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uQualio’s Release Notes 2022

Here you find information about the newest developments and features on the uQualio software platform. uQualios Development Map that shows what we are currently and in the future working on, can be found here.

31 December, 2022

Release notes 91.13.3

  • New uQualio logos and images are used in the standard solution and while creating a new account.
  • In some cases the payment was not accepted correctly when a credit card with 3D authentication was required.
  • In some reports the mobile number was not shown formatted.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

29 December, 2022

Release notes 91.13.2

  • Saved Searches now store the state of each grouping. This way you can have one grouping expanded when the Saved Search is loaded.
  • Performance problem related to showing user progress reported by a number of customers. We have temporarily disabled the display due to this. We investigate and will add when we have fixed the performance issue.
  • Video must be watched to end: In some cases the system did not register that a video was watched to the end. This made it impossible for the user to continue to the next step in the course. This is now fixed and should work for these cases.
  • User follow feature has been disabled for standard solution.
  • Pricing dialog updates – both for regular use and as embedded on our website, .
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

22 December, 2022

Release notes 91.13.1

  • Our new pay-as-you-go pricing is now live! You sign up for a low number of pre-paid users, add the extra features you need, enter your credit card and you are ready to publish your first course.
  • Report date range: The default date range is now available as a configuration parameter. In Configuration -> Settings -> Reports you have the option to select a default date range for your reports in Users and Reports. The default value is the last year.
  • Course page, mobile: We have left-aligned topic and description as the centered text was harder to read.
  • In the Course Tree you go directly to the content when you click on the content version title. User feedback showed that all users clicked on ‘Edit content’.
  • Content drafts were in wrong state. In some cases the content draft changed state to ‘deleted’ when the content version was archived. This is fixed and the data is updated so the wrong content draft status is fixed. You saw the issue when edit of the content shown the preview by default.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

21 December, 2022

Release notes 91.13.0

  • Course completion is shown on the course tiles. As a user you have a green checkmark on the course tiles when you have passed the course’s test. This way you get a quick overview of your status and progress.
  • Course navigation change for better tablet display. Customers have made us aware that tables in landscape did not have the navigation and/or next topic or test displayed. We have updated the navigation so the user now sees elements below the video.
  • Badges are now shown with number of correct questions to get the badge, percentage in ‘()’.
  • Upload users via file: You can upload more than one file at the time when you import new users from a spreadsheet.
  • Sharing course topics now use the topic’s thumbnail if available. When no thumbnail is uploaded for the topic, then the share link uses the course’s image.
  • Task steps have been clearer with larger font and better coloring. You see this in e.g. Distribution and Edit Topic.
  • Account usage: The specific period is shown below each elements to make the period covered clearer.
  • Channel Sorting: You now have the option to select course views as sorting criteria. This way you can have the most popular course at the top of your channel page.
  • The channels on the main admin page are now sorted alphabetically after channel name.
  • Dashboard color palette updated to 12 colors with better change between darker and lighter colors.
  • Edit user: User id shown in small font below the dialog header
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

13 December, 2022

Release notes 91.12.5

  • Captions: Configuration is now a separate item link Configuration -> Settings -> Caption Settings.
  • Course Page: Link button on topics changed to tertiary button so it is less filling in the UX.
  • Dashboard pallette shuffled to make it more visible readable.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

12 December, 2022

Release notes 91.12.4

  • Captions: You can now change the caption details on your video. The font size, background color and text color elements are available in Configuration -> Settings -> Caption Settings
  • Caption language – system: You can define a default caption language to display as default if available. You define the language in Configuration -> Settings -> Caption Settings.
  • Caption language – users: We have updated the selection of the user’s caption language. If the user has set a language that will be selected for future video playbacks. In case the user’s langauge is not available it will fall back to the default caption language. In case the default caption language is not available for the current video it will show captions in the first available language.
  • Channel Sorting – sort by views: You have a new option for search field on the channel sorting as you can search by course views. The courses will be sorted ascending or descending according to course views.
  • Content Editor: Number of correct questions to get a certificate is now shown for each badge.
  • New users only get ‘add details…’ as internal notification. It is no longer send by email.
  • Saved Searches now shows system default search when you open a report. In case you have set another search as default, then your search is loaded.
  • Course Page user list. You can now change the user’s role to Course Assistant again.
  • Content Editor: Reuse topics are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Subscription dialog updates to match new pricing model.
  • REST API: User invites now have the invite link returned as part of the response. This makes it convenient for sharing with users in the third party application.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

6 December, 2022

Release notes 91.12.3

  • Channel sorting: Drag and drop can now show ‘new’ if you want to show this.
  • Course Page: Edit now takes you directly to edit the content. We could see that no users picked the other edit options so we have make it faster to go to edit the content.
  • Reports, restored by Saved Search: In some cases the groupings stored with the Saved Search were not restored.
  • QR codes are generated in lower resolution for better use on websites.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

30 November, 2022

Release notes 91.12.2

  • Users/Reports: made Saved Search field wider so you can see more of the saved search’s name. Selecting columns is changed to a button instead of the full drop down.
  • Saved Searches: In some cases the list of available searches was not updated when you created a new search or saved an existing one as a new search.
  • Question Editor: The guides for question length (suggested 150 characters) and answers (suggested 75 characters) were made as required maximum length so you could not save the question if any of them was exceeded. This is now only shown as a guide and you can save questions with longer questions and answers.
  • The Channel Selector at the top of the admin area is now updated where can Manage Channels. In some cases, you had to refresh to see new or changed channels in the list.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

