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Product Training

To get more resellers’ sales reps at 25-30 locations per reseller, trained in the value proposition of 2 products, this anonymous company, with high growth and profit success, made video product training on the uQualio platform

Case: B2B Product Seller

Based on information from the Marketing Director


[The Company] is a major French Corporation, that in Denmark is represented by a subsidiary responsible for seven countries.

[The Company] has conducted online training with competitions via the uQualio platform at two major resellers with each app. 180-200 sales reps and at 25 – 30 locations. The first country to participate was Denmark, then followed Sweden, and lastly Norway. They still plan to conduct similar training at other resellers.

[The Company] offers a larger portfolio of products and has chosen to make video product training for two products.

The resellers’ sales staff do not know enough about the more expensive product.

Reasons and experiences

[The Company] would not have been allowed to perform traditional training on-site at the selected resellers. It was only approved by the resellers because of the possibility of making it as online training. Even if the onsite training have been approved, the cost in time and direct costs would have been high for both [The Company] and the resellers. Furthermore, the duration of the training because of having to move from one shop to the next would have extended over a long period and the effect would have been delimited in a short period of time.

The estimated effect of the campaigns was that the selected product was “top of mind” for the sales reps and that has created insight and focus on the product – making it possible to sell much more of it.


The other products followed their normal turnover development, whereas the selected product that received online training had a high growth trend and high-profit margin.

[The Company] estimated that the training also has a long-term marketing effect on the company and its products.

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