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Training in Remote Management (for managers) and Self-management (for employees)

HRperformance is a consulting company that helps strengthen customers’ performance through business-driven HR. They are passionate about delivering ROI through value-creating strategy, development, and processes starting from management. HRperformance developed and facilitated in close collaboration with the pharmacy chain A-apoteket a large well-being project.

A-apoteket wanted to strengthen their members in distance management and self-management, due to new market conditions for pharmacies in Denmark. The new market conditions meant that pharmacists today can own up to 8 pharmacy units. This entails new managerial challenges, as much management now takes place from a distance (from the main pharmacy to the pharmacy units).

The project included, among other things, courses in distance management for 30 Pharmacy managers, and in addition e-learning courses for approx. 390 pharmacists and pharmaconomists employees in their own self-management. The modules aimed to strengthen the 390 employees with tools to self-motivate in the smaller departments when the manager is at a distance in the main office. For the e-learning course, the A-apotheket and HRperformance choose to use the uQualio’s platform.

The project was developed in close collaboration between the consultancy firm HRperformance & the pharmacy chain A-apoteket, supported by the VELLIV association

We sat down with Rikke Uldal, Managing Partner at HRperformance, to ask her what led them to develop the course on the uQualio platform. Here is her response:

We were contacted by the A-apoteket. They wanted us to make a course that could be used by the staff in the pharmacies, during opening hours.  

Why did you choose uQualio for the course?

It was important that the course could be distributed to a large group of people and handle complex learning material in a way that made it easy to acquire new knowledge. The course should also be accessible via mobile and/or tablet devices, as the employees do not have access to a computer at the pharmacy. The idea was that they could use time on the courses when there were no customers in the pharmacy.

So why choose uQualio over others training systems?

We found that uQualio was a cost-effective way to ensure that we could send out a course to each of the employees individually. This was done by sending each participant a personal link to their mobile phone, from which they could access the course directly on the platform.

What was the advantage of choosing uQualio?

The platform made it possible for us to create the course so that it could be adapted to the users, and we could subsequently make the necessary changes ourselves. We could also track participants’ progress and could email them if necessary to ensure they completed the course. The platform is very flexible and easy to use for both us the developers, and also for the users, and the changes we executed were immediately updated across the platform to all participants.

What would you tell people looking for a learning platform and would you recommend uQualio?

The uQualio platform is easy to use, cost-effective and a great way to make self-learning accessible. In addition, uQualio as a company is very professional and helpful. Our experience in cooperation with uQualio has only been positive and they, therefore, receive our best recommendations.

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