courses. When a course is ‘Stand Alone’ then all header and footer information is hidden on the course page. It is easier for you to embed in other applications or webpages when these elements are hidden. The feature is available from subscription level ‘Business’.
  • We have upgraded to a new video streaming platform. The new platform has a much better end-user experience as it supports adaptive streaming and a better player experience on all devices. Additional benefits are increased security and control. All new accounts will upload videos and stream from here. Existing accounts will upload all new content to the new platform. In the coming months, we will migrate existing videos to the new platform. If you reupload existing content, then it will automatically be on the new platform. 
  • Invitations made via the REST API have an option to add an expiry date for the invite. This will be checked on user access and is more flexible in terms of user management. 
  • The REST API has a new method to log a user out from all uQualio sessions.
  • The REST API has new methods for adding a user to a channel or to the account (channel invitation and account invitation). Users must have an active invite in order to receive a login link.
  • The REST API method ‘create user’ now supports adding user information on creation. This matches the fields you already now can set via the invite API calls.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

28th April, 2021

Release note 5.0.981

  • Course tiles now show the title, teaser, and the first 120 characters of the course description. This gives a smaller dialog when the mouse hovers over a course tile.
  • Practice is updated in topics so the user image and text do not follow any color schemes and misleading mouse pointers are removed.
  • Channels can be sorted according to your decision. In the Channels grid, you can update the sort order for the channels on the Directory pages. The sort order is highest to lowest. 
  • Course Manager: Drafts tab only shows content in progress. The content shown is either not published at all or has changed after the last publishing.
  • Content Editor: You can now delete multiple badges in one step. You select the badges to delete as one process.
  • With a White Label account, you can allow all file types for upload. You must configure the setting in Configuration (System configuration => File types)
  • In some cases, users could not add a mobile number to their profile. This is fixed to enable the user to add a mobile phone if desired. The admin user could update mobile numbers for the users even if the user could do it themselves.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

24th April, 2021

Release note 5.0.978

  • You can now preview images before reuse from your media library.
  • FLV video format is now supported for selected accounts. Please contact uQualio® in case you need this.
  • Sharing on social media is improved for most platforms.
  • MetaTags, fixed issue with a non-standard solution
  • Minor fixes and improvements

22nd April, 2021

Release note 5.0.975

  • Admin interface simplified. We have removed some elements from the admin interface to make it leaner. This includes Free Trial specific texts and helps texts.
  • The ‘Dashboard’ button is removed from the user interface.
  • When you view the channel on a mobile device as admin the buttons for showing in other formats are not shown. 
  • The user sees a spinner when the course page is loading to help understand that the system is working
  • Channel Page logo could show a small 1px wide top and bottom when the logo was in the same color as the cover image.
  • REST API: when the same user has added to a group again, then previous invitations change state to ‘Removed’.
  • Subscription: In some cases, the Subscription dialog did not display the discount code your account had. The discount code is always displayed if attached to your account.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

21nd April, 2021

Release note 5.0.971

  • Course Tree loads data lazy. We load the first 50 records and then the user can load the rest. For most users, this will increase the load speed significantly.
  • It is now possible to edit group settings after the group is created. The name and other elements can be updated to e.g. fix spelling errors.
  • QR codes can be created for sign-up via User Information Settings forms. Users can be requested to fill out mandatory information based on the form settings.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

19th April, 2021

Release note 5.0.969

  • Image handling is significantly improved. Your images are now stored in the system and can be reused in other places in the system. Each time you upload an image it is added to the image library. When you add or change an image it will show all available images and you can quickly reuse images to give your content a more consistent view as well as less work when you use the same images again and again.
  • QR codes are now available for user forms. You can download a QR code and use it to present a user settings form when your user’s signup via the link in the QR code. This is ideal for use with e.g. posters and postcards as users sign up directly with the fields you want them to file as part of the signup process.
  • Account Default page is the only place where we show the account title, cover etc. It has been removed from login, signup, reset the password, etc. to guide the user to the operation at hand.
  • Course ‘START’ button and user profile background are now configurable. The color is the primary color in the Configuration.
  • Lead Generation via Advanced Settings, Teaser: If the user information settings is inactive, then the default form is shown for the new user.
  • REST API: New method GetSites, which returns all active or pending inactive channels in your account
  • REST API: New method GetTargets, which returns all active private groups from your active or pending inactive channels in your account.
  • DNS Configuration – ‘Copy’ button added to make the transfer of the URL easier
  • Minor fixes and improvements

