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Boosts sales, increases profits, & achieves long-term marketing impact with Retail Sales Rep Product Training on uQualio

Key benefits: 

  • Efficient training: Quickly trains large numbers of sales reps across multiple locations. 
  • Increased sales: Boosts product knowledge and drives sales of targeted products. 
  • Cost-effective: Replaces costly in-person training with online solution. 
  • Long-term impact: Creates lasting product awareness and brand recall, driving continued sales growth. 
  • Flexibility: Easily adapts to different products and markets. 


uQualio Video Training Platform for End-User Training
Henrik Tønnesen, Marketing Director at Hamelin

“A short response time is a critical metric for our dealers, and traditional on-site training could not help us achieve our goals. However, with the uQualio platform, we have managed to deliver training to our dealers and their sales reps – fast and with only a few resources.”

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Henrik Tønnesen

(Marketing Director at Hamelin)


Interview with Henrik Tønnesen, Marketing Director at Hamelin A/S.

Hamelin is a major French Corporation, which in Denmark is represented by a subsidiary, responsible for seven Nordic countries. Hamelin is a French-owned family business and a market leader in the field of production and distribution of school and office products, including office supplies, lamps, bags, etc. The company’s product lines provide support for millions of school children, students, and professionals globally in their learning, studies, projects, and daily lives.

To get more resellers’ sales reps trained in the value proposition of specialized office products, Hamelin A/S – with high growth and profit success – made product training videos, on the uQualio video4learning platform.

uQualio for Sales Rep Product Training

Hamelin A/S conducted online training with competitions via the uQualio video training platform at two major resellers with each having nearly 200 sales reps at around 30 locations. The first country to participate was Denmark, followed by Sweden, and finally Norway. The company has plans to conduct similar training at other resellers.

Hamelin has a larger portfolio of products but decided to do video product training for two of its products on the uQualio video eLearning platform.

  • One was an expensive and complex product, with a high contribution margin.
  • The other was much cheaper and less complex, partially competing with the expensive one.

The resellers’ sales staff did not know much about the more expensive product.

Why Did Hamelin Choose uQualio for Video Product Training?

Hamelin was not allowed to conduct traditional on-site training at the selected resellers. It was only approved by the resellers because of the possibility to conduct it online.

Had the on-site training been approved, it would have resulted in more time and money spent on training for Hamelin and the resellers. Moreover, because of having to move from one shop to the next, the duration of the traditional training would have extended over a long period and the effect would have been delimited to a brief period.

The anticipated effect of the campaigns was that the selected products had to be “top of mind” with the sales reps that would create insight and focus on the product, making it possible to sell much more of it.

The Outcome of Video Product Training With uQualio

The other products followed their normal turnover course, whereas the selected product for which the sales reps received online training with uQualio video4learning experienced a higher growth trend with higher profit margins.

Hamelin estimates that the training would have a long-term marketing effect on the company and its products.


Hamelin A/S

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Customer Onboarding

“With uQualio, you get instant value! As soon as you share video training with your customers, you instantly start saving time. It has helped us save a lot of time and resources too and enabled us to scale the way we wanted. We no longer need to visit each of our customers and meet them in-person, which has significantly improved our order-to-cash flow.”
Rikke Høyer Cofounder & CCO of Dora Nordic ApS
Rikke Høyer Cofounder & CCO of Dora Nordic ApS

Rikke Høyer

Cofounder & CCO of Dora Nordic ApS

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Sales Partner Training

“uQualio has helped us lower our training cost by 30-45 % with a much higher impact. It provides an efficient, secure video eLearning platform for specialized companies that rely on expertise and need that expertise across regions and corporate cultures.”
Kenneth Filipsen 
Kenneth Filipsen 

Kenneth Filipsen

Technical Sales Manager at FREMCO

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Training in Remote Management & Self-Management

“The uQualio platform is easy to use, cost-effective and a great way to make self-learning accessible. In addition, uQualio as a company is very professional and helpful.”
Rikke Uldal
Rikke Uldal

Rikke Uldal

Managing Partner at HRperformance

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Our contribution to making video eLearning easy and affordable has won us several awards.

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