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uQualio’s Release Notes 2023

uQualio Release Notes 2023 is where you find information about the newest developments and features on the uQualio software platform. 

You can also visit uQualio’s Development Roadmap to see what new developments the pipeline brings.

19 December, 2023

Release notes 91.13.116

  • Badges: Shield badge type font size is updated to match the badge name length better.
  • Configuration: the final checkboxes from the configuration progress tracking are now removed from Configuration.
  • Course Manager: Added ‘Create content’ button in ‘Drafts’ when there are no active drafts.
  • Notification types renamed to be grouped together by title.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

15 December, 2023

Release notes 91.13.115

  • My Invited Courses – performance improvement. In many cases the selection to show the user’s invited courses could take so long time that the database timed out. We have improved the query and you see the list in a few seconds.
  • Hints are replaced by help always being available for the user with the ‘?’. It makes things easier for the user to find the answer to what the purpose is and what you should do.
  • Badge Editor is updated so the elements are grouped related to each other.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

9 December, 2023

Release notes 91.13.114

  • Certificates now show the new border width as configured on the certificate. The image for sharing on e.g. LinkedIn and Facebook also include the border width as defined.
  • In some case inactive accounts showed courses on Directory and Channel Page. The user would get the message about inactive or unavailable account when the course or channel page was opened. Now the directory is empty and channel page shows the message when the user opens it.
  • When users are added after upload the system shows spinner with ‘Adding users …’ to let you know something is in progress.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

8 December, 2023

Release notes 91.13.113

  • Badges can now have the border width set according to your design. You can select a width from 1 to 10 pixels. In the next releases, you will see the border set on the certificate and the downloaded version.
  • Free trial: If you tried to create a free trial account by pasting Unicode/non-ASCII characters into the account name the subdomain was stored as an empty string. We now ‘transliterate’ to something possible to store as a subdomain to (Opens in a new window or tab).
  • Configuration -> Design: Account settings are simplified in layout and text.
  • Minor improvements and fixes


5 December, 2023

Release notes 91.13.112

  • Resource Lists: You can now edit a resource list directly where it is used. On ‘Edit’ the task is displayed so you can add or remove resources from the list.
  • Language in e.g. Cyrilic and Ukrainian: Text entered in some languages were displayed as character entiries and not clear text. This is now fixed.
  • Tooltips are shown more consistently and with less flicker.
  • Question list now show when a question has a hint. An icon is displayed when the hint is set.
  • Access requests texts are improved when users request access to your account.
  • Content Editor, Replace topic: You are warned when a topic has questions with hints and you replace the existing video.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

29 November, 2023

Release notes 91.13.111

  • Lists: You can now copy an existing list. Select the existing list and click ‘Copy’. The creates a copy of the selected list and opens the Edit List task. If the original list is used in one or more programs, then the programs are not linked to the new list. You have to add the new list to the relevant programs.
  • Resource Lists count: the item count for resource lists now works in all displays. Previously, then the count was shown as ‘0’ and you could not open the resource list display.
  • Request Access: the signup dialog texts are updated to give better guideance to the user requesting access.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

26 November, 2023

Release notes 91.13.110

  • Resource Lists: updates around UX and functionality based on initial user feedback and tests. All elements in a resource lists are displayed in a dialog box with scroll bards. Resource lists now show resource count. It is possible to remove a resource list from a course or channel.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

25 November, 2023

Release notes 91.13.109

  • Resource List is available a a new list type. You can now collect your resources into one or more resource lists so you can have e.g, ‘All sales material, metric measures’ and ‘All sales material, imperial measures’. The resource lists are defined in Users -> Lists. It is possible to use a resource list where you used a resource today. This includes content resources, topic resources, and channel resources. Then you select a resource list then all items are displayed in a dialog and you can scroll the list.
  • Channel tiles: The Course Assistant no longer see the group title on the channel tiles. A Course Assistant normally only has access to one group of a course to the information is not relevant to show.
  • Library: It is now also possible to download images and other files from Library. Previously it was only videos you could download.
  • Lists: In the List grid we now only show up to five programs for a list. This makes the display more compact if you have lists thare are used in many programs. You can expand the text to display all programs if needed.
  • Request access: when you have enabled that users can request access, then the text on the signup dialog is changed to reflect that the user requests access.
  • My Account: You can now go directly from My Account to Account Details in Configuration. We have added an action to do this directly.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

12 November, 2023

Release notes 91.13.108

  • Invite user emails now takes the subject from the invitation email. Previously a default subject could be shown.
  • All admins must have a stronger password. The minium requirements for an admin password is: 8 characters long, at least one special character, one upper case, one lower case and one number.
  • Normal users can be required to have stronger password like admins. Set this in Configuration -> System -> Password Settings.
  • uQualio admins must enter a verification code as part of the login process. After entering password the system will send a code to the user’s email.
  • Content Editor, Questions: It is now possible to copy an existing question. Edit Topic and select ‘Questions’. Then click the copy icon for the question you want to duplicate.
  • Content Editor, replace video does not delete questions anymore. Previously the topic’s questions were deleted with the original video was replaced.
  • Saved Searches: System defined searches are shown as created by user ‘System’ and not just a user id.
  • Test Runner: The extra ‘Submit’ button right below the text is removed.
  • iOS: http/https reload may be fixed. When entering a URL on uQualio without https in front made iOS devices reload the page forever.
  • Lists: Resource lists are being implemented. The first elements are made available in test environments.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

5 November, 2023

Release notes 91.13.107

  • Programs is moved as main menu for admins with access to the feature.
  • Program Manager role no longer has access to Library. The role is not content related so access is removed.
  • Saved Search now stores column order. You can change the column order by drag and drop in the report grids. When the current display is a Saved Search, then you will store the column order with the search when you update an existing search or create a new Saved Search.
  • Password: first elements of complex passwords for admins added in Configuration -> System.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

4 November, 2023

Release notes 91.13.106

  • Programs is moved as main menu for admins with access to the feature.
  • Program Manager role no longer has access to Library. The role is not content related so access is removed.
  • Saved Search now stores column order. You can change the column order by drag and drop in the report grids. When the current display is a Saved Search, then you will store the column order with the search when you update an existing search or create a new Saved Search.
  • Password: first elements of complex passwords for admins added in Configuration -> System.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

31 October, 2023

Release notes 91.13.105

  • Design: You can now set the background color on the application. This is useful, then you want to match the application better to e.g, your website or your application where uQualio is embedded.
  • Invite User: When you select to add new users with phone number you see the full flag, country name and your starting entry.
  • Portugues is added a new language. Final test and verification are still in progress.
  • Users: When the user is the only selected item, the actions for reset user, reset password etc. are not available. When more users are selected in addition to the current user, then the current user is removed from the selection.
  • Users, request access: It is now optional if you want to send a notification to the removed access requests.
  • Feedback report: You can now select to view the full message body directly in the report. Click on the text or the icon and the full message is shown.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

24 October, 2023

Release notes 91.13.104

  • Programs: It is now possible to edit the notification and notification settings without having to change the program. On the Settings page you have a ‘…’ action with ‘Edit notification’. This opens the notification and you can save the changes for use next time the program is updated.
  • Course Page: When you only have one attached resources on a topic, then the preview is shown directly without having to click on the dialog with only one item.
  • Lists: It is now possible to export the grid containing the selected items for all list types.
  • Channel load shows spinner on open
  • Subscription Calculator is changed to have a collapsed mode. When you open the item with the parameter ‘showCollapsed’ the calculate is shown with only users and total.
  • Configuration -> Integration -> Integrations: Tooltips added to the integration categories.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