29 November, 2022

Release notes 91.12.1

  • Content Editor: Hints were not correctly related to Help texts for some of the hints.
  • Channel List: You can now sort on Channel Status.
  • Add/Change image: images are now sorted with the newest at the top of the list
  • Select resources are now sorted alphabetically when you select resources for reuse on the Course Page and Channel Page.
  • Pricing model to pay-as-you-go in progress.
  • Standard solution: Menu font color changed to white.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

29 November, 2022

Release notes 91.12.0

  • Channel Page sorting: You can now sort the items on a channel by drag and drop. Set the sorting type to ‘Drag and drop’ for the channel in the editor. Then you can move the courses by drag and drop.
  • Channel Editor, Channel Sorting: The default is set to ‘Drag and drop’ for new channels. The dialog hides sorting settings, when ‘Drag and drop’ is selected.
  • Users, ‘Managed…’: Actions reordered to have the more important at the top of the list.
  • Saved Searches: Final changes regarding default values and open via report link have been made. The system default saved searches are ready to add to the system as we move forward.
  • Course Page Report: The report types are now displayed as tabs similar to Users and Reports.
  • Help videos: In some cases the video was not shown on the help topics. You could only hear the sound being played. This is now fixed so the video is shown along with the sound.
  • Quick Create, Add video to an existing topic: When you only have one content the drop-down box is not used to show the content name. Dialog text simplified.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

25 November, 2022

Release notes 91.11.3

  • Email and SMS sending are now restricted so you can only send emails and text messages when your account is active with paid subscription. If your account is in any other state, then it is only possible to send emails and/or text messages to active corporate managers.
  • Channel Sorting is changed so you configure grouping for Pinned and/or New. If you use New, then you can also specify how many days ‘New’ should be shown.
  • Users/Reports: Saved Searches list is now updated when you create a new search for the selected report.
  • Saved Searches: You can now share System searches via a link.
  • Quick Create sets language to the default language, when you create new content via
  • Quick Create. The Master Language is set if you have configured this (Configuration -> System -> Language Settings). When this option is not set, then the new content’s language is set to English.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

21 November, 2022

Release notes 91.11.1

  • Users/Reports: The reports are changed to tabs. Each report is shown as an option in the tab list. Saved Searches are moved as the first item in the list.
  • Saved Searches now has system defined searches. The searches are available to all users and can be used as basis for your own saved searches.
  • Saved Searches: a Saved Search can now be set as default.
  • Saved Searches: You can now load a saved search by double clicking on the row in the list of saved searches.
  • Standalone (headless), course page: The link buttons on the course page and each topic are not shown any more.
  • Standalone (headless), achievement: User name, course name and channel are only displayed as text. They are not hyperlinked anymore. Directory navigation is also hidden for stand alone.
  • Course Page: Help for end user added. You can enable display of help on the User Page in Configuration -> Settings -> Course Page Widgets
    New pricing model finalized with updated Stripe integration. Each subscription will have a separate price in Stripe. By doing this then all items are part of the subscription and will be prorated on changes up.
    The application is reloaded automatically again, when a new release is deployed.
    Reset password for multiple users now shows the number of users and not a dialog for each user.
  • Main menu does not show ‘Tutorials’ any more as help and hints are directly available in the application now. The configuration element is removed as well.
  • Question hints: It is not possible to include the last second of the video in the hint.
  • Quick Create: You can now create new content with multiple videos in one step. You can upload up to 20 videos in one go, when you are on a paid subscription. Free subscriptions can only upload videos one by one.
  • My Account: subscription is updated as soon as changed so admin user does not get the ‘not available on free subscription’ after starting a subscription.

15 November, 2022

Release notes 91.11.0

  • Directory: User views for ‘In progress’ and ‘Invited’ no longer show expired invites.
  • Reports and Users: Saved Searches can be saved as default for each report type. The default saved search is loaded automatically when you select the report type. uQualio will define system default searches. You can set your own searches as default for each report type.
  • Report views: status items will change from ‘1-Active’ to ‘1) Active’ to make it clearer that this is a value to group by and not the count of active users.
  • Users: The report ‘Achievements’ is removed as this is not directly related to users and user management.,
  • User Invites report: the fields have been rearranged to more significant fields directly available in the initial report view.
  • Reports: The report ‘User Roles’ is removed as this is a Users’ report and not a general report.
  • QR codes: when you generate a QR code the system displays a spinner so you know the coding is being generated.

11 November, 2022

Release notes 91.10.10

  • Course Page: Videos as topics resources are now shown in the video pre-viewer.
  • Expired invite: If the user tries to access a course with an expired invite, the system informs her that her invite is expired. This is clearer than the previous generic message.
  • Directory: User views for ‘In progress’ and ‘Invited’ no longer show expired invites.