14th April, 2021

Release note 5.0.966

  • Lead Generation via Advanced Settings, Teaser: If the user information settings is inactive, then the default form is shown for the new user.
  • DNS Configuration – ‘Copy’ button added to make the transfer of the URL easier
  • Minor fixes and improvements

13th April, 2021

Release note 5.0.965

  • Course tree: Groups now have all links directly available from the menu. This makes it faster to get the link to a course without having to open the course page.
  • User forms names and descriptions are now used when the form is used. This way you control the heading and a short message to the user signing up.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

11th April, 2021

Release note 5.0.961

  • QR codes are available for channels and courses. The QR code is generated and downloaded to the users’ machine. Scanning the QR code will open the channel or course.
  • Admin can now import users via file upload to the account (White Label solutions).
  • /freetrial link now supports ’email’ and ‘accountname’ as parameters to make account creation easier.
  • New video streaming platform can be enabled for specific accounts
  • Minor fixes and improvements

9th April, 2021

Release note 5.0.959

  • Courses on channels are now shown with group name and the course in brackets. This makes it easier to see multiple groups based on the same course when you are an admin.
  • User can be invited to White Label solution. You can now invite users to signup to your white label solution. This makes them the users on your account and they will be able to access public and protected content on public channels. When you invite the user you also have the option to assign a User Information Form so they can fill out more information than only their email or mobile number.
  • When you upload users with a spreadsheet, then you can relate a user information form to present, when the user signs up (White Label).
  • When you invite users to a channel or group on a White Label solution you may define what fields the user must fill out in order to access your solution. Using a User Information form you configure what fields the user sees and which are mandatory.
  • Group Publishing Settings now show both Channel and Course, when you open the dialog. This way you can see on what channel the group is published.
  • Screen recording is available in internal test for all content managers.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

1st April, 2021

Release note 5.0.952

  • Test Runner now moves you to the next required question you have not answered. This helps you get through the test with answers to all required questions. 
  • Badges now automatically fill the short text with the first 30 chars of the long text unless the user has entered a specific short text.
  • Lead generation via Teaser: You can now configure lead generation settings. For standard solutions, you set dialog header and test. White Label solution additionally has the option to set a User Information form to control what fields the user must set upon registration.
  • IPstack disabled due to a number of browser security issues
  • Content changed notification now contains a link to the changed content. The recipient can then go directly to the changed content without having to search first. 
  • Extra confirmation dialogs removed. We have removed some of the extra confirmations you see when you make changes or update elements. In a number of places, you had to confirm once too many in relation to the operation you made. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

24th March, 2021

Release note 5.0.946

  • Content Editor, Topics: You can now deleted topics where the upload failed. In some cases you start a video upload and power is lost or you run out of mobile coverage. In some cases the topic is incomplete and you see it spinning without restarting the upload. You can not delete incomplete topic uploads directly in the content editor.
  • Tasks: Grids are now initially sorted by user id, internal group name, and internal course name
  • Course Page elements are now all configurable for White Label Solution. You can enable or disable all elements except Resources. Resources are always shown in case the course contains resources.
  • Draft Preview shows widget according to White Label Configuration
  • User create/edit improved so admin users on White Label solutions can update all fields
  • ‘ADD GROUPS’ multi-create groups and users task is removed. It will be replaced by a new task in Tasks at a later point in time.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