20 October, 2023

Release notes 91.13.103

  • Private Course Groups: You can now edit the subject of the course invitation. The subject is added to ‘Edit Invitiation’ in Course Manager.
  • Programs: You can now change program settings for Course Assistant only. When you change the setting you can move to the next steps and confirm the update of the program. Previously you had to add or remove a list before it was possible to move to confirm the update.
  • Security: We have redesigned the logout process. Now you are logged out of all session as soon as the next request is made from any of your sessions. The logout happens on all devices as soon as e.g. a reset password is requested or the admin resets the password or your profile.
  • New reset feature implemented. In some cases there may be issues with a specific user. We have added a ‘/logout’ options with logs the user out and clears any local settings on the browser. This can fix a number of the user related issues reported by our subscribers.
  • User History was empty in some cases. Normally when a user access a course page then it is registered and the access ensures that the course is listed in History. In a few cases the registration was not made. Thus the user could see an empty History even though she has been on one or more course pages.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

18 October, 2023

Release notes 91.13.102

  • Add users by pasting 20+ emails or phone numbers now allows you to scroll to the bottom of the dialog and press ‘Send’ to get the invites out. Previously you could not scroll and press ‘Send’ in case you had more than about 20 items in the input field.
  • Content Editor: YouTube and Vimeo topics are now displayed with title of the video and not the link to the video as default title for a linked topic.
  • Course Manager shows spinner when you change state for an item. This makes it clearer that the state change may take more than a second and also prevents the users from clicking again when it looks as if nothing happens.
  • Account Settings no longer shows the ‘saved’ snack bar after each save in the background. It is only shown when the user’s image is updated.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

17 October, 2023

Release notes 91.13.101

  • Programs: Generating groups skipped some groups lists during creation. The users were not invited to the program as expected. This is now fixed so that all users in a program are invited to course groups added to new groups.

16 October, 2023

Release notes 91.13.100

  • Free trial page: The user can now expand the country list and search for her country.
  • Lists: When you make updates to a list you now see the spinner while the list is saved. This is added as some updates take a little longer as programs are updated as well as updating the list itself.
  • Channel Editor Communication: if you entered an link without http or https the user was directed to the page on the account. This gave a 404/page not found error. When the link has not protocol we add https.
  • Channel Editor: When a widget is disabled it is shown collapsed on the editor page. This gives you a better WYSIWYG on the editor page.
  • Saved Searches on User and Reports: you are notified when you save the current search or resets to original value. A small popup (snackbar) is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Account Images for Standard Solution: uQualio admin now has an action on the Account Page to open the Account Images page. It was not available any longer as it was moved to Configuation, which is hidden for Standard Solution.
  • Program Managers with Course Assistant role did not see Program related menus. This is now fixed so the user will see main menu items from both roles.
  • Programs: When users with Course Assistant Roles are removed they are logged out as we normally do on role changes.
  • Programs: When you update a program’s lists then the changes are now shown in the Summary before confirming the changes.
  • Notification Templates: You can now expand the template so you can see the text in a larger editor.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

10 October, 2023

Release notes 91.13.99

  • Content Versions are no longer post fixed with ‘v1’. The number is not needed and did count with the versions any way as the version number is available most places.
  • Summary box on content page was controlled by the wrong configuration parameter so it was hidden unexpected for some customers.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

8 October, 2023

Release notes 91.13.98

  • Course Assistants are now always logged out when they are assigned the role or the role is removed. This ensures that access is updated as soon as the change is made.
  • Content reports now show data for free trial and freemium accounts.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

5 October, 2023

Release notes 91.13.97

  • Achievements: Free accounts can now download certificates and share them to social media.
  • Meta tags, Open Graph: in some cases the tag og:img was set incorrectly.
  • Programs: Creating a new program has an error that made it take longer to display the ‘Create Program’ dialog.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

3 October, 2023

Release notes 91.13.96

  • New reports: Courses, Topics, and Questions. Each of the report shows information from active courses.
  • ‘Users’ and ‘Reports’: We have moved reports around so they match the main heading better. Users reports are in ‘Users’ and all other in ‘Reports’. As a couple of customers have noted that expected the data to match the main menu headings better we updated the location of the reports.
  • Course Manager: the ‘…’ menu item only included ‘all’. ‘All’ is now shown directly on Course Manager menu.
  • Report ‘Content Structure’: Added fields for Topic Index and Content Version version number.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

29 September, 2023

Release notes 91.13.95

  • Report ‘User Feedback’ is updated with a ‘subject’ column. The ‘message’ column is reduced to show 40 characters with ‘…’ when there are more. The report now fits a normal browser page width with all columns.
  • New report ‘Content Structure’ is in progress. The first element is the report view giving the basis for the report with Content, Content Version, Topics, and Questions. First version of the report is made. Some formatting and links will be added based on initial customer feedback.
  • Resource usage report showed no results even when user previewed or downloaded files. The data was registered correctly, but the report did not fetch them from the database base. The error is fixed.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

27 September, 2023

Release notes 91.13.94

  • Response headers now have a value for telling the front end if the user must log out now. The user will be logged of at the next API call when this is finalized and thus increase session security.
  • Adding a new account manager to an existing user could fail due to incorrect setting of the email in the HubSpot interface.
  • Rate Limit lowerws to default at 200 per minute. The could give some 429 errors when the limit is reached.
  • Course Manager, preparation for notification subject. The end points are extended with ‘subject’ as data member.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

24 September, 2023

Release notes 91.13.93

  • Subscription calculator: The extra user price for Education was incorrect. It was shown as the same price as for extra Business users. The actual subscription calculation for existing customers used the correct extra user price.
  • Quiz Runner navigation buttons updated to better icons.
  • Sign up: form layout update to more linear layout.
  • Restore Password: form layout update to more linear layout.
  • User Created: ‘Resend’ action is changes to secondary color as primary made people click on the button too often even when not needed.
  • User Balance updates through Programs were not correct. Both additions and removals of users were not done correctly. It is now updated so User Balance changes through programs are made.
  • User Balance was descreased incorrectly, when an active account manager was removed from a course.
  • Users with the role ‘Course Assistant’ kept the role after the last course was made inactive. This way the user saw the admin actions on the course page even without having the role. The user could NOT access the actions. They were only displayed.
  • Freemium accounts can now store badges for up to 12 months.
  • User Admin task shows all user roles on the first step for all subscription types. Access to the roles is determined based on the account’s subscription for admins and advanced user roles.
  • Reports now show ‘no data found’ when the report is empty. Previously a blank grid was shown without an explanation.
  • Content Editor ‘…’ menu has new item ‘Change State’. The Content Manager can change the state of the current content draft directly without having to find it in Course Manager. Initially the new action is only available in Development.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

17 September, 2023

Release notes 91.13.92

  • Content names can be reused when the original content changes state to ‘Deleted’. Before you could not reuse a content name if there was an earlier course with the same name.
  • User Balance was not updated correctly when a content version version or course changed stated directly to Archived.
  • Some special characters where shown encoded as e.g. &180; instead of the real display.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