10 November, 2022

Release notes 91.10.9

  • Course Page, menus changed to make the links easier to find. There is a link icon on the menu as well as on each topic to make it clearer where the options to generate a QR code or get a link are located.
  • Course Page, users is now the Users report.
  • Videos on resources and feedback are now available as preview when the video is uploaded to the platform.
  • Video preview does not show the ‘Download’ action, when download is turned off in Configuration -> System -> Resources Download
  • Course Manager now has hints.
  • User, Roles: You can now remove roles directly from Users. Open the report User Roles, select the users and roles you want to remove and confirm the removal.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

8 November, 2022

Release notes 91.10.8

  • Users: You must now confirm actions like reset password etc. before they are executed on multiple users. This is minimizing the risk of e.g., sending reset password to many users by mistake.
  • Users, Invites: You can now remove invites directly from Users. The selected invites are removed (you can filter and/or select invites).
  • User, Roles: You can now remove roles directly from Users. Open the report User Roles, select the users and roles you want to remove and confirm the removal.
  • Users, Multi-assign: When there are no active courses or course groups then you are notified when you open the task. This way you do not start selecting the users and the find out that no active items are available for the task to finish.
  • Saved Searches now show the report type in the list of saved searches.
  • Edit Topic: Setting for ‘Include video in test’ is moved from the topic list to Edit Topic – Details.
  • Distribute with Lead Generation: The user is warned if User Signup is disabled as this is a requirement to enable Lead Generation as an advanced setting.
  • Course Reports now excluded deleted users. In some cases, they were shown even after their status was changed to ‘Deleted’.
  • Configuration -> Styling: Account Images renamed to Account Settings.
  • Configuration -> Integration -> Integrations: Section added for download of User Import Spreadsheet.
  • Configuration -> Settings -> Course Page Widgets: For new accounts, then these settings are default disabled, ‘Show activities’, ‘Show statistics’, and ‘Show notifications’.
  • Free trial accounts are assigned a Stripe account and a free subscription as Stripe product.
  • Help topics added across the application.
  • You can now scroll the Help dialog.
  • Rate limiting added to all API calls in order to throttle access to the application as well as significantly reduce the risk of a DoS/DDoS attack.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

2nd November, 2022

Release notes 91.10.7

  • Users: Saved searches are now shown when the page is accessed initially.
  • Report ‘Resources’ is no longer in Users. It is only in Reports.
  • Report ‘Achievements’ has columns reordered to move user fields to the left for better initial use.
  • Course Manager: Course Pages now have the label ‘Course Page for Course Group: xxx’ to make the purpose clearer.
  • We have changed our load balancing setup. You will no longer have a freeze on some of the initial application loads.
  • Page descriptions removed from Create Admin pages and from Course Page Users.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

30th October, 2022

Release notes 91.10.6

  • Added help and page help to Users and Reports. 
  • Page description removed from admin pages. 
  • Discount codes are not stored when the account is created with an expired code. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

27th October, 2022

Release notes 91.10.5

  • Users: The user actions have been renamed from ‘Edit…’ to ‘Manage…’ as the actions are user management actions.  
  • Users, Edit User: The option to change user status is removed from the dialog so it only handles user information. ‘Change status…’ is now a new item on ‘Manage…’. 
  • Multi assign is simplified. Previously there were four tasks for multi-assign. We have reduced this two as they operations are the same with only different starting point. The starting point is now always users, i.e., ‘Users to Courses’ and ‘Users to Groups’. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

13th October, 2022

Release notes 91.9.0

  • Reports and Users: Initial layout is simplified to only show Report Type and Searches. When report type is selected additional options are displayed. Selections for Saved Search and Users List are hidden, when there are no items to list. 
  • Watch video to the end: We had another case where the test was not shown when this option was set in Advanced Settings. 
  • Page specific help added for Account Page, Course Report Page, and Dashboards. 
  • User action for quizzes were logged double and gave confusing reports rows.  
  • The spinner being displayed when the system works is made clearer. It is now showed in a box, so the text is easier to read. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

11th October, 2022

Release notes 91.8.0

  • Watch video to the end: In some cases, the system did not register that the user watched the video to the end. This is now fixed. We have still a couple of cases where you must refresh the page to see the next step. This is being investigated. 
  • Reset password links: The links were not made invalid in case you requested more reset password links. Now any unused links are made invalid as soon as a new link is requested.  
  • Help topics for pages can be hidden if you do not want to see them anymore. 
  • Page specific help added for My Account. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

10th October, 2022

Release notes 91.7.0

  • Text editor: Text for non-notification texts can now be more than 10.000 characters long. 
  • Text editor: Table properties and cell properties are now available to set more specific table layout and design elements. 
  • Configuration texts can now be longer than 10.000 characters. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements  

6th October, 2022

Release notes 91.6.0

  • Edit Topics: Added close buttons for all tabs 
  • Library: Help added for page specific help 
  • Help added for page specific help: Channel Images and Channel Lists 
  • Help dialog changed to show large video when the video is a topic from a uQualio course. 
  • Configuration: Sub-page ‘System Configuration’ renamed to ‘System’. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

4th October, 2022

Release notes 91.5.0

  • Library: You can now edit the resources in your Library. Select the item and open the edit dialog to change name, description etc.  
  • Resources: The original file information is shown the resources dialogs. 
  • Course Manager – Create Content is only shown on Drafts. The other pages on Course Manager have Create Course as action. 
  • Channel Manager: You can now change from Private to Public channel and vice-versa without having all groups deleted. The only deletion which happens now is that all public groups are deleted when you change a public channel to a private channel. It is not possible to have public content on a private channel. 
  • Page specific help added for Advanced Settings and Configuration. 
  • Check Access page has an indication of screen size based on the ability to display an image in the size 800x600px. This is the size most of the application is designed for. In case you have problem with access to buttons or you feel that you scroll a lot, then you can check here.  
  • UX updates around date ranges and date fields.  
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

29th September, 2022

Release notes 91.4.0

  • Dashboards – all dashboards are now reloaded when you click the reload button. 
  • Channel status – when you change the channel’s status you can enter the end date for pending inactive or deleted. The field is shown for the statuses where it is available. 
  • Domain names, usernames, and other places have a limitation of certain parts like e.g. ‘http’ and ‘www’. When you enter a text that includes any forbidden element you will be notified. 
  • UX font updates at various places in the application.  
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