20th March, 2021

Release note 5.0.937

  • Course Page: The link to the channel is made less button like and more discrete in order not to disturb the user while working with the course.
  • Course Page: As admin you now see the state and privacy setting of the group next to the admin breadcrumb.
  • Channel Manager – you can resend channel invites to users invited to the channel who are in state ‘Pending’. 
  • Channel Manager: you can now download a list with unique links for channel invitations. It makes it possible to invite users by e.g. mail merge with Word or a CRM system.
  • Channel Manager and Course Manager: Groups are displayed with both state and privacy settings
  • Channel Page and Course Page have a sub menu for the links types you can make from the gear menu in the upper right corner. All link types are now collected here. 
  • Date fields can now be cleared in one click. This makes it easier to clear date fields compared to trying to delete it by selecting all in the date field.
  • Advanced Settings is updated so when you select a Teaser course for lead generation, then the system changes the video display to ‘Show Next’ so only the first topic is shown when the user opens the course.
  • Content Manager, Badges: For each badge, you now see how many correct test questions the passing score matches, e.g. ‘45% matches 5 of 10 test questions’. This helps you match the scores to the number of test questions. 
  • Tasks: You can use user and group lists to populate a new or existing user or group list. This makes it easier to create lists based on other lists.
  • Tasks “Add Users to Groups” and “Add Users to Courses” can also be defined to add the new users to an existing or new User List.
  • User management is improved. You can now edit settings for the users when you are an admin.
  • Account Manager and Channel Managers can change email and mobile numbers for users in White Label solutions. 
  • White Label admin can see user’s public profile no matter user’s settings.
  • ‘Support Email’ renamed to ‘System Email Address’ (White Label configuration)
  • Minor fixes and improvements

17th March, 2021

Release note 5.0.933

  • Channel Manager – you can resend channel invites to users invited to the channel who are in state ‘Pending’. 
  • Content Manager, Badges: For each badge, you now see how many correct test questions the passing score matches, e.g. ‘45% matches 5 of 10 test questions’. This helps you match the scores to the number of test questions. 
  • Channel Manager: you can now download a list with unique links for channel invitations. It makes it possible to invite users by e.g. mail merge with Word or a CRM system.
  • Channel Manager and Course Manager: Groups are displayed with both state and privacy settings
  • Course Page: The channel link is made less button-like and more discrete in order not to disturb the user while working with the course.
  • Course Page: As admin you now see the group’s state and privacy settings next to the admin breadcrumb.
  • Tasks “Add Users to Groups” and “Add Users to Courses” can also be defined to add new users to an existing or a new User List.
  • Date fields can now be cleared in one click. This makes it easier to clear date fields compared to trying to delete them by selecting all in the date field.
  • White Label admin can see user’s public profile no matter user’s settings.
  • ‘Support email’ renamed to ‘System Email Address’ (White Label configuration)
  • Minor fixes and improvements

12th March, 2021

Release note 5.0.929

  • Tasks ‘Add users …’ add the new users to a new or existing user list.
  • When you make a teaser group for lead generation, then your users go directly to login if sign up is disabled for the White Label solution.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

10th March, 2021

Release note 9.0.927

  • Course Manager and Channel Manager: the tree only expands one level now when you expand a node.
  • Content Editor: In case a video upload failed the topic is not complete. You can now delete an incomplete topic.
  • Tasks: All tasks are updated to have the existing lists as a filter for the grid with available items. This is a quick way to fill out using an existing user, group or course list.
  • Tasks: Most tasks have an option to update the base list with the new items, e.g. adding users to groups makes it possible to create a new user list or add the users to an existing list. You have a convenient way to maintain the lists directly as part of the task.
  • Configuration Tree: the tree only expands one level now when you expand a node.
  • User Information Fields are integrated with /sign-up from a Teaser course. The user must fill out the form marked as ‘default’ in the configuration. If no form is tagged as default, the user fills out email or mobile number on sign up.
  • Complexity levels can be configured for White Label solutions. You can decide which elements must be shown by configuring them in one or more languages. If you decide not to configure Complexity Levels, then you will use the standard uQualio® items.
  • Configuration (White Label): configuration elements for course page and social sharing are now two separate items. We plan to update the configurable elements on the course page in a coming release.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

3rd September, 2021

Release note 5.0.1155

  • Content Editor: You can now deleted topics with failed uploads or missing videos. Previously the topic were excluded, but remained in the content. Now you can delete from the content in case the topic is not updated with another video.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