12 September, 2023

Release notes 91.13.91

  • Question Editor is updated to remove potential XSS attacks via question and answers.
  • Channel Editor us updated to remove potential XSS attacks via channel name, subtitle and communication items.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

10 September, 2023

Release notes 91.13.90

  • Adding new users through Distribute and Multi-assign did not update user balance. All new users are now added to user balance for Distribute and Multi-assign.
  • Inactive accounts no longer gives endusers access to coruse or channels. User access counts are no longer counted when an account is unavailable.
  • Corporates in state ‘Inactive’ no longer give access to courses or channels. The user is notified and has access to Directory only.
  • Commercial terms did not open from Free Trial page.
  • Expiring users did not always decrease the user count, when the expiration ran as a scheduled job. This is now made so the scheduled jobs always check for the ability to drop the active user count.
  • Dashboard height is increased to show a more chart space on the screen.
  • Reports: Links to channels and course groups are updated. Should now open consistently in a new tab when the user clicks on one of the links.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

5 September, 2023

Release notes 91.13.89

  • User Feedback displayed the course invite when opening the notification dialog. No text is shown as default. A placeholder text explains that the user can send a message with optionally attached document, images, videos and/or screen recordings.
  • Course page /test option can now reset the test result for the users test session. When the user opens the course page with the paramter ‘../{course page id}/test?resetTest=true’, then the user’s test session is deleted and a new test session will start when the test is started again.
  • Channel course list: tiles do not show the group name for Course Assistants. The group name is still showed for the other admin roles.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

3 September, 2023

Release notes 91.13.88

  • When invites were removed the active user count was not updated in all cases.
  • When admins were invited the user count was decreased incorrectly. Now an admin with an invite is still counted in the active users of the account.
  • Meta tag description is improved for course page and channel page when the subtitle/teaser is empty. The description will be used when the text is empty. When both subtitle/teaser and description are empty the default description is used.
  • A number of links had the ‘rel’ item ‘noreferrer’. It is now changed to ‘noopener’ so Google and other robots can follow links from the pages.
  • Minor improvements and fixe

28 August, 2023

Release notes 91.13.87

  • Certificates taken as anonymous were not added to an existing user’s profile when signing in after passing a test. This is now fixed so existing users have their certificates added when they login after passing the test.
  • Meta tags updated with findings from search engines.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

25 August, 2023

Release notes 91.13.86

  • ‘/not-found’ page is excluded in robots.txt to remove search engine errors.
  • Meta tag service now redirected to https. This should prevent errors on unsafe redirects and duplicates in meta tags for http/https version of the same link.
  • Directory canoncial link now always uses ‘/directory’ to improve search engine analysis.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

24 August, 2023

Release notes 91.13.85

  • Meta tags for robots updates. The robots generally do not scrape the generated pages on our Single Page Application (SPA) so we need to duplicate the tags in out meta tag service. Added general OpenGraph tags as well as a canonical link for the pages.

23 August, 2023

Release notes 91.13.84

  • Account invoicing: In some cases the tax rate was not set on subscriptions. The caused extra item billing to fail.
  • In some cases the ‘®’ was displayed as  ‘#174’ as part of make string safe against XSS attacks via headings and other single line texts.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

21 August, 2023

Release notes 91.13.83

  • Course Assistants was able to access courses after being removed. In some cases a Course Assistant could access a course from which she was removed. The course invite was correctly removed. The Course Assistant role was not removed in all cases. This is now fixed so the role is always removed when a user is removed from access to a course.
  • Tax rate was not set on all intial subscriptions.
  • Smaller fixes around Meta tags.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

20 August, 2023

Release notes 91.13.82

  • Report ‘User Invites’ now shows column ‘Course Assistant’ in all reporting scopes.
  • Updated sanitizing to prevent XSS in the application, handling of Nordic national letters improved.
  • User Session fingerprint made more robust as User Id no longer is part of the fingerprint creation. Will make it possible to track users across unique access both as authenticated and anonymous. This is the basis to prevent users from opening unlimited browsers and thus create a DoS scenario (will be added in a later release).
  • 404 responses are turned into ‘/not-found’ in most cases.
  • Meta tags are now also generated for the SPA part of the application directly. Supplement to MetaTagService for robots and search engines.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

15 August, 2023

Release notes 91.13.81

  • Images missing ‘alt’ text have been updated on Channel and Course page.
  • Channel logo is now minimized to descrease image file size for faster load.
  • When a new channel logo was used for the first time after upload to Library the image could not be changed. This is fixed.
  • Content Security Policies updates for YouTube and Fullview.
  • UI Tests updated for user access, both Anonymous and Registered.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

10 August, 2023

Release notes 91.13.80

  • YouTube videos did not autoplay with sound. We have fixed an issue where the videos linked from YouTube started without sound (muted). Now they start with sounds unless the browser does not allow it (iOS phones and sometimes Safari browsers).
  • Notifications: In some cases emails were sent even when the email option was unselected.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

8 August, 2023

Release notes 91.13.79

  • Hindi is added as a new user language. The user can now select this language for the course pages etc.
  • ‘uQualio only’ on the main menu is now shown with an icon (wrench), when the screen is smaller. Previously the menu item was not available for smaller screens.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

6 August, 2023

Release notes 91.13.78

  • Labels for selections filters are increased in font size for clearer navigation. This includes the account filter, channel filter, program filter etc.
  • When you change your email in the system, then you are logged out of all session and have to login in again. This is a security measure to prevent account hijacking.
  • For a number of input fields we are now removing html tags if included in the text. This is to prevent the use of XSS attacks through e.g. the content title or account fields where malicous code could execute.
  • When you request a password reset link you are told that it is sent and should be with you shortly if the email or mobile number is registered. Previously we confirmed that the email or mobile number was registered with an account (security related).
  • When you logon on to the platform, then all pending requests for reset password are expired. This prevents unauthorized access using an unused request (security related).
  • Fullview recordings are now allocated to the domain and not just ‘production’.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

2 August, 2023

Release notes 91.13.77

  • Passwords now have a maximum length. The limit is added to prevent a potential Denial-of-Service attack by entering very long password. The user is notified in case the password entered exceeds the limit.
  • Verification code entries now have a very low request limit to prevent brute-force attacks on the verification code feature.
  • Summary Notifications are selected faster after adding an index to the database table for Summary Notifications.
  • is updated so it works in non-development environments.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

1 August, 2023

Release notes 91.13.76

  • Minor improvements and fixes.