28th September, 2022

Release notes 91.3.0

  • UX updated for create account and update user info. The check for names has been relaxed to allow for ‘.’. 
  • Page description added when you press Help Channel Editor and Content Editor. You see an introduction video to the page and then move on to the hints. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

27th September, 2022

Release notes 91.2.0

  • Hints updated for Channel Page and Content Editor. All are changed to the hints being shown when you press help. 
  • Distribution is updated with more clear navigation. 
  • Edit topic pages for Questions and Resources are updated to similar layout when they are empty. 
  • UX updated for date and labels to be more similar. 
  • In some cases, the search would hang forever when there were no hits on your search. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

22nd September, 2022

Release notes 91.1.0

  • In some places the system did not show the user it was already working. If the user clicked again while working it would duplicate the operation, e.g., upload file or reuse topics. 
  • Course page widget ‘Statistics’ now shows data again for scores and not only for badges. 
  • User is now logged out faster from other sessions on logout or password/user reset. 
  • UX updates according to customer feedback. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

20th September, 2022

Release notes 91.0.0

  • Course page: Channel link updated to look like a link to guide the users to the channel. 
  • User settings updates are translated and displayed in the selected language. 
  • User Menu is now shown on the initial load of Directory (only appeared after the next click). 
  • Tasks – Add Users selection dialog, buttons changed to secondary style 
  • My Account layout updated, initial steps. 
  • UX updates based on user feedback. 
  • Course Manager: Group renamed to Course Page. 
  • Security updates for application and user sign-in/signout. 
  • Dashboard was updated with the widget (Organization, top 10), and the color palette was updated to uQualio colors. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

9th September, 2022

Release notes 90.9.0

  • When a user is deleted then she is automatically signed out of all sessions. 
  • Requesting a ‘Copy reset password link’ also signs out the user of all sessions. 
  • Content Editor, Summary box: updated label font to match current font size. 
  • Upload files and videos are limited to single file upload for free trial. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

5th September, 2022

Release notes 90.5.0 

  • Configuration -> System Email: Added help on the deliverability of emails incl. DMARC and other practical tips. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

30th August, 2022

Release notes 90.4.0 

  • Subscription change only shows credit card dialog if a card is missing or invalid. 
  • The subscription Usage page shows new pricing model when available.  
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

29th August, 2022

Release notes 90.3.0

  • Content Editor: You can now move topics up and down while the video is transcoding. This way you can organize new videos while it is being made ready for playing. 
  • User Navigation Button background color and font color are now available as configuration in Styling.  
  • New UX updates on icons, buttons and colors. 
  • Social Sharing is updated to have URL link in emails. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

24th August, 2022

Release notes 90.2.0 

  • The button font color is now available as configuration. In Configuration -> Styling you can now set the font color for the buttons. This makes it possible to create a button style matching your branding as well as ensuring that the color combinations are clear to your users. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

23th August, 2022

Release notes 90.1.1 

  • New UX updates with findings and smaller improvements. 
  • Channel branding video can now be loaded from a link again. It was temporarily unavailable as part of ongoing system improvements. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

22th August, 2022

Release notes 90.1.0

  • New UX updated with more coverage and adjustments based on early findings. 
  • Password is no longer in clear text when the user logs on (security). Previously it was possible for the user herself to see the password in clear text when logging in and having technical browser tools open at the same time. The password was only shown to the specific user and not transmitted unencrypted. The password is now also encrypted for the user. 
  • Text entries for description and other places are now checked for potential Cross-Site Scription (security). It was possible to store text which could be used to direct the user to unsafe websites or to disclose information from the user’s browser. Texts are now checked for these entries and you cannot store text which contains elements known to be unsafe. 
  • Button color configuration is extended with sample buttons. When you configure button colors and button text colors it is possible to select combinations, which are hard to read. To help we have added sample buttons next to the color configuration. This way you can see how your colors will look on the buttons. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

17th August, 2022

Release notes 90.0.0 

  • Our new UX is applied to the admin part of the application. Please check the new look and let us know if you have any questions. 
  • Security: Reset password now logs the user out from all sessions when the request is made (test in production is made on release). Logging the user out right after the reset request is made removes the short time span where a user may be logged on with a different device and can make changes before, they are logged out automatically. 
  • You can now upload from Google for user images in Account Settings and User Page. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

4th August, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1427

  • Directory, UX: band header title changed to h2.
  • My Account shows the included streaming and storage for the subscription plan.
  • Google sign in made available in Production for selected account (requirement from Google to verify our solution)
  • Account Admins and Channel Admins pages no longer show navigation elements from My Accounts.
  • .NET 6 upgrade of backend which keeps our development environment up to date with Microsoft’s libraries. You may notice performance improvements across the application as part of the update.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

3rd August, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1420

  • Downloaded videos are now saved with the extension of the video.
  • My Account – Usage: The included streaming hours and uploaded content are shown on the page.
  • Configuration is updated with help for ‘System Configuration’. Further help items will be added in the coming releases. 
  • Login with Google is enabled in Production for a coupld of test accounts. We are still working on the Google verification.
  • Quick Create is made more responsive to match mobile use better. Icons added to all video record options.
  • All grids are now converted to the new layout
  • UX: Font type Atyp is replaced by Inter across the application. The larger headings are reduced in size.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