6th March, 2021

Release note 5.0.920

  • Directory tiles are now fixed in size to make the bands and tiles uniform in appearance. 
  • Badge Editor, Channel Editor & Content Editor: All images now have their size in pixels shown. 
  • Resources now show the full name of the file or link when the mouse hovers over the item. For files, the size is shown as well. 
  • Link is now available for user information field settings (White Label). You can get the link to /sign-up with the selected form from the row in the user information field settings grid.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

5th March, 2021

Release note 5.0.919

  • Tasks: You can add users to a new or existing user list when you add users to groups via one of the user tasks. You have a simple workflow to users to a group at the same time where you assign them to one or more groups.
  • Tasks: You can add groups to a new or existing group list when you add groups to users via one of the groups’ tasks.
  • File uploads have been changed slightly to compensate for changes in the newest browser releases. ZIP files, XSLM files, and ICO files can now be updated again. We seem to have all file types back in control, but please write to in case you find any issues on upload of specific filetypes.
  • Add user by email, we made a small improvement so a single email is also automatically validated and changed to an email address. You do not have to press enter or type a space anymore.
  • Topics are now shown with text ‘Failed’ over the topic thumbnail in case the video upload or conversion failed. This prevents you from having to work with an incomplete video.
  • Achievement image has been enlarged in quality. The sharing badge looks better on most social platforms as the image is of a higher quality.
  • When you create new content or create a new channel, then text color and background text color are copied from Account Settings.
  • White Label configuration changes is made more secure. You can only change the domain URL and the Support Email by confirmation and then a code validation. The code is sent via email and must be entered to update the fields.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

3rd March, 2021

Release note 5.0.918

  • Directory for standard solutions how has Tags list shown collapsed to the left. The tags make search and inspiration faster for users to locate related topics with interesting tags.
  • Course page – topic thumbnails are made clearer so you can read the text and see the image better.
  • Content Editor, Badge management: New smaller ‘…’ menu for copy, delete and edit of badges.
  • Content Editor, Reuse Topics: In some cases, a video upload could fail. It was possible to add a topic with failed upload from the Reuse Topic task. Topics without a successful video upload are no longer shown in the selection grid.
  • Resources are now always shown with an icon matching the file type. A default icon is shown when no specific icon is defined. 
  • You can set default text color and default background color for your channels and your content.
  • The aspect ratio of the Account Default Page’s cover images is corrected and matches other cover images.
  • User Information Fields are released for White Label solutions. You can then decide what user information fields the user must fill out on registration. This can be used to have different user segments fill out more or less information on sign up.
  • REST API calls with achievements now return the full URL of both the badge and the related target.
  • Support Email can now be filled and validated on creation and changes for White Label solutions. Emails will be sent as this sender to users. 
  • Intro Tour is now available for White Label accounts when they are created. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

26th February, 2021

Release note 5.0.912

  • US English is added as an available language.
  • User sign-up is now possible with customized field settings in White Label solutions. You define a number of User Information Field Settings, where the fields are selected and can be tagged as mandatory. This way you make user sign-up possible only with all mandatory information filled.
  • Practice questions, navigation improved on finished practice. The navigation buttons are now visible without scrolling so you can just click to go back, forward or practice again.
  • Course page has clearer topic thumbnails. The user views the images more clear like on the Channel Page.
  • Support email is added to White Label configuration. You must enter an email address and validate it. When the address is entered and validated then emails from the system is sent from this address. You may need to add SPF records to improve deliverability. Please contact uQualio® support if you need help.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

16th February, 2021

Release note 5.0.901

  • Test Runner is updated so the user more clearly is shown that the test can be submitted as all questions are answered.
  • Test Runner, text question: The button text is changed to SAVE which shows the user that this is where she must press when she has answered the question.
  • We have updated the navigation for users on White Label solutions. The user is not redirected to Account Default Page after login. Redirect is not made if the user has changed.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

12th February, 2021

Release note 5.0.897

  • Channel Page, list view. The course title is now shown much longer than before. The list view title was shown with the length for the tile view. This made some of the course titles look wrong/incomplete.
  • Course now shows topic title, when the video plays. This makes the user understand the context as the title is shown with the video.
  • Channel Page and Course Page now offer an HTML rich link with an HTML <a> tag with a link to the channel or the course. This makes it easier to include in other websites or emails.
  • Resource grids can be filtered on file type. This helps you search faster for the resource you want to add to a topic, course, or channel.
  • All resources are now sorted by name and not the sequence you added them to the topic, course, or channel. We have also made the text much longer so a descriptive name helps the user understand the resource content or purpose better.
  • You can now write a description for your account. The description is used on the White Label Account Default Page. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