30 July, 2023

Release notes 91.13.75

  • Users: ‘User Invite’ report now shows if the user is Course Assistant on the invited course.
  • Course Manager: Status change actions are now hidden from Course Assistants. Previously the actions were shown, but would fail if the user’s only role was Course Assistant. The actions are now hidden so the user sees less actions.
  • Multi-assign email template now shows link in email with text ‘Your courses’ instead of ‘Directory’. The latter text was not always understood as access to the user’s invited courses.
  • User images now has the alt tag set. In some cases just the image’s url as the tag. This setting improves Google rankings as the images are no longer flagged as having tag missing.
  • Rollbar and a couple of other packages updated on the front-end.
  • Channel Page now shows course access type for users with admin roles. This makes it easier to find the public and protected courses.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

24 July, 2023

Release notes 91.13.74

  • Punjabi is added as a new user language. The user can now select this language for the course pages etc.
  • Course page navigation buttons are now shown as ‘>>’ and ‘<<‘ to make it clearer that the user skips to the next or the previous video.
  • Channel page load improved. The page should load faster than before due to a change in the database access.
  • User’s In Progress courses shows faster now. We have improved the database access and the user’s In Progress page loads much faster. In some case we have seen timeouts, but they seem to be solved with the update.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

21 July, 2023

Release notes 91.13.73

  • Lead Generation – Advanced Settings: You can now show all topics when the user has signed up/signed in via a Lead Generation Advanced Setting. Before the course was always shown one by one and not all topics as soon as you have accepted the conditions for the course.
  • Report ‘All User Activity’ did not show test attempts and showed too many quiz attempts. This is now updated to correct count is shown for both items. Updated report query to run once per key figure instead of once per user per key figure. Should improve performance.
  • Distribute and other background jobs sometimes failed when the course’s end date was in the past. When this happens now then course’s enddate is set to the start date in order not to break the creation of all groups in the background jobs.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

18 July, 2023

Release notes 91.13.72

  • Passwords minimum length increased to 8 characters. Further requirements such as upper/lower case, number etc., may be added later.
  • DMARC settings have changed to delete messaged failing DMARC checks. This will reduce the likelihood of spoofed phishing mails looking as if they are sent from a domain.
  • Free trial account creator’s email is now validated against known spam domains. It found on the list maintained on  they will not be able to create a free trial account. This feature may later be made available to customer configuration.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

15 July, 2023

Release notes 91.13.71

  • New admin menu item ‘Design’ added. The new menu item gives direct access to ‘Configuration -> Design’. This way it is easier for the Account Manager to find the configuration items relating to branding and platform design.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

14 July, 2023

Release notes 91.13.70

  • Notifications defaults to ‘mail’ as channel. We have made ‘mail’ a default channel for most notifications. Based on user feedback and statistics we see that sending invites by mail is the most common channel. It is still possible to de-select mail as channel if that is required.
  • Course Settings and Advanced Settings could not always be changed or saved. This is update so you can modify the settings for active courses.
  • Programs: The Course Assistant setting is now shown on the Program’s Summary step.
  • User History could not always open the courses. The internal id was not for a course to the user saw a 404 page instead of the course page.
  • Security: Links and image in email have been extended with ‘noreferrer,noopener’ to remove the option to add malicious links into the email.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

10 July, 2023

Release notes 91.13.69

  • Programs have a new option to set all users are Course Assistants. We have added the option to let all users be invited as course assistants to all groups in the program. This simplifies a number of use cases from our customers using Programs in Course Automation – Advanced.
  • Product Lead Growth (PLG) changes. All places where the user was blocked due to missing subscription we have changed so the user can see the feature, but not use it. This way we have a better PLG fit with the application as you always can see features no matter if they are within your current subscription or not.
  • The NeuraLoom integration is disabled. There are some issues with server and connectivity which NeuraLoom are working on. Until they are fixed the integration is removed from our video learning platform.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

4 July, 2023

Release notes 91.13.68

  • Users/Reports (GDPR related): To limit access to deleted data the ‘Include Deleted’ option is only shown to Corporate Managers. Other roles do not have direct access to this option unless the Corporate Manager has shared a Saved Search with other admins.
  • User Invite report field ‘Assistant’ is only shown in Program context.
  • Users: Hint added for ‘Multi-assign’ menu item to explain the menu item as part of the Video Guide.
  • User login check reset on reset password link from admin. If the user has tried to login three times, then login is blocked. Previously the block would also be enforced when the user received a reset link from the admin. This required the user to login from a different browser. It is now changed so the reset password link from the admin reset the invalid password count before the new password is entered.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

3 July, 2023

Release notes 91.13.67

  • User History – performance improvement. When the user asked to see the history of courses accessed, then it could take a couple of seconds even when only one or two courses were fetched. We have improved the performance to be on par with the other user lists like ‘Invited’ and ‘In progress’.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

29 June, 2023

Release notes 91.13.66

  • Report UserInvites has the field ‘Course Assistant’ added. It shows if the user is an assistant on the course.
  • Channel Editor: uQualio only menu item added to ‘…’. This is where courses and groups can be moved from one channel to another.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

28 June, 2023

Release notes 91.13.65

  • Inviting users did not load the invitation from the group. The default invitation notification was shown instead of the stored invite for the group. Now the invite message is loaded when you invite single users or bulk invite the already invited users.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

27 June, 2023

Release notes 91.13.64

  • Course Manager: You know have the direct access to ‘+Create Content’ on Versions as well as on Drafts. This makes it clearer where you can create new content.
  • Course Manager: We have removed the ‘Create Course’ option on Published, Courses, and All. The feature is available on the convent version in the course tree.
  • Account Usage page: You can now go directly from the bar charts to the balance pages for users, admins and channels.
  • User invite via SMS/text messasge failed in some cases. When you tried to invite a single user via SMS/text message it failed in case the country code was filled already for the number. This is improved so we handle this case in the invite process for mobile phone user.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

22 June, 2023

Release notes 91.13.63

  • Generate new course groups in groups lists created. As part of the feature ‘Course Automation – Advanced’ we have made is possible to update a number of existing groups list without having to made the new group in each of them. You select the course and the groups you want to update and then the new group is created and added to each of the groups lists. Any groups list used in one or more Programs will update the Program to add the Program’s users to the new group.
  • Groups name for groups created by automation are now created with a timestamp and not a random number. This is easier to understand and ready than the random number.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

20 June, 2023

Release notes 91.13.62

  • Record screen records videos with a higher bitrate. We received feedback from a couple of new customers that the video did not convert. In all cases the lack of conversion were due to a low bitrate. The bit rate is increased and should be good enough for transcoding on our backend. The video size is increased with a factor 2, but still relative small to high definition recordings.
  • Questions were listed with the quiz user image in a wrong format. The quiz user is now shown in aspect ration 1:1 as expected for a user avatar.
  • App login page now has H1 tags for better search optimization.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

18 June, 2023

Release notes 91.13.61

  • Initial subscription did not add tax for Danish customers on the first subscription payment. This is now fixed so Danish customers have VAT added to their first invoice. Subsequent invoices were created with VAT added.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

15 June, 2023

Release notes 91.13.60

  • Course page images are also resized now (badges and quiz images were missing). This descreases the download size and improves the user experience as the page loads faster.
  • Course and channel pages updated to have an H1 tag in almost all cases. This is one of the requirements for Google to index your pages and rank them higher when the H1 tag is found.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

12 June, 2023

Release notes 91.13.59

  • Configuration, Footer: New accounts created after 7 June 2023 will have ‘powered by uQualio’ with link to our website. The text cannot be changed.
  • Program Manager role: Access to main menu ‘Courses’ is removed. The role’s area of operation is limited to Program related features.
  • Programs: images are now resized to improve load speed by image size reduction.
  • ‘Add new user’ with mobile number sometimes failed. We have improved the phone number validation so the country code is stored correctly.
  • Multi-assign lists with courses and groups have course tiles reduced in sizes. The load speed is improved.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