27th July, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1417

  • Onboarding, Content Editor: Added help for Edit Topic and Versionize
  • Integrations: We check that integration to video platforms work before we show them in the file selector.
  • Content Editor, Add video: In some cases it takes a little time before the file picker is shown. We show the spinner when we open so the users sees the action.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

21th July, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1411

  • Onboarding: On new account creation there are help texts added to ‘create content’ and ‘add video’.
  • Default images and videos are copied to the new account’s library (S3 copy to account’s S3 folder).
  • Users – Add Admins: We check for admin count matching the pricing model. The user is notified in case the admin count is exceeded on adding new admins. 
  • Kendo grids converted to DevExpress grids.
  • Stripe invoice includes new pricing model items a new line items. 
  • Content Editor: Replacing a video with a video from the Library does not trigger a re-transcoding of the video. 
  • Create Content: The tile image can be set on content creation. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

8th July, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1406

  • User Properties can be configured for user. There are four properties for users: Organization, Organization Code, Department, and Role. In Configuration you can now decide which user properties to display in reports and user forms.
  • Integration added for, an AI video generation platform. When you have the API key from you can activate the integration. When activated and valid it is listed as an option when you add videos to content. 
  • Channel video can be selected from previously uploaded videos in the library.
  • Create account updated to new UX design.
  • Account Settings updated to new UX design.
  • New pricing model initially added to checks for free tier.
  • Sign in with Google update for final internal test. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

5th July, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1399

  • Edit Topic is updated the our new UX format. The three tabs have been modified to match the new UX design. This includes drag and drop for question sequencing and other features.
  • Question Editor is updated to the new UX design. 
  • NeuraLoom video AI creator is now available to all users with a uQualio subscription. You must enable the integration in Configuration. Then you can create videos on NeuraLoom to upload in uQualio for learning and training.
  • Colossyan Creator, an AI video creation platform, is now available as an video import source. When you have your Colossyan API Key you set up video import with a few clicks.
  • Account usage: Users and channels are now calculated similar to SMS usage. This gives a faster response when we check your subscription limits or when you want to check your account usage.
  • Account usage: Admin count is added a new measure on the Usage page.
  • Pricing model release for internal use. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

16th June, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1388

  • My Account – Usage: We have added information about your streaming usage in the past 30 days. You see the total number of minutes and hours streamed, total plays, and average duration per play.
  • Configuration: Badge design is moved from Settings to Styling. The badge design is a style elements and is now in the same group as other styling items. 
  • Our UX redesign is in progress. You may notice that the font size has increased and that some headings etc. change as well. There will be a gradual change for the elements we can update without larger changes.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

15th June, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1383

  • Improved text formatting options. New text editor added with full WYSIWYG features. We have changed the text editor from a basic text editor to a full WYSIWYG which gives a much better level of control and much better options for layout, pictures, and tables.
  • Video import integrations are now shown as option in the selection menu. This gives a more consistent import. 
  • Video player – frame added around the video. The frame makes it clearer where the video is when it contains a lot of content in the same color as the background.
  • Imported files and videos are registered with originiating id and system. This gives you the history of where the file originally was loaded from.
  • REST API: When you request a user’s badges then you have the date and time of creation as part of the reply.
  • Reports: In some cases the reports returned too many records when you looked at data for a single user. This only shows the user’s records in the sub-reports.
  • Content Editor: Edit Topic, minor updates based on customer feedback.
  • Content Editor: Question Editor, minor updates based on customer feedback.
  • Content Editor: duration calculation was not updated in some cases. This has been corrected so duration shows the correct values.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

12h June, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1381

  • Courses: ‘Published’ tab shows results from all channels. Previously it used selected channels to filter. 
  • Content Editor: Edit Topic implemented as the way to change and update topics. Three tabs – one for video details, one for questions, and one for resources.
  • Help on Distribution: The help dialog was sometimes shown, when you changed settings.
  • Synthesia integration updated due to changes in the Synthesia API.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

8th June, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1376

  • Question Editor updated. New flow for new questions. You select the question type first and then you create the question in a dedicated layout.
  • Google Drive is now available as integration type for videos, images and files. You enable Google Drive as an import source in Configuration -> Integration -> Integration. When you setup one of the integration categories then the other options are enabled as well. You can disable and enable each category separately to match your needs. We are still waiting for Google’s approval. If you want to try then please send a note to and state the Gmail account you will use.
  • Configuration item for course type: Enable Compliance Courses. Courses can be versionized as dynamic courses or compliance courses. With a dynamic course all updates are distributed to active groups when you make changes. For a compliance course you must create a new version to distribute updates to your content. You also have to invite users again for them to see the newest version. The new configuration option is off by default.
  • Content Editor: You can now delete multiple topics in one step. Select the option from the ‘…’ menu item. 
  • Content Editor: You can now clear the topic description in case you want it to be blank.
  • Content Editor: Synthesia videos are now shown with other import/upload options in the file selector in Add Videos
  • Content Editor: Add Topic is now shown in a frame to help guide the user to next step
  • Notification attachments – options are now shown with icons and not just text.
  • HTML Editor – final internal test is released with improved table tools.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