8th February, 2021

Release note 5.0.892

  • Channel Page course tiles are updated. The heading is made larger and matches the heading in the courses. We now show tags, followers and following icons and counts more compact and identical, when you hover over the item.
  • White Label has an Account Default page defined. The configuration has three options: corporate website, external website or a default page based on the account’s default channel images and texts from account details. You use the page to help your users in case they do not have access to your courses or channels.
  • API Link Service methods: All Link Service methods now return the full URL to the link. This makes implementation easier on the external system as they URL is part of the response.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

4th February, 2021

Release note 5.0.891

  • Resource link usages are now recorded as user events. When a user opens a resource as a review, downloads the resource or follows the resource link, then the event is registered. Reporting to show the information will be added later.
  • Content Editor has an updated resource widget layout. The buttons are merged to a single ‘…’ button at the end. This way you have more link names showing in the resource list.
  • The topic description on the course page is shown long before the text is shortened with ‘…’ 
  • We have fixed a number of navigation issues when users logged on and off the system. We have a more consistent experience now. No blank pages and ‘page not found errors’ should be reduced.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

2nd February, 2021

Release note 5.0.888

  • The user’s name is shown when the mouse hovers over the user’s photo in the upper right corner. This is a help in case you have multiple logins and want to see who you are.
  • Content versions for dynamic content drafts are now available as Archived and not Deleted content versions. This makes it possible to restore a previous version of the content also for dynamic content. 
  • Channel Manager and Course Manager have a button to clear all filters. You now see more clearly that a filter is applied and you can clear all filters and restore defaults by clicking the button.
  • Navigation issues for users in both standard and white label solutions updated
  • White Label configuration menu. The configuration items are changed to a tree view. This makes it easier to overview where you can view and modify a configuration setting for your White Label solution.
  • Favicon could not be uploaded from all browsers and operating systems. This is fixed and you should be able to update the White Label favicon no matter what operating system you use.
  • API changes: 
  • Notifications only select notifications that are less than one month old. 
  • User badges are now returned with a URL to the badge image from the Achievement page.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

27th January, 2021

Release note 5.0.879

  • Directory in White Label accounts now supports the Tags element for All Channels and My Channel. The tags from all courses available to the user are summarized here as in the Directory course pages.
  • Category codes in the White Label configuration can be downloaded to a spreadsheet from the code table.
  • The main admin menu is made slimmer to give a little more space for Course Manager and Channel Manager.
  • When you want to change Master Language of your White Label solution the system requires that all codes have a value in the new master language. You need to update the category codes before you can change Master Language.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

26th January, 2021

Release note 5.0.878

  • All tiles in the Directory show the description when the mouse hovers over the tile. This makes it possible to see what the course is about or read the channel description without having to open the item.
  • Tags are sorted descending in search results. The tags with the highest count are now shown first.
  • Directory pages: When tags are enabled in White Solutions then the tags are sorted descending in search results. The tags with the highest count are now shown first. 
  • Content Editor: When a Category item is missing in the course language then it is indicated visually and you can add the tag directly if you have the role as Corporate Manager. 
  • Content Editor: Content is now marked as changed so the Update/Publish button is active when categories are changed. 
  • Embedded users on a White Label account cannot receive email or SMS messages. In some cases, it was possible to send emails or text messages to embedded users created through the API.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

