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uQualio’s Release Notes 2024

Here you find information about the newest developments and features on the uQualio software platform. 

You can also visit uQualio’s Development Roadmap to see what new developments the pipeline brings.

28 February, 2024


  • Quiz questions are easier when the user answers incorrectly. The incorrect answer option is removed from the next question round so there is one option less to select. The new feature can disabled in Advanced Settings. The default setting is to reduce the answer options.
  • Course and Channel tiles are now shown in new UX design.
  • Poll questions now show statistics for anonymous users. The user can see the answer distribution as well as her own answer to the question.
  • Advanced Settings, Video step: The invite settings are only shown for private groups. Public and protected groups do not have an invite.
  • Google Ad tracking codes added to /freetrial pages.
  • Digger interface updated to match query parameters from Digitective in WordPress.
  • Database indexes updated for main content tables. Performance improved for many parts of the system.
  • Minor improvements and fixes 

19 February, 2024


  • Accounts without tags would show empty directory pages (hotfix).

18 February, 2024


  • Tags on Directory pages can now be shown on top about the courses and channel. You can set the new definition in Configuration -> Settings -> Directory. The default settings for new accounts are top and collapsed.
  • Channel resources were sometimes removed incorrectly from the resource widget. It was related to the resource lists added a short while ago.
  • Meta tags now support the new tabs on course pages so the tile is created with the course’s values and not the default values.
  • Report User feedback shows the message in a dialog when you want to see more than the first 50 characters of the message body.
  • User image is shown as empty photo and not the default logo image for the account.
  • New breadcrumb is shown on Channel and Course Pages. This is part of the new UX coming in the next sprints.
  • Digger/Digitective: Initial interface for internal use added.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

14 February, 2024


  • Advanced Settings: updates to the new task view
  • Opacity configuration: updates to the new color setting feature
  • Free trial links. /freetrial/form now redirects to /freetrial and displays the full freetrial form with texts etc. New form link is /freetrial/formpage which only shows the form and nothing else.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

14 February, 2024


  • Test Runner has updated navigation. The main actions (previous, pause, finish) are designed as tertiary colors in while the test is taken. This descreases the visual focus on the bottom of the test question.
  • Colors can now be defined with opacity. A number of our customers have requested the option to define the opacity of colors in the design. You can now configure display of opacity in Design -> Colors -> Enable setting opacity on colors. Colors are then displayed with an opacity slider for e.g. text font color and text background color.
  • User feedback on courses has a simplified dialog. Now the options for Record Screen and Upload are shown as actions and other actions are hidden in the ‘…’ menu. It makes it easier to select an action if needed. The mobile feedback does not include screen recording as this is limited on many mobile platforms.
  • When a user has passed a course the checkmark is changed from a small checkmark in the lower right corner to a large checkmark centered on the tile image.
  • Advanced Settings is changed to a task with four steps. Each of the ares is a single step so you can see each area isolated in a more specific view with less elements. It is separted into Topics, Quiz & Test, Achievement, and Lead Generation.
  • Public and Protected courses are now moved to state ‘Deleted’ when archived. User feedback has shown that the process around these course access types were not clear. This way it is easier to make new public or protected courses.
  • Show Usage is updated based on customer feedback and first production use.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

3 February, 2024


  • Tags now always have a border so it is clearer for the user they can click on it.
  • Tags: In some cases we created an empty tag when you pasted values into the Content Editor as part of creating new tags.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

30 January, 2024


  • Channel Landing page now displays the channels courses in a carousel below the page. This gives the user simple access to available courses so you do not have to embed links in the landing page to the channel or courses on the channel.
  • Certificates: All parts of the image now is a link to the course. Previously it was only the course name that was a link.
  • Search on mobile devices shows maximum 10 tags to leave more space for the search results.
  • Select image closes as soon as one image is selected directly. When the user clicks to select an image it is not possible to click ‘Upload’. This removes some confusion customers have reported when only selecting one image.
  • ‘Show Usage’ is extended with the option to select one or more items displayed and change the state. This enables as quicker organisation of your content and courses as they can be updated in one go without having to refresh between each operation.
  • Configuration is updated to have new +/- icons for expand and collaps.
  • Tasks have been updated to have navigation at the top so you always can find the next step or back to the previous step.
  • Copy Content (uQualio only) did not copy all physical video, image, and other resource files. This is now fixed for all elements except resource lists, answer images.
  • DevExpress components are now at version 23.2.
  • Content Editor now has a ‘Details’ tab to similar to what is implemented for the Course Page (development only).
  • Minor improvements and fixes

18 January, 2024


  • Main menu has help icons added so users can see the page video directly.
  • Content Editor, Edit Topic: For YouTube and Vimeo videos you can copy the link to the video from ‘Show Details’.
  • Content Editor, Edit Topic: Next/back actions added to guide the user better to question and resource pages.
  • Content Editor: Tooltip behavior improved.
  • Search results simplified. Tags are removed from the search result item. This make the search result more compact as the tags no longer takes up one or more lines in the result.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

15 January, 2024


  • Error with multi-assigned fixed. An unexpected side effect of a third-party component update made multi-assign tasks fail.

14 January, 2024


  • Configuration: All reset actions require user confirmation before being reset to default. This prevents  you from changing your branding colors from the settings you defined earlier on the platform.
  • Search from main menu always defaults to Course and Channel. This increases use of the search result in the first search. When you are an admin you can add additional types into the search.
  • Course Page, Quiz Runner: The resource items are made similar in size and the download option is removed. The user interface looks more consistent. Download is available from Document Preview (if download is enabled in Configuration -> System -> Resources download).
  • Minor improvements and fixes

12 January, 2024


  • Achievement page is updated to have a better layout for the user. The actions have a label to give a better indication of what the next step is for the user.
  • Certificate – texts are adapted better when the title is long. In almost all cases the text will be within the certificate.
  • Course Page, Quiz Runner: We have made the resource links and buttons smaller and better aligned. Download option is moved to  document preview.
  • Badge Editor: the badge layout is moved up as the first selection on the badge.
  • Badge default configuration: You now set the badge defaults in the Badge Editor. This way you have a better visual understanding of how the badge will look as default.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

4 January, 2024


  • Course Page, Topics: Resources are now listed before the quiz. This puts more focus on the related resources to each topic.
  • Course Page, Statistics widget: The charts are now created with DevExpress like our dashboard. Improved layout and better lable management.
  • Course Page: tabs renamed (course page -> course, course details -> details) and swapped action button and tabs navigation.
  • Free trial form has a unique formid for use with tracking (Zoho Page Sense) 
  • Configuration -> Design -> Badges: The new badge layout is now available as option for default layout.
  • Configuration -> Settings -> Course Page Widgets: New course page widget in progress for upcoming course page UX, ‘Course Suggestions’. When the feature is finished course suggestions are displayed at the bottom on the course page as tile tabs like on the Directory page.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

2 January, 2024


  • Course Page: course progress displays progress for Public and Protected courses. Development only.
  • uQualio copyright year is made dynamic so it shows the current year as end.
  • Minor improvements and fixes

1 January, 2024


  • Directory: Tag control is hidden when there are no tags.
  • Directory – Tags: The tags are changed from a simple list with a tag on each line to a tag cloud with buttons in the same colors as the main menu. This gives a more compact and nicer layout.
  • Badge – modern shild type is added a new layout option.
  • Configuration -> Settings -> Course Page Widgets: updated formatting to match the new Course Page Tabs.
  • Calculating pricing model has rate limit increased to 60 per minute based on user experiences.
  • Minor improvements and fixes