1st June, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1371

  • The main menu is updated for Courses and Channels. The functional areas have been separated so Courses is for content and courses and Channels only for channel setup.
  • Tasks are moved to Users and split into ‘Lists’ (always shown on Users) and ‘Multi-assign’. The latter is available through the ‘…’ menu item.
  • Users menu is updated with access to admins directly from the main actions. ‘Lists’ are now shown as new available action. 
  • Videos and files can be uploaded in bulk to the Library. This makes it easy to upload many items in one step instead of adding them one by one.
  • Reports are available on the course tree for groups directly. The menu item is promoted to be more prominent. 
  • Channels: You can now hide filters and search completely on your channel pages. The filter is toggled on/off in the Channel Editor. 
  • Integration: Each integration item now shows the integration type in the dialog header.
  • Neuraloom updated to be a full integration item. Only released internally. 
  • Help topics are updated across the application. Now hints also show the help description dialog.
  • The HTML editor is updated so it can be shown large. The table creation tool is added to the editor toolbar to make it easy to create and maintain tables in the help topics. This is the internal release of the new editor for the application.
  • Google authentication for new trial accounts and user login is in the internal test. Users will be able to sign up with their Google account for both Free Trial accounts and user access.
  • Internal release of the new Edit Topic Task. Here you can update all elements of a topic in there steps in our standard task layout.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

11th May, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1566

  • Content Editor: You can now upload multiple videos in one step. Upload up to 20 videos and topics will be created automatically as soon as the videos are uploaded.
  • Course Page: the from/to text is not shown, when the course is opened ended. The text is hidden by default. You can switch it on in Configuration => Settings => Course Page Widgets.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

10th May, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1565

  • Notifications and Feedback: Screen recording directly as attachment to the notification is now possible. This gives even more ways to create content and to get feedback and engagement from your users.
  • API: The API tester can now open directly without having to log out first. The application is shown directly after click on ‘API Tester’.
  • Reports/Users: When you bulk updates to users, then the count now shows unique users’ count and not the number of records.
  • Channel Manager: Copy new channel as pending is now possible.
  • Help added for My Account, Badge Editor, Distribution, Group Settings, Advanced Settings and related areas.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

6th May, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1357

  • Password reset request is now valid for 24 hours. The previous expiry was after 60 minutes. This was too short for our global customers due to time zone differences.
  • Help Topics added to replace the older ‘hover over’. New help system deployed with better text and optional links to support videos.
  • If a normal user opens a help topic with no implementation in English a support ticket is created in HubSpot.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

4th May, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1353

  • Captions are shown in a larger font to make viewing in full screen mode and on larger screens easier
  • Content Editor: Add video now defaults the title according to the type of video you add. The file name is used for upload of files, a default recording name when the screen is recorded etc.
  • Content Editor: Topics are made simpler. Questions are expanded when you click on the question count. Video length and status are moved from the top to below the thumbnail. 
  • New help system implemented. Help topics are maintained in uQualio only. 
  • New text editor in internal test (DevExpress text control, used in Help Topic for the body of the help topic).
  • Minor fixes and improvements

1st May, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1350

  • Content Editor: Add Video … Video source buttons are reordered.
  • Course Manager Drafts – when no drafts are available the text is ‘… press CREATE CONTENT …’ to guide the user to create a new content draft.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

30th April, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1349

  • Attaching files, record videos or take pictures for feedback and notifications are now made clearer. There is a button for each action on the Notification form and the User Feedback form. This makes it simpler and increases likelihood of getting user feedback to your courses.
  • Achievements: The rectangular certificate layout is updated. The fonts are made larger for the main elements and made better spacing around the border.
  • Course page navigation. The circles showing topic number and total number of topics, e.g., ‘4/11’, are made larger so the numbers are easier to read.
  • Content Editor – we have removed the options for ‘Exclude’ and ‘Allow Share’. None of our customers have ever set these options to other values than the default values.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

28th April, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1348

  • New users are shown an onboarding page where they can update their information and take a photo or upload a photo.
  • Edit resources now display created/changed by information for both links and files.
  • Sub-titles are automatically shown in your language if available. The system will default to the default sub-title language if defined.
  • Sub-titles: You will get an error if the file type is not supported when you try to add sub-titles.
  • It is now possible to create invitations without sending it as email. Previously you could not uncheck ’email’ as option when you create invites. This is now possible. The invite is created with your selected message but not sent in case you unselect the ’email’ option.
  • Video upload: It was possible to try to upload e.g. an image when you uploaded a video. In case you select a file with a not-supported file type you are warned and must select another file.
  • Course Manager and Channel Manager: Switch to change state from e.g. Active to Expired now shows ‘on/off’ and not ‘yes/no’.
  • Account Settings, Step 3: Free trial description added.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

26th April, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1345

  • Sub-titles are automatically shown in your language if available. The system defaults to the default sub-title language if defined.
  • It is now possible to create invitations without sending emails. Previously you could not uncheck ’email’ as option when you create invites. This is now possible. The invite is created with your selected message but not sent in case you unselect the ’email’ option.
  • Video upload: It was possible to try to upload e.g. an image when you uploaded a video. In case you select a file with a not-supported file type you are warned and must select another file.
  • Sub-titles: You will get an error if the file type is not supported when you try to add sub-titles.
  • Course Manager and Channel Manager: Switch to change state from e.g. Active to Expired now shows ‘on/off’ and not ‘yes/no’.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

22nd April, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1342

  • Quick Create is improved based on customer feedback. There is now a button for each of the options to create a video: Upload Video, Records Screen, and Records Video.
  • Distribution task now shows that Public and Protected are not available for trial accounts instead of Create Subscription.
  • Reset User has a link you can send to the user. In some cases the user does not receive the reset password link as the mail is removed by spam filters or other rules. You can now copy a link and paste it into an email or messaging system. The link is available for five minutes after creation.
  • E-commerce: new users have a specific text when they enter their password in the purchase flow to better indicate that they get access to purchased content.
  • Report ‘User list’ now only shows the selected user’s list membership and not all users in each list.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