5 June, 2023

Release notes 91.13.58

  • Program Manager role: Access to main menu ‘Courses’ is removed. The role’s area of operation is limited to Program related features.
  • Programs: images are now resized to improve load speed by image size reduction.
  • Configuration, Footer: New accounts created after 7 June 2023 will have ‘powered by uQualio’ with link to our website. The text cannot be changed.
  • ‘Add new user’ with mobile number sometimes failed. We have improved the phone number validation so the country code is stored correctly.
  • Multi-assign lists with courses and groups have course tiles reduced in sizes. The load speed is improved.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

1 June, 2023

Release notes 91.13.57

  • Channels can now be configured to disallow course assistants. This way you can prevent on channel level that non-admin users are given access to private groups. Click on the ‘…’ menu item in Channel Editor to change this setting.
  • Free and freemium accounts now link to
  • Group settings could not be saved. This is fixed and you can change group settings again.
  • Long time format no longer shows a ‘:’ after hours.
  • Twitter tag ‘creator’ is removed from sharing links.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

31 May, 2023

Release notes 91.13.56

  • User Profile page has a ‘skip’ action added. This makes it clearer that it is an optional step in the user signup.
  • Programs: When you add new lists or create new groups, then the name will default to the program’s name.
  • Programs: Program Update is made clearer as the option to create news lists has changed to tertiary actions.
  • Directory pages: Performance improvements made for subpages. In some cases the channel or course data were queried twice, which made the update of directory pages slower than it should.
  • We now deploy to Microsoft Azure in paralled with AWS.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

24 May, 2023

Release notes 91.13.55

  • Corporate Managers change state to ‘Other’ in HubSpot, when an account is deleted. All corporate managers will be updated as part of the deletion process.
  • Channels – Sales Item: the Stripe API key is now loaded correctly when a user is already authenticated and access has not been purchased yet.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

21 May, 2023

Release notes 91.13.54

  • Channel Editor – when you open the Landing Page Editor the spinner shows text so you know why you may wait more than a second or two.
  • Create Content failed in some cases when you used the same default image for cover on browsers and devices. This is now fixed so you can create content with the same image for both uses.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

19 May, 2023

Release notes 91.13.53

  • Mobile search result is more compact. The search dialog is updated to have a better layout so you can see more in the search result. Additionally we hide the tags line when the course has no tags. This makes the search result more compact and you can see more results when there are no tags in some of the courses.
  • Course page link menu now has a direct link to the test. This is available for courses with test only. If you drop content, then the user has to go through the videos and quiz questions before the test is shown.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

15 May, 2023

Release notes 91.13.52

  • Check access (/check-access) shows the video from account settings. This way we always point to a working video from our backend.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

14 May, 2023

Release notes 91.13.51

  • HubSpot integration updates. Free trial workflow is now triggered from the application and not from HubSpot. The deal trigger on contacts did not handle multiple free trials by the same user.
  • Account created notification is only made as internal notification. An email is no longer sent. It is sent from HubSpot as part of the onboarding workflows.

11 May, 2023

Release notes 91.13.50

  • Minor improvements and fixes.

9 May, 2023

Release notes 91.13.49

  • eCommerce: when eCommerce is disabled, then course and channel items are hidden from Dirctory pages.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

7 May, 2023

Release notes 91.13.48

  • Course Page: When your course is shown with dripping topics, the total number is now shown. This guides the user to understand how many topics to expect. Instead of shown ‘1/1’, ‘2/2’ it now shows ‘1/4’, ‘2/4’ and so on.
  • Content Editor: Help topic added to Category selector.
  • Content Editor – Publish dialog: Help added to guide you if required.
  • Advanced Settings – ‘must watch to end’: Help added in case the option is disabled as it only works when all videos are uploaded to the uQualio video backend.
  • Template subject is now mandatory to fill out. When you update an existing template you must enter a subject.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

5 May, 2023

Release notes 91.13.47

  • Program – Analytics: ‘Invite users’ action is removed from the grids. Adding users is only made through Users Lists in the program’s settings.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

3 May, 2023

Release notes 91.13.46

  • Users + Reports: The report ‘Users’ has the action to invite users again. This is based on relevant customer feedback that the split was not made correctly here.
  • Course Manager: On private groups you can now invite users directly by email or mobile number with new option ‘Invite User’.
  • Course Page: Browser tab title no longer shown the title of the last topic. It shows the course’s title and when opened via direct topic link it shows the topic title in the browser tab.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

3 May, 2023

Release notes 91.13.45

  • Course Page: ‘Send’ now has two actions – invite new users and send notification. This was reported as missing after the update, where invitations and notifications were separated.
  • Course Page Reports: Course Assistants cannot add existing users any more. They can only see users on the current course and add new users (either by email or upload of user spreadsheet).
  • Directory headings are now H1 tags. This gives a better search rating by Google.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

1 May, 2023

Release notes 91.13.44

  • Channel Landing page is now available. You can decide to use a landing page for the channel instead of the usual channel page. This makes it possible to define a more attractive page for the channel. The landing page can be set at the default for the channel page. The user can switch between ‘Landing Page View’ and ‘Channel Page View’ in order to see the other page. To use landing pages you must have the eCommerce feature included in your subscription.
  • Access Request: When accepting or rejecting access requests you now send a message to the user. There is a standard notification to setup in Configuration -> Templates if you have access to this feature.
  • Access Request/Email Domain Pass/Block: You can now set which domains always can create accounts on your account. This makes signup simple for the approved domains as they just signup.
  • Dashboards are updated on customer feedback. We now show Top-5 and not Top-10 as Top-10 was too cramped for most customers.
  • Screen recorder: It is now possible to set whether the screen recorder starts and stops automatically, when you share and unshare your screen. This is made to prepare for the combined screen and camera recorder. Here you will have the option to set the camera and the screen share before recording starts. The setting is updated in Configuration -> Settings -> Screen recorder.
  • Pricing Calculator: Updated responsive layout for devices in portrait mode.
  • Programs: Users and Groups Lists are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

26 April, 2023

Release notes 91.13.42+43

  • Resources: You can delete resources where usage is 0. This way you can remove old content or unused content.
  • Programs: Program Manager has access to two new reports in Program Analytics and access to main menu item ‘Reports’ is removed. All analytics are now available in the Program.
  • List drops-downs are now searchable. You can enter e.g. ‘Onbo’ to only get lists with a match displayed.
  • YouTube videos can have captions enabled/disabled if they are available on the video.
  • eCommerce: You can only set a channel as sales item, when there is at least one price for channels.
  • eCommerce: updates for language as some items were not translated.
  • Sending invites and messages are now split from adding users. In several places in the application we have menus where inviting users, sending invites, sending messages and adding users were mixed. We have made it clearer by splitting so adding users is one group of actions and sending messages and invites is another group. This makes it clearer where you find the functionality.
  • Content Editor: The drop down expands when you open it so you can see longer names.
  • New notification types added for Request Access functionality.
  • Access Requests report: user actions are removed from the report.
  • Minor improvements and fixes. 