24th January, 2021

Release note 5.0.877

  • Corporate Managers can now assign the role Course Assistant to new users when they are added via the tasks ‘Add New Users to Courses’ or ‘Add New Users to Groups’. 
  • A new navigation element is added: Category. Category is now available as a navigation element on White Label solution. You define your own categories and assign them to content. When you enable categories on Directory course pages, then the user can filter and show only items matching the selected category. Category items are available in multiple languages based on your own translation.
  • Content can be tagged with Category if you have a White Label solution. The element is shown in the Summary section. 
  • Master Language is added as White Label configuration item. The Master Language is used when you define Category items. The Master Language is one of the languages in uQualio®. You may limit Available Languages in your Configuration. The Master Language is one of the Allowed Languages.
  • You now have direct access to edit your Channel directly from the channel. It is through a new menu item on the channel gear menu. The new menu item is available if you have one of the roles Corporate Manager or Channel Manager on the channel. It
  • Minor fixes and improvements

18th January, 2021

Release note 5.0.870

  • Tags are now available as navigation elements on Directory for White Label solutions. You can enable tags to help the user navigate to search for courses. The tags can be added to the right or left part of the Directory pages for courses. You can show the tag list expanded or collapsed.
  • REST API: A number of API calls now return 404 (not found) instead of 409 (bad request), when the parameter data is not found in the system.
  • Cookies are reset when a password reset link is used. In some cases, the user has an invalid or incorrect cookie on the device. We now reset the cookie when the user uses a reset password link. This works both when the user requests it or when the admin user resets it for the user.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

16th January, 2021

Release note 5.0.869

  • Resources now also cover hyperlinks to external websites. This enables you to add resource links on you content, your topics and your channels for your users to access directly. The user sees the link in a new tab. You can also add more resources in one step with a new task for resources.
  • Invited users can be made Course Assistants as part of the invite. When you invite a user to a group through an invitation you can assign the user(-s) the role Course Assistant at the same time as you send the invite. Previously you had to do this in two steps – first invite the user and then change the role to Course Assistant.
  • Content level count is increased from 7 to 12. You now have 12 values to use for the complexity level of your content. This opens for a finer graduation of your content.
  • Channel Manager now has language filter to select content.
  • Course Manager now has language filter to select content.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

11th January, 2021

Release note 5.0.866

  • Course page shows link to the channel with the channel’s icon in front of the channel name. The brand effect is increased by use of the channel icon.
  • You can now copy a link to the Channel Page from the gear icon if you are an admin on the channel. This gives you a second option to get a link in addition to the iframe embedded html code which is available through the menu item ‘Embed on my website’.
  • White Label Privacy text now shows the account’s text and not uQualio’s default privacy text.
  • We have added improved error registrations when there are errors on the user’s browser. This will help us solving errors that we otherwise may not know about or which are hard to reproduce in our development and test environments.
  • API: Added methods to update embedded users’ information and to delete embedded users.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

6th January, 2021

Release note 5.0.860

  • Content Manager and Channel Manager have a new ‘Level’ filter to select according to content complexity level. Using the new filter can reduce the content you see in the application.
  • Explanations as hover over texts are added to Channel Manager and Course Manager tab buttons.
  • Admin Tasks are split into two – one for Courses and one for Groups. You have three list types: Users, Courses and Groups. Tasks are also made into two – one for Courses and one for Groups. Now you either created new groups based on your Course List or you add users to existing groups via a Group List.
  • Thai is available as new client language in the initial implementation.
  • Step guide descriptions for admins are updated. 
  • White Label: Privacy text now shows the account’s text and not uQualio’s default privacy text.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

4th January, 2021

Release note 5.0.855

  • New filter added for users: Complexity level (or just level). On the Channel Page you have a new filter to help you find the relevant courses based on their level. You select the levels you want to display and the channel’s course list is updated. The filter is stored and is applied the next time you come to a channel page.
  • The language filter is updated on the Channel Page. It is changed from a dropdown of the languages of the available courses to a filter that you define. This way you restrict the channel to display only courses matching your language filter setting. 
  • You can get code to embed your Channel Page as an iframe in other websites. The code is copied to the clipboard and can be used, where you want to show your channel with available courses.
  • The course assistant cannot remove herself from a group any longer. It now follows the rule that you cannot remove permissions or access for yourself as an admin.
  • Task ‘Add users to courses’ has an updated notification. There is only one link no matter how many groups the user is invited to. The link goes to the user’s page with the invitation. This page is always available for the user also on White Label accounts (previously the page was not available if the Directory was switched off or only showed channels).
  • Minor fixes and improvements