8th April, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1333

  • New onboarding process. The new admin user is taken through a process to setup up the user profile and the account.
  • Resources are now shown with created/changed information when you change name or description.
  • When you pasted email addresses then in some cases it was not possible to edit the domain part of the email. This works now.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

7th April, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1332

  • Configuration, Integration: When an integration is disabled, then it is shown with status ‘disabled’ in the overview.
  • User Settings: Email and phone number are also updated when you press the ‘Enter’ key and not just when you leave the fields. 
  • ‘From Date’ in Reports and Users is now set to the account’s creation date in the date range selector.
  • Phone numbers are now shown in the local standard display.
  • Channel Communication: Phone numbers are not validated any more. You can enter a text up to 50 characters long to enable e.g ‘Call 1-800-FOR-EVER or 55-456-1225’ as text.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

4th April, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1327

  • Content Editor, topics and questions: the video player now shows the control all the time so you can see the current time without having to move the mouse over the video. This simplifies use of Scene Selector and Question Help Clip.
  • Purge User is now possible for corporate managers. Previously you had to request uQualio support to purge the user. Purging a user removes the user completely from the system. This is part of GDPR compliance. 
  • Country code is removed from mobile phone numbers. We have improved the phone number recognition and can now handle this without the country code. The Excel upload template is updated.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

29th March, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1324

  • Tasks: User status column is now filled with the numeric value, was empty before.
  • Tasks: Channel name column is now filled with the name of the channel, was empty before.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

28th March, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1322

  • Synthesia integration is now available. You can integrate your videos directly from Synthesia into your learning content on uQualio.
  • A course manager, channel manager or corporate manager can now remove herself from a group. This was previously blocked as a user cannot remove herself from e.g., admin roles.
  • Reports: a number of dates where formatted incorrectly.
  • Reports, Users’ Actions report. ‘User Action’ is now displayed correctly.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

23rd March, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1319

  • User upload: spread sheet template updated to include check on correct country codes and names
  • Course tree, button colors updated to make it easier to see primary action
  • Minor fixes and improvements

21st March, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1315

  • Users: Users are loaded automatically when you open the menu.
  • Captions: Updates based on the user feedback on first implementations.
  • Report grouping counts made clearer. We did not shown counts on collapsed groupings in a consistent way. This is updated.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

15th March, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1307

  • Closed captions can be uploaded to each of your videos. Upload the files and help users with subtitles. Subtitles help both people with another language than the video’s as well as improves initial engagement.
  • New report: Users List. All lists and users are shown in the report so you can make an overview of users lists and users.
  • Dashboard views updated with more description column names.
  • Updates to closed captions.  
  • Expired token is now caught and user is redirected to login page without error messages.
  • Content languages are no longer limited to available user languages. We have separated the languges for courses and the application to make it possible for you to select language from many more options. 
  • Users: The admin user now has access to more views in Users. The users are listed in three reports and enables easier user management as you can select based on both roles and achievements. 
  • Users: Saved searches is added to Users. You can have standard searches ready for your user management. 
  • Users: It is now possible to make bulk updates of the user fields Country and Language. This simplifies work with user data maintenance.
  • Our naming for the field ‘User Name’ has been inconsistent. Some places it was displayed as ‘Display Name’. We have updated the application to user ‘User Name’ consistently.
  • Users: country is now support with country names from drop down to help you and the user with the country
  • Course Page is showed faster when your course has many topics. In some cases you could wait up to 10 seconds before the course page was shown. We have reduced this to 2 to 5 seconds when you have many course topics.
  • Reports: Sub-reports are now exported with more fields including user related fields for user sub-reports.
  • Reports now shows the correct records when the user has selected only one channel in an account with more active channels.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

3rd March, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1298

  • Achievement: User is redirected to User Home and not public profile, when you are yourself.
  • Lists used in Programs will warn in case you delete items.
  • Password reset for mobile phone only users now works in all cases.
  • User Information Forms now work with all tasks when set.
  • User Display Name, in some cases it showed the name of the previous user logged on to the application. 
  • REST API: New group for lists access and control added. Listing of all lists and each list types is available. Content of a specific list is also returned.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

16th February, 2022

Release notes 5.0.1293

  • Course page: Count down clock is reduced in size. The count down is shown when the course expires in three days or less or if your invitation expires in three days or less.
  • Content Editor: We have moved the edit topic to an icon directly on the page. You do not have to click on the video thumbnail to edit video settings. 
  • Reports: Saved Searches can be shared with a link. You can get a link directly to a saved search which you can share by email or on websites. When you share a private search, the system reminds you that only you can see the link.
  • Reports: New date range added, ‘All Data’. This selects on data for the reports from your account’s creation and until today. It may perform slowly for some reports. 
  • Versionize now handles locked versions correctly. In some cases you could not create a new version from the Content Editor’s Versions page.
  • eCommerce is updated to ensure payments are being accounted in the same currency from sale to your account. The Stripe integration is with a direct charge to the payment, which prevents multiple currency conversions.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

8th February, 2022

Release note 5.0.1289

  • User redirection is fixed when user accesses and logs in via a link. In a number of cases the user ended in Directory without being redirected to the expected page.
  • User Registrations forms where not always shown. Fixed a number of places.
  • eCommerce: Final internal test of purchase flow and pricing for eCommerce.
  • Content Editor Versions: You can now distribute from Versions page.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