24 April, 2023

Release notes 91.13.41

  • Scheduled Invites now has the option to user Invite Date as Anchor Date for the invites. This means that the users received their personal invite stream according to the date they were invited. This is useful for e.g., a series for training videos where they receive one per day or one per week, but based on each users individual signup date.
  • Programs: Program Manager role implemented and added to the system for customers with ‘Course Automation – Advanced’.
  • Email domains pass/block: You can now block access for all domains except the email domains listed in Pass Domains. This simplifies the process of allowing only a few selected email domains to access your learning platform. You set this in Configuration -> System -> Email Domains Pass & Block.
  • eCommerce option is now awailable for channels. When you have a private channel you can set is as sales item. Anonymous users and authenticated users without invites to the channel can find it and buy access. The channel is only available when there is at least one product price with a price for channel access.
  • Saved Searches: only searches related to the current report are displayed. This gives a better and more useful overview.
  • Library: Resource count is now correct for initial account creation. Default resouce usage is included in the count.
  • French translation is updated to match more modern IT terms.
  • Channel: Course lists now show the shopping cart icon for sales items.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

18 April, 2023

Release notes 91.13.40

  • Programs & Users: New navigation added to the Users so you can find the menu items Lists, Multi-Assign, and Programs more easy.
  • Programs: Initial elements of new role Program Manager added.
  • Email domain pass and block: emails and domains with ‘_’ can be entered now.
  • Request Access is added as new user status. Report ‘Access Requests’ added as new report to Users. The status will be used when Request Access is implemented.
  • Pricing calculator for subscription calculation and stand-alone is now responsive. The details are reduced to fit smaller devices in portrait mode.
  • Programs & Users: New navigation added to the Users so you can find the menu items Lists, Multi-Assign, and Programs more easy.
  • Programs: Initial elements of new role Program Manager added.
  • Email domain pass and block: emails and domains with ‘_’ can be entered now.
  • eCommerce: Private Channels can be set as Sales Item. Initial steps to make channels available as Sales Items.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.
  • eCommerce: Private Channels can be set as Sales Item. Initial steps to make channels available as Sales Items.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

12 April, 2023

Release notes 91.13.39

  • Email domains: You can now check a domain as well as an email in Configuration -> System -> Email Domains Pass & Block.
  • Programs – Status: It is now possible to show data based on one of the Program’s users lists. This way you have a better overview of each group and how they progress on the program.
  • Distribution: It was not possible to invite external users with neither email nor phone number. This is now possible.
  • eCommerce: When you create your Stripe account a spinner is shown so you do not click twice and try to create more Stripe accounts.
  • eCommerce: When you distribute and select Sales Item, then the system checks that your Stripe account is ready to acccept payments.
  • eCommerce: Initial work to make Channels sales items.
  • Channel selectors now show channel type as icon in drop-downs so you can see if a channel is public or private.
  • Multi-assign tasks updated to be aligned with new UX for tasks.
  • Scheduled Invitations: If the course has an expiry date which makes it impossible to send the invites to the users, you are warned and cannot save the invitations.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

7 April, 2023

Release notes 91.13.38

  • Programs and Lists: When a Users List or Groups List are changed then you now have the option to send notifications to the users. This way you can give them information about the changes or that they have been included in a program.
  • Email domains blocking is now availavble in Configuration. When you enable the feature then it is possible to block specific email domains from access to the platform. You can also define pass lists to let certain email domains have access to the platform. You find the settings in Configuration -> System -> Email Domain Pass & Block.
  • Notification Templates can now be copied.
  • Assign user to channels failed when you only had one channel. This is fixed so you see the channel and then press Next to get the invite form.
  • Resource counts updated in Library. In some cases the counts were not descreased when a resource was removed from usage.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

4 April, 2023

Release notes 91.13.37

  • Course lists – when creating groups in e.g. Multi-assign, then you can set the group’s settings to exclude the option for Course Assistant.
  • Programs – Analytics: report actions such as send notification, reset password etc. are added to the user related reports.
  • Library: Resource grid ‘Usage’ column now has a dialog showing wheren the selected source is used. This way you have an overview of where exactly each resource is used. You can open the item from the grid. It opens the item in a new tab.
  • Saved Searches list shows only searches for the reports which currently are in scope. This helps you by keeping the list focused on current reports and also by presenting a shorter list for quicker overview.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

2 April, 2023

Release notes 91.13.36

  • Sales Item courses are now shown on Directory course pages for all users incl. anonymous users.
  • Lead Generation course are now shown on Directory course pages for all users incl. anonymous users.
  • Sales and Lead generation courses are now shown for authenicated users when the Directory is private.
  • Sales items have a uniform layout for pricing when there is only one item. Previously the item as shown without currency and decimal points.

31 March, 2023

Release notes 91.13.35

  • Free trials can now be made with a Google account.
  • Invite users: In some places in the application a Courses Assistant could not invite users. This is now fixed and Course Assistants can invite users to the courses, where they have the role.
  • Sales Item course page now shows the full course description on the course page. It gives the user a much better impression of the course, than the collapsed description we show normally on the course page.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

29 March, 2023

Release notes 91.13.34

  • Google login is now available when users are creating the initial login. This is an alternative to username/password.
  • Content Editor: When you replace a video it is done with one click.
  • Topic video with scene selection: In some cases the video would start playing at 0:00 and not the scene selection start. The player will now start either at scene selection start or where the user ended the last time (exception is with ‘must watch to end’ where the playback starts at scene selection start/0:00 until the video is watched completely).
  • Scheduled Invitation (Advanced Settings) updated to selected between course start date and invite date as anchor date for the scheduled invites.
  • Select grids: It is now possible to clear searches.
  • Unlayer Proof-of-Concept made for Channel Landing Page (Development and Staging only).
  • Screen recorder with camera is updated in Development. UX testing pointed to some issue on the simple screen recording with missing automatic record start on share and record end on unshare.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

24 March, 2023

Release notes 91.13.33

  • Google signup is added to the user creation password entry page for invited users. This enables them to use Google authentication instead of username/password.
  • Selection grids: You can now clear filters in the grid with a single click.
  • Channels: It was possible to create channels with the same name and only difference in casining. The name must be unique and casing is ignored.
  • Configuration -> System -> Roles & Permissions: When you switch off the Course Assistant role you must now enter a confirmation sentence. This is to prevent accidental changes to your course assstant settings.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

22 March, 2023

Release notes 91.13.32

  • Users and Reports: When you select Saved Search, User List or Columns the dropdown is made larger to display more text. In some cases it would previously only shown the first few characters of the values in the lists.
  • Admins are now assigned via a new task: Add admins. You select Admins from Users -> Admin Roles. Then you start the task where the first step is to select the admin role you want to assign. The next step is to add new or existing users who will be assigned the role and finally you confirm the assignments and invite the users to their new role.
  • Select Users, Select Courses, Select Groups: The ‘Add’ action is moved to the right top of the grid to make it clearer that this is where you click next to add the selected items.
  • eCommerce: When your logo is larger that Stripe’s image size limit of 512kb, then the logo is no longer sent to Stripe, when your Stripe account is connected to your uQualio account.
  • Notification templates are loaded from the account’s notification when displayed to the user.
  • New screen recorder updated in Development. Internal use only.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

20 March, 2023

Release notes 91.13.31

  • Directory – My Invited courses has been updated for better performance.
  • Google Tag Manager is now enabled for  and not just the free trial pages.
  • Google login is now enabled for Production.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

19 March, 2023

Release notes 91.13.30

  • Notifications are now available in production for accounts on the new pricing model only.
  • Directory course tiles show the check mark again if you have passed the course.
  • iOS redirect for http to https is changed to use as it may work better than just changing the protocol.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

18 March, 2023

Release notes 91.13.29

  • Directory – Courses: We have improved the performance of course pages in the Directory. The pages load much faster than previously. This is the first step in increasing the user’s performance experience.
  • Notification Templates are now available so you can define your own notification messages. The feature is part of the ‘Course Automation – Basic’.
  • Course page navigation improved for smaller screens (tablets and devices mainly). When the video is watched to the end the screen is moved a little down so the user can see the next step (topic or test). Without moving a little down the screen the next navigation element in the course could be hidden.
  • Content Editor: When you replace a video with an existing video from the Library, then you only have to click on the video to replace it.
  • If you switch off the API, then you are warned that external users cannot access the application anymore. You must confirm the switch off with a confirmation code you receive by email.
  • Channels were sorted descending in the Channel Selector.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

17 March, 2023

Release notes 91.13.28

  • Programs: the channel selection is no longer applied to Analytics. The correct data is shown for the program.
  • Course Assistant role can be disabled on a specific course. This prevents that a user by mistake is given permissions on certain courses.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

13 March, 2023

Release notes 91.13.27

  • Stand alone is shown without the top menu branding unless the network connection is very slow.
  • Reports can now be configured to load on demand and not auto-load when you open Users or Reports. This make it faster to change to a different report or to skip loading much data before you add conditions to limit the data load. You set this in Configuration -> Settings -> Reports -> Load data on demand.
  • Course Assistant role can be disabled by configuration. You can disable the Course Assistant Role completely from your account. This way you may limit the access to courses to be the main manager roles without the option to delegate to a user on a course. When the role is enabled you can disable on course group basis. Please observe that all users have their Course Assistant role removed when you switch of the role. The option is available in Configuration -> System -> Roles & Permissions -> Disable course assistant.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

11 March, 2023

Release notes 91.13.26

  • Email for free trials must not be a blocked email domain. We now block the known temporary email domains when a free trial is created. The user must supply an email domain, which is not in the blocked list.
  • Initial email template editing is made available in Configuration for accounts with ‘Course Automation – Basic’.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

9 March, 2023

Release notes 91.13.25

  • Users can now be change type from External to Normal users if you have the API available. REST API endpoints are updated to enable switching user type.
  • Admin usage is now updated correctly when the roles are removed from Users.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

6 March, 2023

Release notes 91.13.24

  • Achievements were in some cases shown with ‘Login’ or ‘Sign up’ for external users when they viewed their achievement.
  • My Account, Usage: you can now see you admin balance as an overview with changes to your admin users.
  • Reports/Users: While a report was retrieved you could press the ‘Apply’ button which reset the load and made you wait longer for the report.
  • Programs are now deleted cascading from corporate.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

3 March, 2023

Release notes 91.13.23

  • Programs: The Update Program task is updated to show the steps clearer on the first page. Text and help added.
  • Notification templates made available for creating your own email templates.
  • Course Automation create a new sales feature. It is available in basic (notification templates) and advanced (programs).
  • Pricing dialog does not show an error message on top of other text when the user tries to go below the minimum level.
  • Login via the website now shows the option to create a new free trial.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

2 March, 2023

Release notes 91.13.22

  • Course video – setting the time sometimes jumped. If you wanted to set the video time by dragging the playhead on the video it sometimes jumped back to the start. We have updated the navigation on dragging the playhead.
  • Channel search in the selectors is no longer case sensitive.
  • My Account – Usage: Admin balance is now added. Here you can track the changes to your admins such as type, count and how made the changes and for which channels.
  • Distribution: The options to select privacy are updated. The new sequence is Private, Public, and Protected.
  • Rate limiting is increased for a number of places, where it was cut off too early (security).
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

1 March, 2023

Release notes 91.13.21

  • Channel page:
    • When you have enabled drag and drop then it is only available when you have opened the channel page from the Channel Editor. This way we prevent that you accidently change the sorting.
    • Sorting options now work when the sorting is drag and drop. The user can sort as she likes and on refresh the order is restored.
  • Reports:
    • All reports have added a new user field – User Type. The user type shows is the user is a normal user, who can access the system interactively through log or if the user is an external user, who can only access the system through a third part API integration.
    • Reports with users list work faster now. Previously the data was filtered on the client side. Now the data is filtered on the database, which improved selection speed and reduced time to transfer and filter data.
  • External users cannot request passwords anymore. Their access is strictly limited to API generated links.
  • Programs:
    • The item count is now shown after each list on the settings page.
    • When you create a new Groups List, then the prefix is defaulted from the Courses list.
  • When the user resets her own password, then the previous password is not invalidated. This prevents a denial of service attack for users who know valid emails on the account.
  • On logout we clear the local cache. This prevents that you may be locked due to a local cache setting that is not overruled by the admin’s reset.
  • Notification Types are now shown as readable text, they are sorted alphabetically in lists.
  • Account creation questions are now stored correctly in HubSpot.
  • On account purge we check that the contact exists in HubSpot before we delete accounts.
  •  integration is moving towards production.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

27 February, 2023

Release notes 91.13.20

  • Channel Page sorting now works as expected when the user sorts on the page with drag-and-drop sorting.
  • Certificate PDF download document showed an incorrect URL for the company. The link was correct, but the text was wrong.
  • Introduction page responsive state is improved on smaller devices.
  • Users and Reports data are made faster when you use a Users List to limit the data selected. The data selection is now made on the database and not filtered on the client.
  • Users and Reports: the new user field ‘User Type’ is added as new report field. It tells if the user is a normal interactive user or an external user who access via the REST API. ‘User Type’ can be configured for reports in Configurations -> Settings -> Reports -> Available User Fields.
  • External API user were not always able to login in to the session multiple times in the same browser. This is now fixed so they always can login in.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

24 February, 2023

Release notes 91.13.19

  • Program, Add new groups list: Prefix is defaulted to the groups list, when new groups are created from a courses list.
  • Selection grids have been simplified. There is now only one selection step and not multiple selections.
  • All Users, Groups, and Courses selections in e.g., Multi-assign, are now made with grids with option to add from an existing list matching the type.
  • Certificate download now shows non-ASCII characters like e.g., ‘æ’, ‘ø’, are shown correctly in the PDF document.
  • External users cannot login to the application anymore. There were some cases where this was possible for external users.
  • Additional logging added for iFrame issues with production.
  •  upgraded to their new release. Active in Development and Staging.
  • Extended logging added as option for pricing model incl. Extended Support. You set the main option in My Account. For each user you can set logging on/off. You can bulk change the logging state for selected users in Users and Reports.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

21 February, 2023

Release notes 91.13.18

  • Programs: You can create new groups list based on existing courses or courses lists. The new group list is created and added to the program.
  • Multi-assign users: The users can be set as Course Assistants on the Users step in the task.
  • ‘Add video…’ default logo is now uQualio logo and not YouTube logo.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

21 February, 2023

Release notes 91.13.16+17

  • Programs: When you add both new Users and Groups lists it is shown in the summary.
  • Quick Create: Upload to Library ends with a confirmation of video upload completed.
  • Dashboard widget are made smaller to match screen sizes better.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