4th February, 2022

Release note 5.0.1286

  • Change DNS name or support email: In some cases we did not send the confirmation code
  • ‘Add groups’ was not shown to users who a corporate assistant role. Now it is shown for all admins except corporate assistant.
  • Product Price configuration update. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements

2nd February, 2022

Release note 5.0.1283

  • Topic link is extended to include a QR code. When you click the link icon you can choose between a copy of the link to the topic or to download a QR code with link to the topic.
  • Notification Summary: The original text is cleaned for text or html tags that makes the email application think it is a valid hyperlink in the message. This way you do not get an error as before when you could click on an incomplete link.
  • Course Page – Users: The actions are reorganized to have the more important actions further to the left in the button sequence.
  • Content Editor and Content Preview: The button to ‘configure channel’ is removed. It confused users when they were working with their content.
  • Question Editor: When you edit an existing question, the question type is now shown as plain text and not as a dropdown you cannot open. 
  • eCommerce is made ready for final internal test. Product pricing is added to eCommerce configuration. Here you define a price list of one or more of the available currencies. The price list set the price for the product types and course access duration you want to add. 
  • eCommerce payment flow is update for anonymous users. Now they only have to enter their email address. After a successful purchase the user is directed to update the password and then directed to the purchased course.
  • REST API: New target API method added to return invite links for active users on a group. This makes it possible to get a direct, unique link for each user through the API.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

28th January, 2022

Release note 5.0.1280

  • New common login created. A number of our customers have multiple accounts. To make it easier for them to login we have made a new way to login. Here you enter your email or mobile number first. Then it lists all accounts the id has access to. You click on the account and will be asked for password. The new login is accessed via
  • eCommerce page is redesigned with two pages: Stripe Settings and Product Settings. More will be updated in next releases.
  • SMS payments is updated so administrative messages like forgot password and the like are not charged to your account’s SMS use. 
  • Topic links have specific meta data for display on e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms supporting OpenGraph standard.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

24th January, 2022

Release note 5.0.1276

  • Course Manager now supports Distribute from Drafts tab.
  • On some course tiles on Directory pages, the course title did not display special characters such as e.g., ‘.’, ‘{‘. The characters are now shown as titles on the course tiles.
  • Video last position is no longer stored when the video topic is set to ‘Must Watch Video to End’. Until the user has watched the full video to end in one session, then the last position is not stored.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

19th January, 2022

Release note 5.0.1273

  • Channel Selector: Channels are now shown in the defined sort order. You can set the channel sort order in Channels to have specific channels at the top of the list. when no sorting is defined, then the channels are sorted alphabetically.
  • Some Yes/No switches converted to On/Off switches a couple of places to match the purpose better.
  • Reports sort order updated in Reports menu and in Course Reports. The updated sort order matches the use better than before.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

18th January, 2022

Release note 5.0.1272

  • Major improvement in publishing process as we enable ‘Distribution’ to simplify and give better overview. The distribution task consists of up to four steps which guides you through the distribution as you publish new or existing content. You select settings, users, write the invitations, and create the group(s) based on the course. You get the same process no matter if you distribute from Content Editor, Versions, Courses, … 
  • Content Editor: when you upload new videos to your course then you can update texts, add questions, and/or resources while the video is being converted. This makes it possible to begin working as soon as the video upload is completed and the conversion happens in the cloud.
  • We have updated the on/off switches to be green when and and grey when off. This is more consistent with the function as the color now is inline with the selection, i.e. green for on.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

16th January, 2022

Release note 5.0.1268

  • Users now start the video from where they stopped the last time. This helps users continue with their progress without having to move or guess how far they watched a topic video. The feature is only available for videos uploaded to the uQualio cloud. It may work for e.g. YouTube and Vimeo in case cookies are enabled. 
  • Content, course version, courses, and groups have a clearer lifecycle as we have added Expired and Archived in a cleared way in Courses and Channels.
  • User Forms description can now be longer than 50 characters and is displayed on the sign-up page and update the user information page as a guide to the user.
  • Content Editor: Buttons for e.g. text color do not change with branding colors as this sometimes made it hard to see the buttons.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

12th January, 2022

Release note 5.0.1266

  • Multi-file upload shows errors from all files and not just the first one.
  • Reports: New default date range ‘Last 365 Days’ which selects data for the past year. The previous default was ‘This Year’ which is a little short at the beginning of a new year.
  • Report ‘User Activity Status’ is renamed to ‘User Summary’. 
  • Tutorials are now always shown as uQualio and not in the branded layout by the account. 
  • CopyRight configuration element is extended to 50 characters. This was requested by several customers as part of their initial configuration.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

4th January, 2022

Release note 5.0.1262

  • Reports: New default date range ‘Last 365 Days’ which selects data for the past year. The previous default was ‘This Year’ which is a little short at the beginning of a new year.
  • Report ‘User Activity Status’ is renamed to ‘User Summary’. 
  • Tutorials are now always shown as uQualio and not in the branded layout by the account. 
  • Copyright configuration element is extended to 50 characters. This was requested by several customers as part of their initial configuration.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

1st January, 2022

Release note 5.0.1260

  • User Upload template spreadsheet is updated with more descriptions for the columns to guide the user.
  • User Home: In progress now shows the counts from in progress and not just ‘–‘.
  • Subscription Page: Referral button is removed. It was not used and only added to the complexity of the subscription page.
  • Minor fixes and improvements