20 February, 2023

Release notes 91.13.15

  • User icons for e.g. Quiz Runner, notifications, and actions are now colored with the menu background color. Previously it was an icon with fixed color.
  • Programs: When you create or update a Program, it is possible to create new Users lists and new Groups lists. This simplifies your process as you can create the new lists as part of your initial program creation.
  • Multi-assign users now have the same Users step as Distribution. It simplifies the user list and makes it easier to get an overview of the selected users. This first step of additional simplifications and UX improvements for selections in the system’s tasks.
  • Notification dialogs and notification types dropdowns updated, preliminary work for making notification templates available for customer with the Course Automation feature.
  • Lists grid: the first column with check box is now top aligned for better readability.
  • robots.txt update to disallow access to admin areas for robots.
  • REST API, Links were not stored with corporate id.
  • Default images for YouTube, Vimeo and upload are only picked via media.service.ts and not hardcodes.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

16 February, 2023

Release notes 91.13.14

  • Program: When you create a new program you are taken directly to the Program Update task to add users and groups lists.
  • Multi-assign and Programs: When you update an existing Users List or Groups Lists, which are part of one or more programs, then your receive a warning before running the multi-assign. If you accept the changes, then the users and/or gropups are updated for all programs.
  • Report link is now available on the ‘Searches…’ dialog. Faster access as you do not need to open the list of all saved searches to get a share link for the search.
  • Users and Reports: Drop downs for ‘Saved Search’ and ‘List’ can now be searched by text. Enter a couple of characters and the list filters to match the typed characters.
  • Course Page, mobile: the ‘Edit’ button is hidden to make the general layout look better with the admin actions. Editing the content on a mobile device is possible, but not easy so we have removed the direct link to the content.
  • Subscription pricing dialog: reset is moved up to be in line with the total field.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

15 February, 2023

Release notes 91.13.12+13

  • Users – Admin button is only shown with the Admin role report. This hides some complexity for the user in Users and Reports.
  • Programs:
    • Invitations are now sent when users are added to a program. Notificaiton template is the multi assign notification. The text is stored when the program is updated so you can use the same notification text at the next program update.
    • Automation is implemented for creating, modifing and removing programs. 
    • Users are invited to all groups when added, and removed as soon as the user list is removed. 
    • Adding/removing groups also updates the users’ invites.
    • Programs can be deleted. All invites from all users are removed when the program is deleted.
    • The notification is updated to match the other notifications with drop down for send, send later, and do not sent. The status is shown on the confirm step.
    • When you create a new program you go directly to the Update Program task.
    • When the program contains no lists, then you are redirected from all pages to the Settings page.
    • Program grid is sorted by name, ascending.
  • Lists
    • Grid is now sorted according to type and name.
    • Changes to Users Lists and Groups Lists which are included in a program now warns the user about the link. The users and groups are added/removed according to the list changes.
    • ‘Where used’ now shows the count of programs, where the list is used.
  • REST API: When you try to create an existing user the endpoint returns an error message that the user already exists.
  • Course preview buttons for different formats has changed to secondary color.
  • Channel preview buttons for different formats has changed to secondary color. They buttons are only shown when the channel is opened from Channel Editor.
  • Help is renamed to Video Guide.
  • Multi-assign users to course: It is now possible to add the new groups to an existing list or create a new groups list.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

6 February, 2023

Release notes 91.13.11

  • Programs:
    • Users and Groups are merged to one tab for Analytics. Standard reporting grid added with new reporting scope for programs.
    • Task for update program implemented with steps for selection, notification and confirmation.
  • Screen recording plugin from Pathfindr is updated to the newest release. Internal test only.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

2 February, 2023

Release notes 91.13.10

  • Course preview have device buttons changed to secondary colors.
  • Channel page only shows device buttons when the channel is opened from Channel Editor. The buttons have changed to secondary colors.
  • Multi-assign: When no existing lists to update, then the confirm step only shows option to create a new list.
  • Question hints: In some cases the play and reset buttons were not shown after changes to the hint start and length.
  • Programs: You can switch directly between existing Programs without having to go back to the Program grid.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

1 February, 2023

Release notes 91.13.9

  • Configuration: User Properties and Report’s User Fields are now integrated. Enabled User Properties are shown as available user fields for reports. When you enable a User Property it is automatically added as selected for your report fields. When you disable a User Property it is automatically removed from the report fields.
  • My Account – Usage: New balances added for users, admins, and channels. You can see the change in these elements as they are made to your account. The information is used in e.g., calculating your monthly overage for users. Data is shown for the last year as default selection. You can change the date range and re-query the data.
  • Quick Create: It is now possible to upload directly to Library without having to neither create a new course nor add to an existing course. This is a great help when on the go for mobile upload of your videos. As soon as they are uploaded they are available for course creation, even while being transcoded.
  • Programs now show information in overview, status and partly in users and groups.
    • You can switch between Programs directly from the Programs page.
    • Status cross tab report is available, based on a dashboard.
  • REST API: Program ids are returned with Lists.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

27 January, 2023

Release notes 91.13.8

  • My Account – Billing: The pricing for the period is now available in the grid. You can see the details of the period’s pricing in a dialog, when you click on the link in the new column.
  • Programs are not shown in Production (was available too early).
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

26 January, 2023

Release notes 91.13.7

  • Content Editor: The update dialog does not show the options for notification and image updates. The settings are the default settings and are almost never changed. We have hidden the options from the dialog to make the UX simpler.
  • Edit Topic: Scene Selection is now collapsed until you use it. This makes it easier to work with the video as we have fewer elements on the user interface.
  • Course Page statistics widget now used the global palette colors for diagrams.
  • It is now possible to delete one or more lists. Lists included in a program cannot be deleted. They must be removed from the Program and then deleted.
  • The lists grid shows if a user or group list is used in one or more programs. From the grid, you can go directly to the program.
  • List Task, step 1 now shows if the list is used in the program. When expanded the program(-s) where the list is used is shown. From the list you can go directly to the Program.
  • Program updated with settings users and groups lists. Settings page updated with lists. Add program has option to add groups when creating a new program.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

19 January, 2023

Release notes 91.13.6

  • Scene selection now shows ’00:00′ for start time.
  • Tooltips for Edit Topic and Content Editor updated.
  • Notifications show the number of users received then notification in the header. The button is locked and spinner is shown, when the system is sending the notifications to prevent sending multiples times.
  • Pricing dialog updated when the account’s subscription is downgraded. The next subscription is shown as a ‘Changed’ column.
  • Configuration: Default reporting date range is changed to ‘All data’. We had a number of customers asking about missing data in their account.
  • Library: Video length is added as new column in the grid.
  • Tasks: ‘Cancel’ was secondary and one place primary, changed to tertiary buttons where displayed.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

10 January, 2023

Release notes 91.13.5

  • Lists are changed in this release. We have moved to a grid showing all your lists instead of separate tasks with drop downs. Lists are created and maintained through a task similar to the general task layout.
  • Lists: You can now create empty lists of all types.
  • Directory, mobile: If you show your directory with categories as selections, then the layout is more compact as we have removed the labels for the drop-downs.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

9 January, 2023

Release notes 91.13.4

  • Content Editor
    • Topics now show if there are 0 questions. When the user clicks then a new question can be added.
    • Edit topic shows the topic number in the header, e.g. ‘Edit topic (#2)’ for the second topic.
  • Scene selector: When the selection starts at 0:00 then it was not shown as a scene selection. This is now fixed.
  • My Account: We have moved the ‘Cancel Subscription’ action from the Subscription dialog to My Account. It is clearer where you can cancel your subscription at the next renewal.
  • User callouts to guide through the content process are now shown when the mouse hovers over the action. This way the admin can see the guide without having to refresh the page.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.